1. Ani desa

    IF you’ve ever felt midday exhaustion sink in and reached for a candy bar, you know how welcome the quick jolt of energy is. You also know that soon afterward the sugar will cause a serious energy crash. The empty calories won’t do you much good, either. If I’m looking for lasting energy, this seems to be a great-tasting options that is also bursting with health benefits. The amount of vitamins and minerals in Roar Chocolate is impressive.
    I never knew about this kind of chocolate. Would this chocolate work for migraines? Great article.

    • Hi Ani,
      Roar dark chocolate is infused with 14 vitamins and minerals making it a super food. Research has recently been pouring out in support of eating dark chocolate–in moderation. Eating dark chocolate has been linked to all sorts of health benefits such as decreased anxiety, depression and appetite, and improved artery function and energy production. That said, chocolate has been shown to be a one of the foods that triggers migraines. So, this might not be the best product for you if you are a migraine sufferer. You might want to check with a nutritionist as to what foods would be a good pick-up without going you migraines. Thanks for checking in.

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