1. This is really great information and I think may just be what the doctor ordered. I have always preferred a more natural approach to health and I feel that gratitude meditation and affirmations may help me over come some of the stress that I have been under lately.

    Thanks for such a great article and I will try this and see how it does.

    • Hello Dena,
      I’m so glad you found this post helpful. Yes, I agree with you that a natural approach to stress such as gratitude mediations and affirmations are a better way to go than reaching for the pill. Thanks for checking in.

  2. I am a believer in meditations and affirmations. I have meditated since a child, and have found it very useful and helpful. And I have done affirmations daily to help me be a better person, and to have a better life. Today, my life is much better than before.

    And so I can give testimony that the meditations and affirmations in this article work. Anyone who visit this post should give them a try.

    And I like the idea of finally creating our own affirmations. This is good and true. I used to follow affirmations suggested by others. Over time, I have modified them to suit me. And it is good and it works.

    Thank you.

  3. Rose

    This is a great follow up to your post on gratitude journal. Actually, I have done a bit of gratitude mediations–well, a routine anyway. I wish I could take credit for this routine, but it was introduced by a friend of mine who is a yoga instructor. Anyway, it goes something like this.
    ::inhale:: “I am grateful for the ability to breathe.” ::exhale:: “I am grateful for my pet that I love so much.” ::inhale:: “I am grateful for all of my limbs working properly.” ::exhale:: “I am grateful for my friendships.” ::inhale::
    I say what I’m grateful for “in between” the breath, sometimes I do it only after an exhale, sometimes I do it after both inhale and exhale. Play around with it and see what works best for you.
    If you can’t think of something new each time, just repeat your last affirmation of gratefulness – there’s no harm.

  4. Sindy

    This stuff works. Cory Skyy, famous Relationship adviser tells the following story. After suffering a terrible setback, he started growing his confidence from the ground up by looking in the mirror and giving himself positive affirmations, making sure never to break eye contact. Over the course of several months, he noticed his entire life changing around him. So, yeah. This stuff is for real. In fact, I’ve tried it myself and gained a lot more confidence.Yea!

    • Yea, yourself Sindy. I enjoyed your comment. The bottom line is this if you sincerely walk around with a new lease on life because you’ve decided to change your thoughts at the core level, you’ll stop believing that your past is your destiny. You’ll start believing that what you think in the present is what really determines your destiny. Once you do that you open up great opportunities to do things that you thought you’d never be able to do. Thanks for checking in, Sindy. Feel free to visit again.

  5. Andrew

    I read another post on this website about using a gratitude journal to manage stress. I got that. Feeling good can come from accomplishments, and from gratitude. I’ve started keeping a short gratitude journal and I write three things that I’m grateful for every morning; like my kids are healthy or I am seeing a friend. And something I accomplished that day every night; from a win at work to getting a haircut. So a gratitude journal works–at least it works for me. Exploring more of your website, I ran into this post on gratitude meditations and affirmations. It was fun reading, but I have to say that the task is harder.

    Dealing with emotional pain and anxiety is harder. I’m trying to build a stronger relationship with my spouse. But I’m also using meditation to try to get more resilience and distance from thoughts and feelings. Then I can choose how I react instead of being at the mercy of my anxieties. As I said, using meditations is a harder challenge but while worth the effort. Thanks for this excellent post.

    • Hello Andrew,
      Practicing gratitude often involves more than one step depending on what the goal is. That said, I think you’re on the right track. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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