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What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your Husband

What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your Husband

Almost every man is driven by one great fear—feeling helpless to protect those he loves.  It’s a primal fear and if you’re a guy you don’t need a fancy degree in psychology to understand it. The worried father laughs it off when his daughter calls him a nag. It’s a lot better for him to have her think he is being overprotective than to acknowledge the fact that something bad could happen to that precious young woman, whom he once held on his lap,  and there wouldn’t be a damn thing he could do about it. I addressed a similar concern in a post I wrote several years ago called “Why Rape is not Just a women’s issue”.  Addressing this fear in your own style, humor, wit, naughty, sweet, is a great way to understand what to write on Valentine’s Day card to your husband.

The Presence of  Someone You Love

To understand  how a man can fear for the woman  he loves, it would useful to first see from his point of view the impact her presence has on him. In an early version of my novel, “The Night is My Dominion,” the first book in my South Africa detective trilogy, the hero Derek Tawarrior thinks about his love.  She is an Afrikaner woman named Theresa Adonis. At first, he is amused by her  girlish ways.  He sees her laugh with joy as mango juice drip down her nails and hands. Later she is very much the woman of his desire.

White on black was an oversimplification. His skin was the color of mahogany, weathered and tough until she touched it. Then it became trembling and weak. He thought of her pale blue eyes and her soft, secret places before he could stop himself.

What Does Your Presence Mean to The Man  Who Loves You?

What does the contrast of his skin against yours, for example, evoke if anything?

What does your seductive smile look like?

What flower reminds him of your perfume?

What silly, outrageous, girlish behavior  makes him shake his head?

The point  is to appreciate what it means for him to have you in his life.

You can drive that point home by letting him know that your are happy. Say it in your own unique style. You can use sexy humor,  heart felt sentiments, quips, inside jokes, anything that cements the notion that he is the one you want to be with.

The Fear of bad things happening to you



You are of course not a waif. In fact, your man may be attracted to you because you are a strong independent woman capable of making her way in the world. However, this doesn’t take the fear he has that he may not be able to protect you from harm. In the novel I mentioned earlier, “The Night is My Dominion”,  Derek finally finds the kidnap victim  he has being looking for. I wanted to describe the fear that he has of not being able to protect her.

She dozed against Derek’s shoulder while he kept vigil and listened for sounds of approach or the arrival of their backup. He was grateful for the chill in the air; it kept him awake. Above, the moon had vanished behind thick clouds.The area was cloaked in shadows. Derek probed them at intervals with wary gaze, all the while aware of the soft rhythm of Katherine Tula’s breathing. He brushed dirt from her cheek. The protective touch brought out feelings in Derek that he thought were long dead. Katherine shivered in her sleep. Derek removed his jacket and covered her with it. He held her more tightly as if someone might snatch her away—and indeed they might.

While the story is fiction, it still illustrates my point—a man’s fear about his inability to protect the woman he loves. So, what is the best way that you can address this when it comes to your husband? You can think of all the ways he makes you feel safe. It  will make him feel great.

Bottom Line

When a man thinks of the special woman in his life he  is affected by her presence—all that makes her who she is. He is also concerned by the fear that he won’t be able to keep her safe. I hope these insights can help you know what to write  on Valentine’s Day card to your husband.

like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “What to Write on Valentine’s Day Card to Your Husband

  1. Writing my Valentine’s Day card for my dear husband is on my to-do list today. There are a million things that I love about him and want to thank him for, but sometimes it’s hard to think of a new way to say it, after being together several years and writing many “sappy” cards for various occasions even other than Valentine’s Day. You’ve given me a few “new” ideas though – thank you!

    1. Hi Marlaine,

      Sounds like you already know the meaning of Valentine’s Day. I’m glad that I could still give you some new ideas. I’m happy for your great relationship. You both seem very lucky to have each other. I wish you a fantastic V-day.

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