1. I love getting a massage! Who doesn’t right? I’ve seen some of these at stores here in Singapore. Always wondered what they were but never dared to venture into any of the stores to enquire.

    Cos the salespeople always look like used car salesperson. Someone like me would end up buying the most expensive model. And right now I don’t have the budget.

    Speaking of which, all your suggestions look reasonably priced and affordable. Thanks for the pros and cons. I am one of those people who need that info to decide on a purchase.

    My birthday is in a few months. Will forward this to my loved ones and drop hints. Haha

    • Hi Tim,
      I think a good massage can keep people healthy and happy.However, getting a professional massage at a studio can be very expensive. Also, there are, as you point out, some sales people who will always suggest the most expansive massager. I like to put myself, especially in these challenging times, in my readers shoes and inform them on effective solutions for neck and back pain and overall good health without breaking the bank. I hope things work out and you do end up with one of the massage pillows for your birthday. Thanks for checking in and keep safe.

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