1. Marcus

    Advances in technology have always excited, much more than my friends and family haha. I pretty much feel like a kid at Christmas when reading about it.

    I have read about a lot of the possibilities of wearable technology, and I have come across biosensor tattoos before. But I have never heard about using them to detect alcohol in the body.

    Using biosensor tattoos to prevent tragedies due to too high alcohol intake sounds super awesome, and I feel it gets to the core of how great technology is. I mean using it to enhance our lives and prevent bad things to happen to us.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hey Marcus,

      I feel the same excitement when reading about advances in technology. I especially love to follow new  trends in health related technology. I too was surprised to learn about biosensors being used to prevent the tragedies caused by too high alcohol  intake. I love the idea. I think this technology is going to save a lot of lives and dreams.

  2. Louis

    Thanks for this informative post. I too never knew that body sensors could be used to detect alcohol. I have a son going to college, and he is a good kid. still you hear horror stories of campus drinking and good kids getting in trouble because maybe they took one too many drinks and got behind the wheel. I think any technology that can stop drunk driving is a great idea.

    • I think the problem of campus drinking is a certainly something that every parent should be concerned about. Peer pressure, Frat parties, a burst of independence, can all lead to abuse of alcohol. I agree with you that the biosensor tattoo can be a very helpful tool in reducing drunk driving. I think that it would be especially effective in college towns where it’s not uncommon to see several frat parties going on at the same time, and where alcohol is easily available.

  3. JaemiO

    Hi Thabo,

    I’m happy to hear that Greg was able to get a second chance. All too often folks don’t have that opportunity. Hopefully wearable tattoos can help change that for folks with alcohol addictions. Arguably, these nifty pieces of technology could help more than just alcoholics. they could aid anyone out for a casual drinks to make a sound decision about driving. Wouldn’t it be something if we started seeing these pop up in bars for use by all?

    Thanks for the eye opening article,


    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi JaemiO,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I think indeed the biosensor tattoo can  help more than alcoholics. They have the potential to save a lot of lives by, as you point out, enabling casual drinkers to make sound decisions about driving. A great technology with no down sides.

  4. Andrew

    Kudos. A very good and eye opening post. I agree with JaemiO that bars should carry this technology. I wonder if the owners of such establishments would really corporate with such a request. They may think it brings too much attention to the part their product plays in problem drinking. They may say it’s too much like “big brother”. What do you think?

    • Hey Andrew,

      You bring up a very provocative but legitimate point. Yes, I can see bar owners being afraid that any technology that can detect levels of alcohol might have the unintended consequences of people wanting to impose restrictions that may be harmful to their earnings. On the other hand, studies continue to show that in large measures more young people with disposable income tend to favor and support business establishments that they believe align with their sense of “right and wrong”. So bar owners who are perceived to be socially responsible may very well get a boast to their bottom line.Thus, I think some of these bar owners may want to be on the right side of the issue and welcome such technology. I guess only time will tell.

  5. Kerry

    I was touched by the Greg story, and I liked the way you made the issue of problem drinking even more thought provoking by talking about a real person. I don’t know if biosensors will stop people who are determined to drink, but I think it can help those social drinkers who just had one too many from making a tragic mistake by stepping behind the wheel. Unfortunately I have known people who thought they were okay and just a little buzzed after some drinking only to find they were far from okay. They almost ruined their lives.

    • Hi Kerry,
      Yes, the biosensors tattoo may not work for hard core drinkers because they may not really pay attention to them. However, we can take the hopeful view that the majority of people who would use a biosensor tattoo are sincere in their efforts to make sure their occasional drinking never becomes a source of trouble for themselves and others. In other words, they are becoming proactive in making sure that the don’t drive drunk. I think that’s a great thing, and I hope more people become aware of this health technology.

  6. Johnny

    Sometimes, I sit down for hours imagining how much advancement had happened to technology. From using just a kit to detect blood sugar level to telling the heart rate and how many steps you have taken in a day. It’s just awesome and I’m glad they are happening in ‘my time’.
    I have not heard about this wearable before, but thanks to this your detailed and informative post, I have really learned a lot in this few minutes of reading. I am sure going to be sharing it with friends to help many of them.

    • Hi Johnny,
      I think the biosensor Tattoo is a wearable technology that has the potential to prevent thousands of lives from being destroyed by casual drinking that gets out of control. I am happy that you found the post useful and want to share it with friends. Let’s all pass on the word about this awesome technology.

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