1. Angus

    I’m 5’6 (with a pretty inflexible upper back/shoulders) and love my standard 12” Plexus Wheel+ from Chrip – affordable and came with a fun “how to use” guide. Also, I liked starting with the standard size and working my way down to a smaller size, but of course you can go the other way. Anyway, thanks for this review. I found it interesting and very helpful.

    • Thank you, Angus for your testimony. I’m glad the Plexus Wheel+ worked well for you. I think this is an amazing product, and thanks for mentioning the guide. I agree with you that it’s very helpful in making one understand the best ways to use the wheels. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Leontine

    Thanks for this. I just got a set of plexus wheels a my birthday. However, I didn’t know the best way to use it. After reading your posts and watching the very helpful videos, I now know how to use the wheels.Yeah!

  3. Yvette

    I’m back! You really have some nice posts on your website. Glad I found you. Any way, I’m someone who spends a lot of time sitting at my desk. So, of course my posture after suffers after awhile and my back hurts. The fact that the average American will spend 8, 760 hours with back pain this year sure caught my attention. The 6-inch Micro Wheel would work well for me as it is designed for deep-tissue pressure and correcting the posture. Very good videos and images. They enhanced your post and kept things moving. You had a lot of information but it was easy to hold my interest because the post was intelligent and also visually appealing.

    • Hello Yvette,
      Thanks so much for coming back to the website to check another post. I’m glad you liked the videos and images. I think most of us, myself included, enjoy posts more when they are backed up by interesting and relevant visuals. Getting back to your case, Yes I thing the 6–inch Plexus Wheel+ would be ideal for correcting and maintaining good posture. give it a try and let me know what you think.

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