1. Olivia

    My teenage daughter had a backache and we were scouting for recommendations when I read this article. The exercises you mentioned have helped her a lot. Thanks.

    • Hi Oliva,

      It’s always nice to hear from a reader when my information has helped them directly or has made it possible to help members of their family. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Carrie

    Back again. I love your site because it’s so full of valuable information. Anyway, I was wondering if Pilates would be more effective than yoga at relieving back pain because they are much better at strengthening your core. I heard that a weak core is one major reason for back pain.

    • Carrie,
      You’re correct. A weak core plays a major part in back pain. This is why sitting too long is bad for you, and why there’s so much talk and advertising about posture correction. Pilates will indeed strenghen the core much more effectively than yoga which is more focused on relaxing the body and mind. But as we stated in an earlier conversation, if one is looking for a solution to ensure more balance control of the body than Yoga might be a better solution. The ideal solution depends on what problem you are trying to solve. Is it balance and fear of falling or pain relief? Thanks for checking in.

  3. Hello there,
    Pilates is one of my favorite kind of exercise. I did a different kind of pilates and I loved them all. Yoga also is nice but I prefer Pilates.
    You are so right here, you see a big change in how you feel and it release your muscles. Your pain can’t stop right away but it helps a lot from the first sessions. In a short time, somebody with a back pain will feel much better.
    Thanks for sharing a very informative article.
    Do you practice yourself, pilates?
    Have a good day.

    • Hi Christina,
      More and more people are finding Pilates to be more effective in managing back pain than Yoga. I think that’s because Pilates more effectively target abdominal muscles which support the back. Yoga is perhaps better at relaxing the muscles–better at soothing aching muscles. As for me, I like to do planks. As they focus on strengthening the core, I consider them a form of Pilates.

  4. Hello Thabo,
    I believe throughout all times back pain has been common. In the past, people mostly had to work hard with their body and overworked it. Today most people sit too much while working and does not get enough movement during the work days, which also causes back pain. This seems like a paradox, but it is a fact. My husband can confirm that doing exercises regularly helps against back pain.

    For a long time now I have been thinking of to trying out pilates. Your article motivates me to finally do that. I think it would be a good method to prevent getting back pain and by looking at the video, it seems to be a relaxing kind of exercise.

    Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge about how to prevent and get rid of back pain.


    • Hi Pernilla,
      Pilates are becoming a very popular way to strengthen the core and in the process lessen the chances of back pain. If you try them, let me know how it turned out for you. Thanks for checking in. Thabo

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