1. Rose

    I have long been fascinated by how red light therapy can help skin heal, but I never really knew anything about far-infrared heat therapy. You do a really good job of explaining–maybe I should say showing, because your videos are always good.
    Anyway, I do think the point you raise about EMF radiation makes me want to go for the UTK pad. Really Nice work. Glad I caught up with you again.

    • Hi Rose,
      I think more and more people want to find alternative treatments to pain management than taking medication or risky surgery. Also. going to an expansive massage parlor on a daily basis isn’t a realist option for a lot of people. An infrared heat pad like the UTK is a sensible solution. That said, people should always go the extra mile to avoid infrared saunas and heat pads that emit EMF radiation. The UTK has no issue when it comes to EMF radiation. Anyway, let me know how it goes. I look forward to your feedback.

  2. Mary

    Cool post even though you’re taking about a hot topic–hahaha
    Seriously, I really found the whole concept of infrared heat fascinating. The fact that the process warms the object not the air. I can see this is better for you. You get warm but you don’t burn.
    Yap, I am definitely thinking of replacing my electric heat pad with an infrared one. Looks like I might have to go for UTK. You made a strong case.

    • Hi Mary,
      Nothing wrong with having a little fun. I actually have a friend who always reminds me, despite his health problems, that the most important thing is to be cheerful and hopeful. Yes, I think we have only seen just a bit of how infrared technology can be used to manage pain. There are break throughs now, subject of a future post,where infrared light is used to detect rupturing plaques in the arteries. This is what causes heart attacks. More about that later.Keep tuned.

      Anyway, I look forward to your feedback if you go ahead and purchase the UTK Pad.

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