1. Very important topic, especially that you need to be mindful of taking herbs that may conflict with other medications. If you keep track and also talk to your Pharmacist, they have great information and often know what medications you are on too. They are a great resource and usually promote both synthetic and natural remedies. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Tara,
      Many people take prescription medicines in combinations with herbs or vitamins. A problem may arise when they do not report that fact to their physician, nurse, or pharmacist. This post is aimed mostly at making those people aware that they are risking their health by keeping such secrecy. You’re absolutely right. It’s best practice to keep your pharmacist informed as to the herbs you’re taking in combination with the synthetic drugs. Thanks for checking in.


  2. Hello
    It sounds like many people don’t take natural herbal products seriously enough when they also are taking prescription medications, both of these are medication only one is natural and the other is man-made.

    I have learned from my own experience to consult my physician before adding any type of natural herbal product, I have found some man-made medications and herbal remedies do not mix well together.


    • Hello Jeff,
      I think more people would do themselves a lot of good if they followed your example of consulting with their physician before adding any type of natural herbal product to their synthetic medication. Unfortunately, some seniors hide from their doctors the fact that they are mixing herbs with their medication because they believe their doctor will disapprove. This can end up being a tragic decision. I hope more people, especially the elderly, follow your example of always consulting with their physician before mixing herbs with prescription medications. Thanks for checking in.


  3. Hello Thabo,

    Just like Tara said above, this is such an important topic. It’s great that you share the knowledge about the dangers of taking synthetic medicine and herbs simultaneously.

    My parents take medicine which interferes with herbs and other natural food supplements. I always try to find out options for my parents to stay healthy, but mostly my suggestions are not possible because of their medicine. Let us take turmeric for instance, which is a very healthy spice. They must avoid it because of its blood thinning effect.

    I read about the beneficial effects of coenzyme q10 and checked with the doctor. She said, people, taking blood-thinning medicine must avoid all kind of natural medicine as it has not been done sufficient research on the effects when taking them.

    Well, I believe in many cases the synthetic medicine would not be necessary at all, if only people ate the appropriate food, containing the healthy nutrients that the body needs.

    Thanks for this eyeopening post!

    • Hello Pernilla,
      A lot of people think that because something is natural that means it’s good for them. However they have to stop and understand how that particular natural therapy works. If for example a herbal treatment works by promoting blood flow, it would be very dangerous when combined with a synthetic drug that is an anticoagulant. The result could be a stroke. I agree with you that in many cases synthetic medicine would not be necessary at all if people ate healthy and got the nutrients that the body needs. I’m so glad you found the post informative.


  4. I have a friend that is always taking herbal remedies along with her prescribed medications. She does not tell her doctors everything she is taking. I counsel her frequently regarding this and sometimes she listens and sometimes she does not. I am glad she does look things up and calls me though.
    Thanks for this excellent article warning of the dangers of mixing alternative and herbal remedies with prescribed medications. I am going to send the link to my friend.

    • Hello Cynthia,
      You are exactly kind of medical professional that one needs to consult when taking herbal remedies along with prescribed medications. I’m glad that you’re there for your friend so that at least she is made aware of the possible dangers. Thanks for sharing your story because it helps a lot in helping others relate to the message of the post.

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