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How to Have a Big Win Over Ankle Pain

How to Have a Big Win Over Ankle Pain

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When an injury forces you to stop running for an extended period of time, it can be an especially difficult and frustrating time. However, there are some things you can do while you are healing to actually improve your running.This post is about how to have a big win over ankle pain.


Tips on checking for ankle support
Checking for ankle support

Ankle sprains represent one of the most common injuries sustained by runners. Think about this: (1) An estimated 25,000 or more ankle sprains occur per day in the U.S. and roughly nine million sprains occur annually. (2) Ankle sprains, just like a knee sprain, can significantly impair an athlete’s ability to perform at a high level.

Tips on twisting your ankle
Twisting your ankle

Is An Ankle Brace The Answer?

Tips on great ankle brace
Great ankle brace

Perhaps you have wondered if an ankle brace is the answer  to your ankle sprain. But wait, you have read online that wearing ankle braces will limit your ankle’s motions and in turn weaken it, putting your knees at the risk of getting injured themselves. In other words, ankle braces interfere with your body’s ability to adapt. Yes, the old adaptation argument.

The Vital Missing Piece in The Adaptation Argument

This is the same argument that supporters of bare foot running use. They’ll tell you that using supportive shoes is a bad idea because the extra support doesn’t allow for your feet  to develop muscles that will adapt to pain.

Some have even told us to imagine your foot having tiny sensors that can react to the surface of the ground, and those sensors are blocked off when we  wear shoes.

Those are nice discussions to be had if you have the luxury of not experiencing  actual pain.

This is what’s missing. If your body is not healing, it’s breaking. Yes, you have heard me say this before, but it’s the hard truth. You can’t fool around when your body is in pain. Pain is a way for your body to tell you that something  is wrong and needs fixing.

If you have an ankle sprain, you need to fix it before it gets worse.

The Zamst A2-DX offers the powerful ankle help for reasonable to harsh ankle sprains.

Benefits of the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace

The Zamst A2-DX designed with a-Fit and I-Fit skill for a mechanically (left & right) proper fit.

The Exo-Grid (Xternal) is a twin outside molded support structure with Grip Technology that stops the ankle from rolling outward (Eversion) and inward (inversion).

The Ex-Grid (Xternal), along with anchor strap, helps in stopping high ankle sprains by decreasing the separation of the 2 lower leg bones where ankle gets together.

The X-Strap stabilizers with grip technology placed underneath stops the foot from shifting forward.

What is The Technology at The Back of Ankle Brace Zamst A2-DX?

X-Strap stabiliser – offers three way anterior, medical and lateral supports

ROM-Tech – Pro curved design to give complete range of motion for maximised performance levels

L-Fit – Open panel design with changeable fasteners gives enhanced comfort, individualised fit, and compression levels

Grip-Tech – Anti migration stops slipping during activities

Exo-Grid (Xternal) – Twin molded exterior support structures gives improved, anatomically correct lateral and medial stability.

A-Fit – Anatomically right support for left or right body part

Advantages of the Zamst A2-DX ankle brace

Active recovery & injury prevention

This brace is remarkable for those that need the most support after having experienced a moderate to hard injury. It will help you stop further injury, offer pain relief, and keep your ankle  aligned so that you cannot make uncomfortable movements.


Zamst Ankle brace offers optimal support with different technologies. It has a highly functional  structured shape with its twin molded support and Exo-Grid external. The plastic support is meant to fit your ankle shape and keep your ankle stable, aligned, and supported.


This brace has so many specs and technology to ensure that your ankle is rightly aligned. The X-Strap stabilizers provide extensive support with its three ways anterior, medial and lateral support.  Also, the Exo-Grid keeps your ankle firmly stabilized and aligned.

Perfect for high impact activities

The Zamst brace is  perfect for top impact activities, including sports such as basketball and soccer. Although it will stop some of your ankle movement, it will have you feeling safe and secure, which is required during active recovery.

Pain Relief

The specs will help offer pain relief for your ankle. With its optimal stability and support, you would not focus on your ankle pain any longer.

Comfortable fit

Although this brace is a bit stiff and bulkier, it still provides a comfortable fit. The brace fits either left or right foot and should simply fit your shoe during your sports activities. It will definitely give you  confidence as your ankle will feel largely supported.

How to know Your Size. Choose a size based on your shoe size. Specify left or right.

What Does The Zamset A2-DX Ankle Brace Do?

The Zamst A2-DX ankle brace gives optimal structure, support, alignment and stability. It really is a top-standard brace with the most supportive fit for harsh ankle injuries.


  • Structure
  • Comfortable fit
  • Alignment
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Pain relief
  • Comfortable flexibility with ankle movements


  • Some people find it complicated to put on. I have provide the video, seen above, to show how this is done.
  • Size—some people find it bulky

How Does The Technology Behind The Zamset-A2 Ankle Brace Support Work?

The Zamset-A2 is made with a-Fit and i-Fit know-how for an anatomically (left &right) accurate fit. The Exo-Grid is a twin external molded support structure with Grip technology that stops the ankle from rolling outward and inward.

What is The Brace to Be Used For?

This is the primary consideration because what the brace is used for will determine the stage of stability that you need. If you plan to use an ankle brace primarily for athletics, you will want a brace with complete lower and upper ankle stabilization. The extent of present and previous injuries and the nature of activities you plan to participate in can  determine how rigid you need this support system to be.


Once the ankle is rightly stabilized, support becomes a vital factor. A weak ankle can leave you feeling unsure and wobbly, but with the best support you can go about your athletic and everyday activities with self-esteem.  A good ankle brace should provide ample support to make your ankle feel powerful while still leaving it mobile enough to accomplish your objectives.


The objective of an ankle brace is to stabilize the ankle. The specs used in the brace for this objective really matter. For use in sports, look for a brace that stabilizes both lower and upper ankle through straps and a rigid support system. Stabilization should be focused for issue areas like the ankle joint.


A painful ankle brace can leave your feet blistered, bruised and sore for days.  Because each foot is special, there is no one brace that will do the  job for everyone. If possible, try on the ankle brace before you buy. If you cannot try the brace on, read all instructions for fitting and measuring carefully. Many braces that can be purchased through internet have instructional video to teach about right fitting and adjusting. Just like the video above.


The whole point of this  post was to make you understand the importance of taking care of your ankle injury right away before it gets worse.

Yes,, you probably started  out thinking that an ankle brace will make your ankle pain worse. I hope by now that you’ve come to understand that there’s a lot of misinformation  out there when it comes to an ankle injury right at the moment–right now–  not at some future time that it might happen. You need to act now before things get worse.

Go ahead and   to  get your Zamset-A2  Ankle Brace.  The sooner your ankle pain goes away, the sooner you can get back to your active life.

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