1. asmithxu

    Fascinating article. I can think of a lot of people that could benefit from this type of therapy. I really like the fact that it is non-invasive, unlike actual back surgery. I bet the price is a lot more reasonable than back surgery, too.

    About how much could I expect to pay for this and how many sessions does it take??

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Asmithxu,

      Most people who have tried cold laser therapy find it less costly and  a better alternative to back surgery. That said, cold laser therapy does have its disadvantages. Normally you won’t get relief after the first session. It can take anywhere  from 5 to 30 sessions depending  on the severity of the condition. The costs can range from $75–$100 per session. some medical insurance companies pay for the therapy  but others  do not.

      Your best bet is to consult a doctor who specializes in cold laser therapy to find out if you would be a good candidate  for the therapy. My advice when it come to your health is to always ask questions  so you know the good and the bad of any options you may want to pursue. I hope this helps.

  2. Jeremy

    I’ve never actually heard of cold laser therapy. Sounds like there a lot of benefits, a lot of ailments it could be used for, and that it’s more than safe according to your research on several studies. Down the road I would probably consider using it for headaches and neck pain, so one day I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Jeremy,

      Cold laser therapy has proven to work well for headaches and neck pain. It may indeed be a good option for you down the road. Should you try it, let me know how it works for you.

  3. Vandana

    I’ve never heard of this before. I know some people who suffer from back pain. Do you think this would work on other types of pain in the body like shoulder and wrist pain? I wonder also if you can buy this or if you have to go in and get this done. Very cool

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Vandana,

      I think cold laser would work well on shoulder and wrist pain because it was originally used to get rid of joint and shoulder pain. Yes, you can buy a cold laser device through amazon.  I hope this helps.

  4. Win Bill

    I have heard of the magic of cold laser therapy before. It is one of the newest things for acupuncture. The idea is to use a concentrated light beam to work on specific acupuncture points. I heard it works really well for little kids too. There are two reasons. One is that kids are sensitive to simulation so it’s very effective. Two is that it doesn’t involve actual needles so there’s no fear involved in the patient. It probably seems fun for kids too to have shiny dots on their body. Like you said, the effects seem to work really well with pain. Do you know much it usually cost to do one treatment?

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Win,

      You have stated the use of cold laser therapy for acupuncture very well. I also think you make an astute point about sensitivity of kids to simulation making cold laser therapy more effective than using actual needles. 

      In fact, laser offers a very viable alternative for weak, elderly or young patients, or those who are simply needle-phobic. 

      As for the costs, it can range anywhere from $75 -$100 dollars a session. Keep in mind that it often takes several sessions to feel the full effects of the therapy, and most doctors will also want you to have follow up visits. That said, cold laser therapy  is still a lot cheaper than surgery. You can also buy your own cold laser device. I hope this helps. Let me know what happens should you go ahead and use cold laser therapy.

  5. Kabirat

    Cold laser therapy!
    I think I have once heard something of such before. A friend talked about how it could help with my usual back pain because I really don’t want to go for a surgery. The cost scares me.
    I immediately debunked it when he told me as I was thinking it was just a fiction. Thanks for bringing this up again, I think I need to start considering it again.

    Your site is just wonderful!

    • Hi Kabirat,
      Lots of people react the same way when they first hear about cold laser therapy. After all, the idea of using light to heal seems futuristic and something out of a science fiction movie. Nevertheless, cold laser therapy has proven to be a safe alternative to drugs and stressful surgery. The average cold laser therapy session cost from $30 to $200. The average cold laser costs from $2000 – $15,000 so the return on investment (ROI) on purchasing a cold laser can be as little as 4 months. These are , of course, just general estimates. Your specific needs will determine a more exact price. If you are thinking about using cold laser therapy, I would research it more to find out what treatment would be best for you. And as always, I advise that you always consult your doctor before undergoing any new treatment. I wish you luck.

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