1. Hello Thabo,
    Thanks for sharing this information. It is heart-warming to see how crisis has changed so many people and then how they have turned their lives around and those of others. Jory Pradjinski’s story is revealing. I am so happy that there are support groups to help others.
    Continued success and thanks so much.

    • Hello Michelle,
      Always nice to hear from you. Yes, Jory Pradjinski’s story is very inspiring. People like him make it easier not only for pain sufferers who need help, but also for those who love them.Chronic pain, though still putting stress on a relationship, can with understanding and empathy still make it possible for people to thrive. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information about support groups. I have seen many people lose everything and families torn apart because their companions do not understand the severity that back pain can cause a person. I think it is awesome that you provide that support to your mom, as I am sure that is not an easy task. I am really glad to find out there are places out there for people to turn to when no one else is available for support.

    • Hello Dena,
      Yes, unfortunately there are a lot of families that are torn apart because their companions do not understand the severity that back pain can cause. This can lead to depression and further feelings of isolation for the pain sufferer. Some have even reached the point where they want to commit suicide. The good news is that there is more awareness that people who suffer from chronic pain need to have their pain acknowledged and be treated with respect and dignity. Support groups do a good job of educating not only the pain sufferer but also those who love them or take care of them. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for checking in.

  3. Thabo, indirectly I can very much relate to the scenarios chronic pain sufferers go through, as my mum has been in pain with her back issues for many years. Now 74, she underwent 2 major back surgeries some 12 and 10 years ago. Things got better, before getting back to pain slow but sure. Which means she is now back to square one. And yes, she feels powerless to be able to walk reasonably longer walks. Pain affects her days and her daily functions. As a result, she feels depressed.
    Whilst I am in the process of order some CBD oil drops for her, it’s absolutely brilliant to know there are support networks out there, which I am sure would be of great help to pain sufferers.

    • Hi Giulia,
      first I want to extend well wishes for your mom. My own is also a chronic back pain suffer, so I know what both of you are going through. In fact, it was my experience as a caregiver, having met other pain sufferers, that I was inspired to find out what support outside the home was available. I’m glad you found this post useful. Thanks for sharing.

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