If you’re looking for a solution to help you stop back pain, your journey might look like this:

1)You have had back pain for many years that keeps coming back. The most frustrating thing is not knowing from day to day what you’ll feel like when you get up. The most basic of daily activities, getting out of bed or taking a five minute walk , for example, is hard work. You want more control of your life.

2) You know someone who suffers from chronic pain, in my case it’s my mother, and that has scared you into making sure it doesn’t happen to you.

3) With so much information out there, it’s easy to be confused. You want to know what can be done at home to help you overcome back pain.

Retreat to the refuge

Like most people I retreat to the house when I’m in pain. Home, after all, is a refuge—some place to make things better. Here’s the thing.

Home is the refuge where you may be doing everything wrong

Within my site you are going to see me talk a lot about back pain solutions that can be done at home. As someone who has experienced episodes of back pain, and takes care of a loved one who suffers from a damaged back, I’ll give you insights in terms of what to do and what not to do.

Let’s go into the kitchen and you’ll see what I mean. Take a good look at your dishwasher. Are you constantly bending over to retrieve the dishes? If so, you’re straining your back and risking some real pain.
The solution would be to lift the dishwasher higher so that you eliminate the stress on your back.  How about the den? Are you spending too much time sitting in front of the computer? Well doing this, especially in a bad posture, can add tension in the ligament and muscle at the base of your back. This kind of sustained stress will eventually result in your back buckling. Use a back support cushion that supports the back without pressuring the spine. Also get up every hour and stretch your arms above your head before sitting back down. Better yet, use that tall shelf even if it’s just for a few minutes. That will relieve the pressure on your spine. You can also try this experiment: cut down the number of hours that you sit, for the week, by 8 to 10 hours. Your back pain should ease.

Before you get out of the kitchen, you might want to grab a cool glass of water. I’m sure you know that drinking fresh clean water is a good way to get rid of toxins in your body. Here’s a little nugget that you should also keep in mind. Drinking water helps joints function more smoothly. How? Water cushions the muscles and provides more support for the body’s movement.

water-freeze-1263493_1920Drink lots of  water






Be aware of what isn’t visible

Back pain unlike most other ailments that ravage the body doesn’t leave clear signs on the impact it has on people. It’s possible for someone to suffer in silence because he or she is tired of talking about the frustration, anguish, and sense of  hopelessness, that results in living a life of daily pain. This isn’t good because credible studies by leading health experts have shown that negative feelings and depression can result in the body producing toxins and making a bad situation worse. It’s important to stay positive and show empathy to those who may be suffering more.

If you used solutions to treat back pain at home but they didn’t work out for you, drop me a line below. I’ll get back to you right away.