Runner’s Health

When I first created my website I concentrated on providing tips and solutions for back pain sufferers. My reason was simple. I’m a caregiver for a mother suffering from chronic back pain and I thought I could add value to the topic. In many ways I think I did– I got a lot of comments from people who found my posts helpful. That said, it became clear that a good deal of my visitors were runners,walkers, and athletes.

Recovery From Sports Injury And Next Day Training Ability



It made a lot of sense as to why runners, walkers, and athletes would be attracted to my site. Injury, sore muscles, and inflammation are often part of hard training and they would want any tip or solution that would shorten the recovery period. The problem is that they probably encountered many posts that though helpful to most back pain sufferers didn’t specifically speak to their issue.

Refocused to Address Injury Problems/Recovery/ and Performance Gains With Runners

There are two sides to a slice of bread.  Just as there are plenty of  enjoyable health benefits that come with running, there are some, not so pleasant, pains associated with it as well.  Our bodies are not immune to injuries such as ankle sprains, breakage, and other related pains. An example of one injury is Plantar Fasciitis. 

Don’t let the big word scare you. This condition is also known as the “Policeman’s Heel” in relation to the long hours spent on their feet. It is just pain experienced at the bottom of the foot and on the heels. It is a very common orthopedic condition of the feet.

This pain can be as a result of running, extended periods of standing and weight related. The over extension of the plantar fascia, which is the broad band of fibrous tissues found on the bottom of the foot, can exasperate this condition to cause heel pain, heel spurs, and arch pains.  Join me as I show you solutions to help you deal with the pains that can result from your passion.