peppermintBringing Understanding To The Whole Spectrum of Pain Management

My aim with this resource page is to bring information and tools that will inform the pain sufferer and those who take care of them how to better understand the complexity of chronic pain management. With this in mind I will address the following going forward:

  1. Medical side. When one first experiences chronic pain it’s natural to seek a medical solution, to believe the problem can be solved by medications or surgery.
  2. Retraining The Brian.  Pain is produced by the brain. It’s possible that even when the body is out of danger, that is tissue is healed as best as possible, on going pain still persists. The brain must be retrained to deal with the sensitivity of the nervous system.
  3. Understanding How Emotions effect the nervous system and how to reduce stress.
  4. Diet, life style, and building self- esteem. What we eat, how we live, and how we feel about ourself effects how well we manage our health.
  5. Moving more. It’s important to understand that in most cases treating your pain means becoming more active.



I hope that armed with this vital information, one will learn that it’s possible to let go of the despair that engulfs you as a result of chronic pain and find new purpose, pleasure and meaning in life again.