Within the pages of this site I am going to show you how you can treat your back  muscle pain from home, but more importantly I will give you insights  of what I have learned over the years and steps that you can take to overcome your pain.

This brings me to the #1 misconception that most people have  about back pain

Thinking that one incident could be the cause of back pain

Unless you have been in an accident,  like my mother, it’s unlikely that the cause of your back pain is a one-time incident.
most of the time it’s a “process” that has been happening over a period of time. To illustrate, let’s talk about how you sit on that favorite couch. If you frequently sit in a slouched position you’ll make your spine more unstable and  risk injuring your back. The result is that even something as simple as tying your shoe laces could hurt.

The process I am talking about can better be described as muscle imbalances which may be the root causes of most non-trauma related back muscle pain. Posture is important to understand because it often indicates muscle imbalance. Confused? Let’s take a look at your car.



If the wheels are out of alignment,  the tires will wear unevenly making them more susceptible to an early blow out. Imbalanced muscles do the same thing to your back. Muscle pain results when one muscle or group of muscles overpower an opposing set of muscles that get stretched out of shape.”That’s pretty much  what happens when you do something like using the same shoulder to hold that cool looking shoulder bag. It causes you to tilt and bend in order to compensate for the weight. That results in straining your back. People looking at you may think that you have bad posture, and indeed you may.  You can reestablish  both balance and good posture by changing shoulders.  If you said get a backpack, congratulations! That would be the best answer. You would be distributing the weight evenly and establishing symmetry.

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