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What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your wife

What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your Wife

I walked into the break room at work and I spotted the bold red heart drawing on the associates’ news board. The drawing read : “Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. Let’s all wear pink or red.”

In all honesty, Valentine’s Day has mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, I see it as an opportunity  to celebrate and affirm the  love we have for the special someone in our life. It can also be a reminder of personal loss. Elegant roses, sweet kisses- candy and real- are part of my Valentines Day memory. However, so is my memory  of a dark-haired, exquisite  guitar playing beauty, who died in a car crash a few days before  Valentine’s Day.

In fact, my need to get past personal tragedy and move forward  inspired me to write the first two books of my Derek Tawarrior South Africa detective trilogy .  On the surface  the trilogy is about a haunted warrior detective’s pursuit of a master criminal. However, it’s also about a man’s journey as he deals  with the death of the woman he loves and finally opens his heart to another. Opening your heart, this is the key to understanding what those we love mean to us. Once you do that, you ‘ll easily understand what to write on valentine’s card to your wife.

Confront Your Fears


So we have arrived at the matter at hand. To put it simply, we have all had amazing relationships  at one time or another in our lives and worried that we may somehow mess it up.  If that happened wouldn’t you do anything for a second chance? If you’re reading this perhaps you are in one of those relationships. You  are in a great relationship but you’re worried that some misunderstanding in the future might screw the whole  thing up. You want to know what to do if that happens.  As it turns out, my interest in dealing with trauma  extends not only to how a fictional detective deals with tough emotional issues  but also to real people managing chronic pain. This has put me in the position to actually give you tips that you can use because it’s time to get a keep  the relationship that you deserve. You need to do this:You need to get rid of any fear of commitments. For example, when I wanted to show the tough time that Derek Tawarrior was having finding a kidnapped victim, I wrote:

Derek stared at the photograph, realizing his hope for Katherine Tula’s safe return wasn’t merely a professional concern. It had a personal component to it that he didn’t want to explore; in the color of her hair and eyes, in the expression of quiet mirth that curved her mouth. Katherine Tula reminded him of another young woman, a woman who had been taken and not returned safely to those who loved her.

The message boils down to this: Derek had failed in the past to protect the woman he loved and now was afraid that he was going to fail again. Are you afraid of committing yourself to a new relationship because you have failed in the past? You need to mentally banish any fears of commitment. You need to show what your wife means to you and the commitment you have to her. I wanted to use the act of Derek Tawarrior moving down the stairs of a dark dangerous house to show commitment overcoming fear. It read  as follows:

As he moved deeper into the basement, he also seemed to be moving deeper into the disturbing recesses of his subconscious. At the midway point, a mental scream begged him to go back, but the cop in him flogged him onward.

You may be at a point where indeed a mental scream is begging you to go back, but you have to find the strength to commit yourself to the future.

You have to allow yourself  to be open more, discuss your feelings and develop a relationship based on trust.

Open Your Heart

When I was in college, many years ago, I had a disturbing conversation with a friend of mine. She told me that one of her gal pals had attempted suicide by trying to slice her own wrist. Fortunately, her pal survived. Still, we were both shocked because her pal had come from a very wealthy family and her father was known to  lavish  her with gifts “Well, that’s the problem,” my friend told me. “Her father takes his wife  on world cruises, and leaves his daughter feeling emotional abandoned. He has absolutely no time for his own daughter  and she doesn’t  know how to confront him about what she’s feeling. Jesus, it makes me appreciate my dad’s nagging,” she added.

Did everything work out in the end? Well, we are heading to Valentine’s Day. So I’m happy to say after honest and heartfelt discussions, the wealthy father also became an empathic father  and opened his ears and heart to his daughter.

So this is what it boils down to:

Open your heart—imagine that the love of your life is angry with you. It’s bad. She’s never been so pissed, and you are scared that your relationship is in big trouble. What would you do? Remember that people  in the  heat of an argument don’t always stop to listen to each other. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could stop yelling or crying and remember how much she really means to you?

Well, you have a big opportunity to do just that. You should write something like this:

Sweetheart If you’re reading this it means  I really screwed up and right now you are angry with me. I wanted you to read this card to remind you that I’m still the same guy you fall in love with. In your own words talk about the special  moments or incidents that made you know she was the love of your life. The point is now that you’re in the full glow of love, it’s the perfect time to write down exactly how she makes you feel.

Show the courage of your commitment

Write something that will leave no doubt about your commitment to her. You can be creative, funny, and surprising. The point is to make her stop and remember why she is wearing your ring.

Here is the tricky  part. You can give her flowers, candy, kisses, a massage, and anything else she wants, but she is not allowed to read the card. Here’s why. The whole point of the card is to make her remember that even though you might have acted like a jerk, deep down you’re still her prince. You can even make a game out of it and explain that the card is a mystery card and she just has to guess what you wrote.  Let her know that when the time comes, she’ll see everything in the card.

The bottom line

Love is a wonderful thing, but misunderstandings can  happen and derail even the best of relationships. For a great future tomorrow, understand today what to write on Valentine’s Day card to your wife.

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12 thoughts on “What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your wife

  1. Such a timely article! I must say, I respect the way you delivered the content–with feeling and candour. It is difficult sometimes for us as men to express ourselves to our loved ones so we tend to miss the fact that V-day is a perfect opportunity to really just open up. Granted, it shouldn’t take 1 day to show love an appreciation, but I believe it’s a good place to ‘jump-start’ discussions about deepening the relationship with our spouse. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed reading.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      I agree with your sentiments. Too many men grow old and have the regret of wondering if they had shown enough love to the women in their lives. V-day as you said is indeed the perfect opportunity to really open your heart. Have a great Valentines Day.

  2. I wasn’t expecting to read about all these tragedies in a post with that title! But your writing is very captivating and i read it with great pleasure. I am sure your books must be very interesting. You are lucky you can express your emotions and heal yourself through storytelling and writing. I believe every celebration reminds us of our losses and partly this is because there would be no joys if there wasn’t for sadness in the world as well.

    1. Hi Evita,

      Yes, sometimes I think life is about balance. As you said, it’s hard to know joy unless you have known sadness.I’m still haunted by the memories of special people that I have lost, but I take joy in renewed friendships and love. I wish you a very happy Valentines Day.

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    1. I thank you for taking the time to examine my website. I’m glad you enjoyed the Tens Therapy post. I had a lot of fun writing it. Your encouragement has inspired me to keep doing my best to bring helpful information for people trying to manage chronic pain.

  4. Hey there,
    I think that this is a great post that helped me write my valentines day letter this year. It was a great analogy to compare the letter to a heartfelt apology. It should be like opening your heart deeply to show how much you care as much as possible. Thanks for the great information for this holiday!

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I think that sometimes we may hurt the people we love, and we need to remind them what they mean to us. I thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a great Valentines Day.

  5. Well said and structured. Am sure many men will appreciate this for valentines day. Many men struggle with expressing their love for their wives so this is an eye opener.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      I am glad that you found the post helpful. I wish you a great Valentines Day.

  6. Well thought nice. I hope lots of people read this. Lots of people need to know how to do Valentines day. Although I dont celebrate it, If I did i’d try and do it properly lol.

    How do you feel about not celebrating Valentines day?

    When I get the chance i’m going to look at the rest of the site you have some interesting topics.


    1. I think it doesn’t matter wether you personally celebrate Valentine’s Day. I think the important thing is understanding how to open your heart and that can be done anytime of the year.

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