1. I love having great posture! And no matter how good a posture I have, I would like to improve it. This posture corrector looks awesome for me!

    I can totally relate to poor back posture creating back pain. I don’t have back pain but when I go for full body massage, I can feel my back aching when the masseur master hit the right spots on my back.

    The only concern I have is that I don’t think I will enjoy something ‘grabbing’ around my shoulders. Is this comfortable? Or hopefully not noticeable as I go about my daily activities? Also, will it show through my clothing?

    • Hi Tim,
      The Straighten Up Posture Corrector is meant to be only worn for fifteen minutes a day. So, most people find the sensation of something ‘grabbing around their shoulders’ as just a good reminder to stand straight. That said, I also know people who prefer posture correctors that don’t strap around their shoulders. I will be exploring these and coming up with ones that I truly feel will work. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I will tell you that some people find it comfortable and have no problem wearing it under a loose shirt. Some even say it’s not noticeable under a shirt;however, in keeping with my policy of always being honest with my readers, I will note that some users found that they could not wear the posture corrector comfortably under their shirt. Most people found the posture corrector comfortable and easy to put on because it has velcro straps that can be adjusted. A few struggled a bit to put it on. In sum, the posture corrector,reviewed here, seems to work for a majority of users. Stay tuned for posture correctors that might be a better fit for you. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Lisa

    In general, I don’t like anything that does the work for you. I want my muscles actively working all day long. I want to train myself to sit, stand and walk in a good position. So would a wearable personal trainer be better for me? which would you recommend?

    • Hi Lisa,
      I would recommend the The Upright Go 2. You download the Upright app and then sync it to a small plastic gadget that connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth. It’s easy to put on: You stick in the center of your back, between your shoulders and it monitors your posture. Lean too far forward, and Upright begins to intermittently buzz. It can be very annoying, but that’s the point. It will remind you to straighten up.

  3. Margaret

    I heard that poor posture can evolve into a permanent stoop. Is that hype or does that happen? Because if it does, this would be one more reason to use a straighten up posture corrector.

    • That’s true, Margaret. No hype. This is what happens: the the muscles and ligaments grow accustomed to the position and ultimately make it more difficult for the spine to straighten up. I hope this helps. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Rose

    Though I have a makeshift ergonomic setup in my home office, I often catch myself with my chin jutting forward as I lean toward my laptop. Thanks for providing another opportunity to remind myself to correct my posture.

  5. Jeannine

    I’m looking to buy a posture corrector to wear at work as my sitting posture and posture in general is terrible. So thanks for this review.

  6. Joel

    This review is needed. There are a lot of so called experts who talk down posture correctors. Well, maybe they can afford to do that. But here, physical therapy is around $300 per session. Each session is 30 minutes. So if a posture corrector can help fix my posture and avoid back pain that’s good enough for me. Thanks for this post.

  7. Thanks for the review of this posture corrector. It looks like it is a great product that would be very beneficial to me, while working on my computer. I have always been one that tries to work on my posture but do find myself hunched over working on the computer many times and try to straighten up, just to find myself hunching over again. This just might be the perfect product to keep my posture correct without having to think about it as much and avoid that nagging pain that comes with bad posture.

    • You’re welcome, Dena. It seems to work well for most people. There are more expensive posture correctors that are not straps and emphasize technology. Perhaps in the future I might explore those, but for now I was looking for something that would work and fit most people’s budget. Thanks for checking in.

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