1. John

    Very fluid and smooth looking website. There is a ton of information in here that can be used for people with lower back issues. Really like the information posted and you seem very knowledgable on it. I love how you elaborate on all the material as well. good luck on the website, should gain more traction soon

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the feedback. Feel free to contact me should you have any question back and foot related injuries.

  2. I found this article extremely beneficial for people suffering from planter- fascitis shopping for a running shoe, even though I am not a runner I was wondering could you recommend any shoes for someone with lower back pain?


    • Hi Jeff,
      I recommend Orthotic  shoes. Orthotic shoes will support the feet and weight-bearing joints and muscles. Orthotic shoes have proven to reduce dysfunctions that emerge from the neurological system. In addition, the supportive shoes have proven to reduce injuries and pain emerging from abnormal conditions. The bottom line is that you need shoes that will support your spine. Stay away from flat shoes. If you don’t go the orthotic shoes route, some can be expensive, I would say any good walking shoe that is sturdy but maintains a footbed for a soft landing will also work. My advice would be to try the shoes on, if you’re shopping, in the afternoon as opposed to morning. Your foot tends to swell in the afternoon and that’s when you can really get a feeling for whether the shoes are a good fit. You can also have insoles that will add more support to the shoe. Some shoes have removable insoles that allow you to replace them with your own. That’s another good option. Just stay away from flat, non-supportive, shoes and you should be okay. Most store associates should have enough knowledge to help you choose a good walking shoe–sneaker or dress shoe. There are a lot of options. I hope this helps.

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