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Using a Pedometer For Walking

Using a Pedometer For Walking

Picture for a moment what it would be like if you didn’t have to dedicate a set block of time for your walking workouts. The good news is that dreaming about getting the health benefits of a 45 minute walk isn’t just a fantasy—it CAN happen; all you have to do is work in a little more activity here and there throughout your day  and track it with the help of a pedometer.

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Where to Get a Pedometer

You can pick up an inexpensive model at your local super store or order it from Amazon. You can also go with something a little fancier like a Fitbit, but before  you dole out more cash check your smart phone. Many models have a pedometer built in. All you need to do is download a free app and you are good to go.

How to Use a Pedometer

The pedometer will track how many steps you take on any given day. It will also track how many minutes you’ve spent being active and how many miles you’ve walked. In other words, it keeps track of how much exercise you get during your day. Here’s the sweet deal. It doesn’t matter if you head out after work for a 45 minute walk, or if you work out in little spurts here and there throughout the day. So for example, you start your day by parking a little further away from the office and walking a couple of hundred extra steps. Then you take a quick stroll during your lunch break. You wrap up your day by walking around the park while your kids play. And just like that you’ve gotten your exercise in without having to block out any additional time.

Give it a try. Put on a pedometer, or start tracking with that phone you’re always carrying around anyway and see how much you’re walking around any given day. From there, try to get a little more active as time goes by until you hit your stepping goal. For most of us 10,000 steps per day is a good long term goal, but if you’re feeling more ambitious than that, go for it.


The whole point of this post was to make you think about your position on dedicating  a block of time for a 45 minute walk.

Indeed, you started out thinking that it isn’t possible to get the benefits of a long walk because of your tight schedule. I hope by now that you’ve come to realize that with just the right tweak of your schedule and the use of a pedometer you can  in fact get the benefits  of a 45 minute walk. Go ahead and try it. Looking at your pedometer and realizing you’re 2,000 steps away from your daily goal is a big victory on a journey to better health.

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