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How to Use Infrared Heat Pad to Tame Your Pain

How to Use Infrared Heat  Pad to Tame Your Pain

Product: UTK Far-Infrared Healing Therapy Jade Mat

Price:  $169.00

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Warranty: Can be up to a year but check with manufacture  for specifics.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Are you familiar with Far-Infrared or radiant heat (FIR) ? If not, let me start by defining it for you:  FIR is part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight and a safe form of energy that heats the objects by a process called direct light conversion. In other words, the heat does not burn or dehydrate skin— unlike ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn and cancer.  Instead,  the process directly warms the object, not the surrounding air. Later in this post I’ll talk about how to use infrared heat pad to tame your pain.


First, let’s take a look at an  infrared sauna so that you can better understand the concept of FIR.

An article in Men’s Fitness Magazine explains the process perfectly.

“An after-workout sauna is great for soothing tired muscles. But the new trend in recovery-unlike the traditional steam bath we all know and love-is a sauna that uses infrared light, the invisible (and harmless) part of sunlight that makes our skin feel warm. Instead of heating the air, as steam does, the more efficient infrared light directly heats the body, so nearly 90% of the heat is absorbed. It also penetrates deeper than steam heat-about 1.5 inches into tissue, compared with just the outer layer of skin that a steam bath reaches.” 1


The reason I wanted to define it is because so many people assume that because they have had bad experiences using electric heat to manage chronic pain, they’ll have the same problems with infrared heat. Here, to illustrate, is a common concern about electric  heating  pads voiced by a user:

I never liked my electric heating pad. It was stiff, the material was unpleasant and I even got my skin burned once, a painful experience that I will never forget. Plus, I hated the fact that the minute I turned it off, the pain came right back.”

And that’s why these same folks make the mistake of not effectively treating their back pain, based on their misunderstanding.

Now that you know what   FIR means, let me share with you how pain sufferers are using infrared heating pads to  manage chronic pain and relieve spasm in the muscles that are far deeper in the skin– and how you can too. Read on for the eye-opening details…

tips on sauna therapy
Enjoying Sauna therapy

Electric heating pads use electric heating coils, which not only emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, but only heat your skin (or burn it, as has happened to so many people).

On the other hand, far infrared heating pads use natural stones, such as Jade, to deliver deep penetrating heat (infrared rays) which can penetrate all the way to your bones and create a uniform warming effect – without any side effects or risks.


Which is The Best Infrared Heating Pad?

All right. Warming up the muscles of your back can give you relief from back pain. That said,  you want to know the best way of getting heat on your back without causing health problems. As mentioned, Infrared heating pads are the safest way to go. The question then, with so many options, is what is the best infrared heating pad to relieve back pain?

Let Me Introduce You to The  UTK Far-Infrared Healing Therapy Jade Mat

According to the manufacture, this pad features far-infrared heat and negative ions (delivered via natural jade and carbon fiber heating elements. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body and has the following benefits: relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress and improves flexibility.

Enjoying Infrared Heat Therapy
Infrared Heat Therapy

This seems to be backed up by pain sufferers who have purchased the product. Here is a typical comment from customer.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great For Reducing Inflammation, Relieving Pain & Increasing Flexibility!

This heating pad has truly been amazing! It far exceeded my expectations. I injured my back and about seven months ago the symptoms became severe, with burning nerve pain and muscle pain and restriction in two-thirds of my body. I’ve been to chiropractors, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a pain management specialist. No one has been able to fix this. Pain medicine has made the situation more bearable, so I’m grateful it exists; but this is no way to live. When I began using this pad–about a month ago–the situation finally began to improve. It has reduced the swelling in my spine and the pain and restriction has been reducing, slowly but steadily. I don’t know that this will fix my back entirely, but it has definitely made a significant difference.

Here is The Problem We Want to Solve. How do We Decide if The UTK Pad  is The Best FIR Pad?

One can consider the following questions about the UTK Pad

1 Is its best quality in doing something better than what similar products are already doing in the market?

2 Is its best quality in doing something unique when compared to similar products?

3 Are there many alternatives you could use?

4 Are there a few alternatives

5 Would You say its a effective way  to warm muscles, simulate blood flow, and promote healing?

Let’s See What The UTK Pad  Does in Relation to its Competition.

Thermotex Far-infrared Heating Pad Gold


What it is:  According to the manufacture, Thermotex Infrared Therapy System Gold is a single element device built specifically to target the larger muscle groups including the hips, hamstrings, upper and lower back and shoulders, to deliver safe and effective far infrared heat. The patented far- infrared heat technology  penetrates 10x deeper than regular heat, and doesn’t burn or dehydrate skin.

How it works:  The Thermotex Heating Pad produces infrared heating to provide deep penetrating warmth for temporary relief of acute and chronic pain. After just 20 minutes of use, the soothing infrared wavelengths penetrate up to 2.36 inches into the applied area. This results in an increase in blood flow, which enhances the natural properties that the body requires to heal. Providing nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area and delivering temporary relief of pain and inflammation.

High Professional Credibility

It’s nice when a popular health product is not considered voodoo science  by the medical professional  who can sometimes be a close-minded bunch. Thermotex Gold is recommended by a doctors and therapists around the world for speeding healing and recovery.

Better Than Your Standard Heat Pad

it would seem that the Thermotex Gold  big selling point is that it’s more effective than a standard heat pad for pain relief. It targets pain and inflammation where it originates.

How Does The UTK Compare to Thermotex Gold?

UTK heating pad  delivers heat via jade stones. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body and relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress and in time – improves muscle flexibility.  Penetrate 200-300 times deeper into your body without exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Thermotex delivers the infrared rays through carbon fibers, which some levels of EMF radiation. EMF radiation  is harmful to your health—Something that should be avoided.

UTK Pad can be folded, which is very important because you can wrap it around any part of your body, not just your back. Plus, it’s easy to fold it and take with you when you travel.

The Thermotex Pad Gold can not be folded. This means you can’t use it in your car or wrap it around other aching parts of your body.

We can conclude that the UTK Pad is a more effective Infrared heating pad  than the Thermotex Pad Gold.

Is The UTK Pad Unique?

UTK Pad, unlike Thermotex, uses Negative Ions

What’s The Purpose of  Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules with an extra electron that your body can absorb. They’re found in abundance at waterfalls, mountains, beaches and in the air after a rainstorm. Numerous scientific studies indicate that once they reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that help calm and relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost our daytime energy and increase improve our immune system.

Are there many alternatives you could use?

Yes, there are many alternatives but I think most are not as effective as the  UTK Pad.

Are there a few alternatives?

Yes, but at a higher price

Would You say it’s an effective way  to warm muscles, simulate blood flow, and promote healing?

Yes, I would.

How Has The UTK Pad helped?

UTK far-infrared (FIR) heat therapy natural jade healing pad benefits the body by:

•Helping give relief from minor muscle and stiffness, joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains and strains, minor muscular back pain

•Helping the body remove toxins through perspiration

•Reducing tension and stress

•Improving lymphatic flow

•Boosting the immune system

•Increasing the circulation of blood deep in the tissues

UTK  Product Features

  • Flexible. Can Wrap AROUND A BODY PART & SIT & LIE ON: back & lower back & shoulders & waist & hip & legs & arms & knees & feet .
  • More EFFECTIVE & SAFE & LONGER-LASTING & DEEPER PENETRATING THERAPEUTIC HEAT than conventional heating pads: features natural jade, far-infrared heat, negative ions.
  • MORE SOLID CONSTRUCTION, SECURE AND STURDY: the controller, the cable, the pad and connections.
  • EASY TO OPERATE SMART DIGITAL CONTROLLER: with Timer and Temperature settings, Auto shut-off , and Memory Function.


  • Heats up Fast
  • Jade stones and negative ions
  • Flexible
  • Temp. and time controller
  • Velcro strap keeps it in place


  • May be a little heavy for the elderly

Why I Recommend The UTK Pad

While it’s true that not all the science  is conclusive on the harmful effects of  EMF radiation, my view is to always go the extra mile when it comes to safety. I believe there is enough evidence to warrant caution when it comes to any product that can emit EMF radiation. There is also plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that negative ions are good for your health. This combination of minimal EMF and High Negative Ions, and demonstrated ability to deliver healing infrared heat, gives me confidence in recommending the UTK Far-Infrared Healing Therapy Jade Mat for relieving  your pain.

I have a passion, because I’m a caregiver to a chronic pain sufferer, to keep pain sufferers in the loop about the latest information that can help them. That said, understand that anything you read in this post is not a substitute for doctor’s advice.

Learn how to have less pain in your life and become more productive with health product.    for more information.



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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.




The new hotness: infrared heat

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4 thoughts on “How to Use Infrared Heat Pad to Tame Your Pain

  1. I have long been fascinated by how red light therapy can help skin heal, but I never really knew anything about far-infrared heat therapy. You do a really good job of explaining–maybe I should say showing, because your videos are always good.
    Anyway, I do think the point you raise about EMF radiation makes me want to go for the UTK pad. Really Nice work. Glad I caught up with you again.

    1. Hi Rose,
      I think more and more people want to find alternative treatments to pain management than taking medication or risky surgery. Also. going to an expansive massage parlor on a daily basis isn’t a realist option for a lot of people. An infrared heat pad like the UTK is a sensible solution. That said, people should always go the extra mile to avoid infrared saunas and heat pads that emit EMF radiation. The UTK has no issue when it comes to EMF radiation. Anyway, let me know how it goes. I look forward to your feedback.

  2. Cool post even though you’re taking about a hot topic–hahaha
    Seriously, I really found the whole concept of infrared heat fascinating. The fact that the process warms the object not the air. I can see this is better for you. You get warm but you don’t burn.
    Yap, I am definitely thinking of replacing my electric heat pad with an infrared one. Looks like I might have to go for UTK. You made a strong case.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Nothing wrong with having a little fun. I actually have a friend who always reminds me, despite his health problems, that the most important thing is to be cheerful and hopeful. Yes, I think we have only seen just a bit of how infrared technology can be used to manage pain. There are break throughs now, subject of a future post,where infrared light is used to detect rupturing plaques in the arteries. This is what causes heart attacks. More about that later.Keep tuned.

      Anyway, I look forward to your feedback if you go ahead and purchase the UTK Pad.

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