1. It surprises me that some people found baby carriers to be expensive. While I understand the need to budget and live within one’s means, we are talking about safety and care for the babies here. So, it should be a product that parents would be willing to spend.

    Also, it is caring for their backs. That is so important. So many people have back problems, and I am sure they will tell anyone how caring for one’s back is critical.

    I hope parents get to read this article, and will appreciate the benefits of the best baby carrier.

    • Hello Tim,
      I agree with you that the safety and care of their babies should be a top priority that overrides budget concerns of a parent. Also, getting the best baby carrier to prevent back pain is well worth the money and will save expensive bills in doctor visits and pain pills. Thanks for checking in.

      “We make progress by becoming more human”

      Wishing you well,


  2. I love the idea of being able to wear your baby, I really wish they had something like this when my children were babies. I remember how bad my back always hurt when trying to lug around the babies and I was always trying to adjust them from hip to hip trying to get comfortable. My daughter has a new baby and I think this would be the perfect thing for her. Thanks so much for helping young moms with their backs, hopefully as they get older they will not have as many issues as my generation with back issues.

    • Hello Dena,
      I am also a big advocate of wearing your baby. I think it develops the baby so much faster than leaving them in a crib or carriage. Studies have also shown that it makes much easier for the baby to establish a healthy emotional connection with his or her father as well. It’s not unusual now for new dads to also wear their baby. I think this would be ideal for your daughter if she’s having a new baby. I am so glad you found this post helpful. Thanks for checking in.

      “We make progress by becoming more human”


  3. I found this post interesting and I am sure this will help parents choose the best baby carrier, we never consider how all baby carriers are not as healthy for our backs. Choosing the best baby carrier is a very important investment for new parents, you have chosen a great topic to share today


    • Hi Jeff,

      After writing the post on preventing back pain tips for new moms I thought the next logical step would be to write a review on what is the best baby carrier to prevent back pain.Studies have shown that when woman “wear” their babies it becomes very beneficial for both mom and baby. However, a growing baby can put a lot of pressure on the spine. Thus, this is why it’s essential to have a baby carrier that will not cause back pain for the new mom. Thanks for checking in.

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