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How to Have Amazing Laughter Exercises That Empower The Elderly

How to Have Amazing Laughter Exercises That Empower The Elderly

Tips About Yoga Laughter Exercises
Yoga Laughter Exercise

Yes, Columbo

Tips About Yoga Laughter Exercises
Columbo is Thinking


Why Would They?

Tips About Yoga Laughter Exercises
Columbo Has it Figured

You got it. Here ’s The Deal:

Laughter Yoga For Seniors is an Example of How to Have Amazing laughter  Exercise to Empower Elderly

Developed by Madan Kataria, MD, a physician based in Bombay, India, laughter yoga is a fun new way to help participants destress while getting a workout. The whole concept of group laughter  exercise, according Kataria, is based on yogic breathing methods designed to produce unique physiological balances by connecting mind, body and spirit. [1] Dr. Kataria is also creator  of the Laughter Club—where, you guessed it, people engage in big laughs while exercising—funky chicken or hokey pokey anyone?

Tips on Yoga Laughter Exercises
Woman laughing

Seniors who have improved their  mental health, aerobic endurance, and confidence  in their ability to exercise do  3 things well:

First, they know how to stick to exercises.

Maintaining the motivation to adhere to regular physical activity is a challenge for many older adults.

Second, they know how to elevate their mood. “Laughter Yoga can change your mood within minutes by releasing endorphins. This makes you feel good and keeps you cheerful throughout the day.” [1]

Third, they have learned to expand their   comic vision, which  is the ability to perceive the humor around us. “Maintaining a comic vision retains a sense of control and keeps us from being overwhelmed by stressful events.” [2]

The rest of the post will expand on these ideas to show how  to have amazing laughter exercises that empower the elderly

But Here’s The Kicker:

Despite the health benefits of physical activity and the risks of physical inactivity, many adults don’t engage in sufficient physical activity to achieve health benefits.

As a friend of mine, a retired Rehab nurse points out, “I am one to also encourage the elderly to exercise. However, sometimes no matter what you do or say, some just will not do it. I do not stop promoting it though! I fully believe in how exercise can help the elderly.”  She goes to explain that she has “seen firsthand how exercise promotes independency especially after a trauma, stroke, joint replacement or brain injury. It is amazing.”

Here is The level of Exercise The Elderly Need to Keep Healthy

Adults should participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days a week to achieve desirable health outcomes, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines. [3]

Here is The Bottom Line About The Type of Exercise Program The Elderly Will Stick to

Physical Activities programs that elicit positive emotions through simulated laughter have the potential to improve health, physical performance, and self-efficacy for PA among older adults and may positively influence participant adherence.

This is how it works:

The pleasant associations with laughter may add enjoyment to an  exercise program and keep older adults motivated to work out, the researchers noted, in the paper published in the journal The Gerontologist. [4]

Tips on Yoga Laughter Exercises
Curious Columbo

That’s not a problem, Columbo. Here is the scoop:

For six weeks, the participants in the study attended two 45-minute physical activity sessions per week that included eight to 10 laughter  exercise lasting 30 to 60 seconds each.

The result is that the participants  had a good time and finished the program.

Act As Though Things Really Are Funny is a way for Seniors to elevate their  moods.

Think about this:

The older we get, the more responsibilities we take on, the more stressful life becomes and the less we seem to laugh. Things we once thought were funny just aren’t anymore. Maden Kataria  puts it this way: “.. even pretending to be amused can brighten your day.”

He tells of an actress who played a very sad role for 10 years and started having different physical ailments, including depression. After ruling out any physical cause, her physicians determined that her acting role was contributing to her ill health.

They recommended that she quit the part and switch to comedy. Once she did, she noticed a gradual lessening of her symptoms! This case led to the Laughter Club’s basic philosophy, which is to “act happy.” In other words, fake it. Or as Kataria advises: “Fake it ’til you make it!” [6]

Expanding Your Comic Vision—Finding Humor All Around  You

Imagine the typical reaction of an elder person who trips and almost falls. At best he or she may be embarrassed, and at worst he or she may develop a fear of falling and avoid any physical activities. This may, and sometimes does, result in social isolation. Social isolation can lead to loneliness and that can lead to such conditions as back pain.

Then again, one can see himself as a modern Dick Van Dyke and have a good  laugh. This is what we mean by comic vision. As Carrie Myers Smith,an exercise physiologist and freelance writer, points out: “ It is common knowledge among humor professionals that children laugh approximately 400 times a day. Adults? Only 15 times! When I get stressed out, I sit back and watch my young sons. Sometimes, I don’t even have to be in the same room; I just sit and listen. Kids are such natural comedians!”

Tips on Yoga Laughter Exercises
A Childish Laugh

Think about when you were a kid. Remember how your parents just shook their  heads at the darnedest thing that tickled your funny bones? For example, moving like your  favorite animal. Older people who have expanded  their comic vision have the same ability as kids to find humor in almost anything.

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As the Rolling Stones pointed out, getting old is a drag.  Most people find very little humor in getting older. They know they should exercise but it’s easier to just say the hell with it. Yoga Laughter exercise changes a person’s perception  of physical  activities from being a burden to something fun that can be shared with friends. Know any good jokes?

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