1. I have learned many new activities I can add in my life despite my back pain, I find when my back begins to bother me from sitting at the computer too many hours cycling at the gym and walking my dogs helps me a great deal.

    I will for sure try what you shared in your article for my own chronic back pain

    • I think that’s the kind of cross-fit training or activities that I recommend to my readers. When one set of muscles is tired or under stress it’s wise to let different muscles that are refreshed to take over. In fact, runners who need to keep fit but can no longer run on land because of an injury often will use swimming and underwater running as a substitute. Thanks for checking in.

  2. This is very enlightening about how important keeping good posture is for your body. I have always tried to pay attention to my posture with working a desk job and know it is even more important as we age important as we age.

    • Hi Dena,

      I think posture awareness is something that we all need to work on. The problem with posture is that it can effect both our physical and emotional well being. It also precedes back pain, and that is why I’m spending so much time and effort getting the word out. Once someone suffers daily back pain, it gets hard to manage. Better to prevent it by correcting posture—this will do a lot to minimize pressure on the spine and thus dramatically reduce the chance of getting back and neck pain. If you are curious about your posture awareness, you can click the following link:

      I hope this helps. Thanks for checking in.


  3. This is a really fun post! So many things we can do with a good posture. Thanks for the reminder!

    I enjoy watching movies and dancing very much. Though I have not done both for some time. Your article is a good reminder of the fun times I had in the past doing them.

    You’ve inspired me to start doing them again. I’m curious. Are there any fun activities that can help us to improve our postures?

    • Hi Tim,
      I don’t know if you consider Yoga fun, but a lot of people do. I have written many article on managing back pain. Not surprising, some of my readers wanted to know what specific Yoga poses in general are recommended for  back problems. I think the following are good: Child’s Pose, Dog Pose, Cat-dog pose. These three work well to help you get a healthy back and in the process help your posture. You can, of course, find others such as “The bridge”, that also work well. It’s simple enough to do the research and then decide which pose works well for you.

      I also think any activity that will help you with your balance is probably good for your posture. For example, I think walking with proper form is a good way to improve your posture. Also, practicing positivity, as you are doing, has shown to be good for posture. I’m coming up with a post later on that shows that when we recall happy memories or positive thoughts our bodies often are in an upright position. When people are constantly slouching, they seen to have a hard time recalling happy memories. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Thabo. I used to practice yoga. But have stopped due to too much work and family commitments. It is a good idea. I will reboot my yoga practice.

        Also, walking. I used to do brisk walks. I must start getting healthier for 2020. 😀

        • I understand about time commitments. I too have made a commitment to get healthier for 2020. I think yoga and brisk walking are both excellent ways to stay healthy and maintain good posture. Another good option if you don’t have time to go to the gym is skipping rope and running in place.

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