More Tips On How to Overcome Joint Pain Naturally

 Are you ready for more tips on how to overcome joint pain naturally? Here is the thing. Joint pain is not a death sentence. Don’t give up on life. You can alleviate your pain, strengthen your joints, and in many cases, even reverse the condition if you persist. Here in part two of my series on how to overcome joint pain naturally, I’ll give you 6 more tips on what you need to do. So, lets get started. For the first 3 tips check here.

what joint free pain looks like

what joint free pain looks like

Tip 4: Get Regular Massages and Learn How to Overcome Joint Pain Naturally

More tips on how to overcome joint pain naturally

More tips on how to overcome joint pain naturally

One of the best ways to alleviate joint pain is to boost blood circulation in the body, especially the areas that surround the joints. A healthy blood circulation will nourish the cells, flush out impurities and reduce the pain in the area. For more details you can read about muscle tightness or spasm.

Since most people instinctively restrict their movements as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain, they’re inadvertently making their joints more stiff and painful. Massage will help to slowly stretch the joints and increase their mobility. It’s a great way to learn how to overcome joint pain naturally.

There are 2 ways that you can do massage. You could pay a professional masseuse to do it or you could it yourself. It will depend on which joint hurts and ideally, you should hire a professional just to get an idea of how the massage should be done. 

Don’t just press and push on your joint without knowing what you are doing. This is massage, not Play-Doh. 

If you choose to massage yourself, always use warm massage oil such as olive oil that has been heated. This will make it easier and less painful to massage the joint. Massage can and should be done on a daily basis as it will also relax you and increase the production of endorphins that have pain relief properties. 

Tip 5: Make Time to Meditate as a Way of Learning How to Overcome Joint Pain Naturally

We live in a fast paced world where everything is a race. A rat race, where no matter who wins, you’re still a rat. This can be very stressful. Stress and anxiety will make your joint pain worse due to physiological processes in the body. In fact, stress causes many health problems in millions of people who would do well to remember not to sweat the small stuff. 

Don’t follow the herd and feel compelled to keep up. These days, people are always in a rush. They don’t seem to be going anywhere but they can’t wait to get there. Take a step back from this madness… and meditate. 

Don’t Know How to Meditate? 

Healing Power of Meditation

Healing Power of Meditation

You may purchase a guide on meditation and learn from there. Alternatively, you could go on YouTube and research the different methods of meditation that you could use. A healing meditation can soothe body, mind and soul, ease anxieties, lessen the negative aspects of depression, and improve positivity, clarity and the power to self-heal. 

Practiced regularly, meditation becomes an easy but powerful tool in the fight against arthritis and joint pain.  It’s a wonderful way to learn how to overcome joint pain naturally.

Tip 6: Lose Weight  and Gain More Tips on How to Overcome Joint Pain Naturally

It goes without saying that being at your ideal weight is immensely important to good health. It’s also imperative that someone with joint pain lose any excess fat so that there is less pressure on their joints. You can read here about How to Prevent Knee Pain by Having Less Load  and How to Manage Knee Pain.

A sensible diet and exercise program will help to shed the pounds. There is no rush to lose all the weight at once. All you need to do is make small, measurable progress daily. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard. Most people make the mistake of trying to do too much too soon. 

Don’t eat large meals. Aim for 6 small meals throughout the day. Reduce temptations by making sure there is no junk food or unhealthy food in your refrigerator. Keep a bowl of cut fruit in your frig just in case your sweet tooth acts up and demands a treat. 

Eating for health

Eating for health

Weight loss will really help to reduce your pain. It may take time and be an uphill task, but it’s something that you can’t afford to neglect. 

Tip 7: Wear Good Footwear

Make sure you wear the correct shoes that provide adequate support and take the pressure away from your knee joints, ankles and ball of the foot. Poor footwear will cause bad posture and aggravate your joints. 

Tip 8: Strive for Good Posture 

You do not need to be in the military to have good posture 

Pull your shoulders back and suck in your tummy when you walk. This is exercise for your core. Too many people walk around with slouched shoulders and a stooped position as though the weight of the world is on their shoulders. It may be… but your posture should still be good.


What good posture look like

What good posture look like

 As I said in a previous post, “you probably spend mоrе than a third оf your еxiѕtеnсе аt a dеѕk chair, ѕо dо what you саn to mаkе sure you’re seating in a chair that iѕ not destroying your ѕрinе!” You can get more details  on faulty postures during work.

Being seated loads your lumbar spinal discs by more than 3x compared to standing. Poor posture exacerbates these stresses.

(Click Here for Positioning to Reduce Lower Back Pain)

Ensure that your chair and desk are conducive to work. Give attention to office ergonomics and make sure you are not in discomfort or in a restricted position for hours on end. 

Sеt a timer еvеrу twenty minutes, and get uр and dо ѕоmеthing! Take a lap around the office, dо ѕоmе shoulder rоllѕ, neck rоllѕ, or twiѕtѕ.

Ensure that your chair and desk are conducive to work. Give attention to office ergonomics and make sure you are not in discomfort or in a restricted position for hours on end. 

Tip 9: Use Supplements  

Make sure you get supplements that will ensure you have adequate calcium in your body. This will prevent osteoporosis. You can get calcium from foods such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach, salmon, etc. If all that is too much trouble, you can get a calcium supplement from the health store. 

Vitamins are also crucial for good health. The current diet that most people are on is vitamin and nutrition deficient. Good health has been sacrificed for good taste. You can remedy this situation by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables that are chockfull of vitamins. 

Get a fish oil supplement so that your body has a supply of Omega-3 fatty acids. Our diets are too rich in Omega-6 fats and this has thrown our bodies out of balance as far as the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is concerned. This leads to inflammation and sore joints. Get lots of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. 


Keep at it and you will reap the rewards of your positive actions. You will live a life with less pain and you’ll not be a slave to joint pain. You will have  more tips on how to overcome joint pain naturally. This is priceless.

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Disclaimer: The content within the report is to guide and inform only. If you have any health concerns, it is important to seek medical advice. 


  1. Hi Thabo,

    Thank you for the information, it’s very useful. It was pleasant to read your recommendations and be reassured that I actually do something right. 🙂
    I know and truly believe in the power of massage. It gets somewhat expensive when one gets help from a good specialist, but the benefits are so worth it! We do need to receive it regularly, or at least in series of one-two times per week for at least 5 weeks, then take a break for a couple of months, and repeat the series. It’s won’t cost anything to massage yourself, but as you said, one needs to learn how to do it properly.
    Extra weight is definitely an enemy to our joints. Luckily, I don’t have that problem.
    Comfortable shoes are extremely important. I used to wear high heels all the time, but had to switch to the comfortable footwear lately, and only put high heels on occasionally when I dance or go to other fancy events. By the way, when I started dancing the Argentinian tango 6 years ago, my posture improved significantly.
    Omega 3 is a wonderful supplement for many health issues, not only for joints – so, you can’t go wrong here. I could also add that CBD oil may be helpful with joint pain and many other ailments. Actually, the same goes for meditation and massage.
    Overall, your tips on how to overcome joint pain naturally, including the first 3 in the previous post, are surely helpful for the cause you aimed at, and they also serve as wonderful advice for general health and wellness.

    Thanks again for putting them all together – it’s great guidance!

    Warm regards,
    ~ Julia

    • Wow, thanks so much for the feedback Julia. I think when readers,like yourself, tell their stories it allows all of us to become better informed. I think we all have a better grasp of the issues of how one can overcome joint pain naturally thanks to your thoughtful and engaging answer.

  2. Hi Thabo,
    I love your comment “This is massage, not Play-Doh.” LOL.

    It’s always important to get a professional opinion on joint pain. My husband was having shoulder pain when playing baseball, and I finally got him to go see the doctor. It turns out he has a bone spur in there that needs to come out. No amount of massage was going to help that!

    Your tips are excellent. As we get older, there seems to be more joint pain than ever before, lol. But taking care of your whole self makes such a difference.


    • Thanks so much, Suzanne. Yes, even though I am a big believer in the restorative power of a good massage one needs to know when to get an expert opinion for pain that won’t go away.

  3. I enjoyed reading your article on how to overcome joint pain naturally, I strongly believe the natural way is the best way before giving in to medications.

    I was wondering what is your opinion on using essential oils, and are there any essential oils you recommend I could try?

    Thank You

    • Essential oils can be particularly useful in the management of chronic pain as in the case of arthritis and sciatica. Each essential oil serves different purposes. For example, there are specific essential oils recommended for headache pain if the headache is caused by stress, by overindulging, by withheld anger, and so on. In the same way, muscle or joint pain could require nerve sedation, warming through increased circulation, removing inflammation and/or toxins, or a combination of these and other aspects.

      When it comes to pain, I would consider:

      Lavender essential oil is an all-round therapeutic oil as it is the most diverse essential oil in terms of its myriad health applications. It is also considered to be one of the gentlest essential oils for the skin.

      Lavender for pain
      While it helps relieve pain in many forms due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it also increases mental acuity. It can also help relieve stomach discomfort and respiratory pain. This sweet-smelling oil also helps in the regeneration of skin tissues for healing of wounds as well as treating a variety of skin conditions due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.


      The usage of Marjoram goes back over 2000 years. It is also known as the “herb of happiness” or the “joy of the mountains”. Its warming, soothing antispasmodic properties that makes it an excellent but circulatory stimulant to both your muscles and digestive tract. Marjoram oils are especially effective in treating sprains, strains, spasms, arthritis pain, and migraines After intense exercise, you can apply marjoram oils to help remove toxins that may be left in the muscles. The warmth and increased blood flow created by the Marjoram will reduce swelling, increase mobility and provide pain relief. The aroma of Marjoram oil also affects the mind and is mentally strengthening and relaxing, calming the nerves.

      For more information you can check here:

      I hope this helps.

  4. Frank

    All really great tips. I think Tip 6 is especially on point. Diminishing the stress on your joints by losing weight will enhance your ability to move, diminish pain and protect your joints from future harm. A good example are weekend warriors who suffer running injuries by having way too much weight combined with bad form. That just came to mind.

    • That’s a really excellent point, Frank. Apart from improper running form a lot of running injuries are caused by too much pressure on the knees. In fact some seasoned runners combine land running with deep water running as a way to maintain good health. Thanks for checking in.

  5. Peter

    I agree with these tips especially with the discussion on turmeric. Many arthritis patients use it for pain relief because of its anti-inflammatory properties and claim it works just as well as over the counter or even prescription medicines, but with fewer risks of side effects.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for bringing to my attention the benefits that turmeric contains for a persons overall health. I had a general idea of its benefits, but this discussion has really helped me understand even more the benefits of Turmeric in managing pain. Thanks for checking in.

  6. David

    I also like tip 9. I’m big on Turmeric because of the way it eases joint pain.
    The anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin may help ease joint pain. Studies have actually shown promising results in the ability of turmeric and curcumin to manage pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. It may also be helpful for athletes looking to soothe soreness. I recommend a smoothie packed with anti-inflammatory, soothing superfoods to my clients struggling with aches and pains. My go-to combo is frozen wild blueberries, roasted or steamed beets (another potent antioxidant-rich food), and turmeric. If you want to make it a meal, add your favorite plant protein.

    • Hey David,

      Thank you for sharing such valuable information to help one with better detailed information on the use of turmeric and to lead a healthier life at the same time.

  7. Allison

    I really like tip 9. I think the type of food and supplements we eat has a big link to how well we manage pain. I would suggest that people who want to relieve joint pain naturally have Some Ginger. Ginger is a popular anti-inflammatory and has been proven to treat both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. You can make a tea from it or just eat it raw like I do. It is spicy hot though, some may not like that.

  8. Amanda

    I love tip 5 because I am a big believer in meditation or mindfulness techniques. It’s helped me with my anxieties. Meditation took my mind off everything. Hard at first but once you practice it gets easier. Sometimes our minds are so wrapped up in everything being thrown in our faces that we see/hear on TV, Facebook, Instagram etc that we don’t let our brains rest. Meditation can definitely help someone manage their joint pain. Bye the way, your videos really enhanced your article. Great job, Thabo.

    • Nice to hear from you again, Amanda. Yes, I agree with you that meditation can be and affective alternative therapy to managing anxiety and pain. It’s certainly something that with lots of practice anyone can learn. Thanks for checking in.

  9. Margaret

    I am a big believer in taking Yoga to manage joint pain. “My grandmother does yoga every morning and she barely has joint pain anymore!” Are there other work outs that you think are good for joint pain or to maintain healthy joints?

    • Great for your grandmother, Margaret. A big congrats to her. To answer your question, I would consider Tai Chi. Tai Chi does not involve any jarring motions that create impact on the spine. It is a slow and deliberate, flowing movement of the body. I would also consider swimming in a warm pool. Not only would it being soothing, but the water will provide a nice cushion for the joints.

  10. Samuel

    What do you think about CBD Oil? I have really bad joint pain in my knees mostly, back and other joints too. CBD helps a ton with the discomfort. Definitely worth a shot!

    • Hi Samuel,
      I know that a lot of people are finding CBD very helpful in fighting joint pain. I am a big believer in CBD Oil as a naturally solution to joint pain because of its proven anti-inflammatation properties. Yes, I would certainly include CBD as a good tip to overcome joint pain naturally.

  11. Joel

    These are all great tips on overcoming joint pain naturally. Tip 6 is especially spot on. Having a lot of weight does a number on your joints. I know ,for example, that every pound of weight gained puts an extra four pounds of pressure on each of your knee joints? So, if you gained just five pounds, it would be like adding 20 pounds to each knee. That’s way too much pressure for your knees and can not only lead to joint pain but also serious injury. Thanks so much for this excellent article.

    • Hi Joel,
      You make a good point about excess weight gain leading to knee injuries. This especially true with runners. Running on land already puts pressure on your joints, and sudden weight gain can be too much for the knee to support and indeed result in serious injury.

  12. This is really great information on helping to relieve joint pain naturally. I have lived with joint pain for years and I know that once I lost weight it improved drastically. I do believe that carrying around the extra weight can be detrimental on your joints. I have also tried the massage technique and found that it also works great. I have not tried meditation but will check out your video as I have always heard great things about it and anxious to try it out. It will probably help with some of my stress in my life as well.

    • Hi Dena,
      I’m glad you found the information useful. I work as a health counselor and one of my clients has been using meditation to manage his anxiety and stress. So far he says it’s working great. So that might be worth trying. That said, long periods of meditation aren’t always necessary to deal with stress. Sometimes just taking a few minutes a day to sit in a quiet place and relax is all you need to do. Also, meditation doesn’t have to take a traditional form. The important thing is that your mind is distracted from the stresses of the day and taken to a place where you can forget, for awhile, your problems. This is why I have advised people that reading a book that you enjoy, maybe a book of your favorite poetry, for example, can be a form of meditation. Yes, as odd as it sounds, reading is a form of meditation. So you can try that if you want. Thanks for checking in.

  13. Thanks for this great article! Very useful and helpful information! 🙂

    I love massage, and I get them when I can, especially on weekends. So, it is good to know massages help with joint pain.

    Even then, I still do get the occasional knee joint pain. I will remember all your tips, and try them to relieve the pain there.

    Another pain reliever I do, as your post informed me, is that I meditate. I do find meditation brings so many benefits. And I enjoy it so much. 🙂

    Once again, thank you so much! 🙂

    • Hi Tim,
      I am a big believer when possible and practical to manage pain naturally. In fact I think that experts in the pain management field are increasingly coming to the conclusion that non-medical therapies such as massage, meditation, and positive thinking are in some situations more effective than jumping to take a pain pill. Everything in life has a balance, and that’s what I try to bring to the larger conversation of health and wellness. Thanks for checking in.

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