1. The ailment that stood out the most in your very helpful article is the Forward Head Posture (FHP) aka “text neck”. I see this rampant in Singapore. Everywhere I go, people are walking, waiting, riding trains, having meals while looking at their mobile phones. And all of them are having FHP or text neck.

    I worry for the people in my nation. I hope they learn that this habit of looking at their mobile phones wherever they go is not good for them. I hope they find your article and find ways to fix their posture.

    Having said that, I must admit that I too do that – look at my mobile phone. Not too often, I hope, as the many people in my country. But I believe often enough to be a concern. Especially now that I have read your article, and know this not good.

    While I read your solutions for people who are doing FHP on computers and workstations, what are your solutions for people who are constantly doing FHP because of the habit of watching their mobile phones wherever they are or go?

    • Hi Tim,
      This is actually the topic of my next post because so many readers are asking the same question.I’m going to do a product review that I think is actually helpful in addressing this FHP. That said, there are some steps that one can do to greatly decrease the neck strain. One can, for example, do what The American chiropractic recommends. You should rest your elbow on your abdomen and hold the phone straight out in front of your eyes.

      Another thing one can do is counter the computer crunched-up strain by stretching in the opposite direction — bend your head back and look up. Take breaks to do this throughout the day.

      If you are standing up, you can do what is referred to as holding your phone like a T Rex. This means you are giving your head less reason to tilt. You do this by Keeping your elbows to your sides, holding the phone up higher to your face, so you can read it while keeping your head straight. 

      Don’t worry if you don’t get this all at once. I will clarify everything in my pending post that is devoted entirely to fixing Text neck or FHP. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Hi Thabo, and thanks for the great article.

    I’m fortunate that I don’t have chronic neck or back pain. I was a little worried about a fall I had, tripping on a broken sidewalk, but I guess my poor chin stopped me from having severed whiplash, lol.

    My brother in law ended up with a herniated disk by just lifting something the wrong way. He was flat on his back for weeks.

    He’s thankful it’s gotten much better and didn’t need any surgery. And now he’s very cautious about how he moves. It’s just too bad that it takes such pain to make us aware of our posture.


    • Hi Suzanne,
      The problem is that the body will adapt to whatever position we put it in–even if in the long run this proves to be destructive. Sometimes this can be fixed by simply doing a lifestyle fix, but sometimes, as you have pointed out, one needs to only move the wrong way for problems to happen. Thanks for checking in.

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