1. I have been following your series of articles and really appreciate all the information you have provided on posture. I do believe that posture can have a big impact on your health and keeping your body in symmetry is important for posture. It seems like the muscles play a big role in keeping the body balanced. I know that many people are either right handed or left handed, does this play a role in how the muscles on each side develop and should you work harder to keep the weaker side as strong to help with the structural balance of your body?

    • That’s a great question, Dena. Handedness can have a definite impact on posture and the risk for developing musculoskeletal injuries; however, that is in very rear circumstances. For the most part, if people avoid things like cross-fit training–which overuses muscles to the point of injury– they will be okay. This is not to be confused with cross-training which just means exercising by using different sports. This is good because it means different muscles get to be used and developed. In short, for most of us it doesn’t matter if we are right handed or left handed. Our body will tell us if something is wrong. It’s up to us to pay attention to what our body is telling us. For example, if you’re constantly having bad posture that results in back pain it could mean you’re core muscles are weak and need to be strengthened so that they can better support your back. I hope this helps.

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