1. Eric Chen

    Hello ThaboN,

    Thank you for sharing your article. I had a couple friends who have concerns regarding heart attack because their parents are hardcore cigarette smokers.

    It’s crazy what sonar can do to help someone. Normally, when you think of sonar, you think of sonar vision for military combat.

    I will most definitely share this with my friends and hopefully help them.

    Thanks again,

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Eric,

      Yes, you’re right. Normally sonar is thought of in terms of military  combat, and that’s why I want people to understand the ways the medical field is repurposing things like sonar technology  to prevent heart attacks and keep people living longer and healthier. The more we understand how medical technology and pain management treatment is evolving the better we can help loved ones whose health may be  at risk.

  2. Michael

    wow that is so cool. It’s amazing at how fast technology is advancing and all the incredible things they can do with it now a days.

    Hopefully as they continue to use infrared laser it will help decrease the 715,000 people who get heart attacks.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Michael,

      Yes, I too continue to be impressed on how fast technology is advancing in the area of health. I also think that research  done at the university level and the boom in start- up companies can only mean that we will get answers faster to our most preplexing health issues. I think the future looks promising when it comes to providing people with longer and healthier lives.

  3. Tommy P. Welsh

    Even as patients see the promise of technology to improve their healthcare, most remained concerned about the costs of that care. Nine in 10 consumers are concerned about how much healthcare costs will affect them in the future. I will recommend this to some of my patients to see their view.

    • Hi Tommy,
      Laser Sheds Light on Heart Attack Plaques
      This isn’t just a fascinating headline. It’s, as I said, another remarkable example of how technology that was used to improve mood and give people younger looking skin has now been repurposed to detect heart attack risk. If a doctor could know how close you are to having a heart attack, that doctor could step in with surgery or medication before the damage is done. This of course has big ramifications on healthcare costs because it could significantly reduce them by lessening the time a patient spends in the hospital.

  4. Helen J. Keeler

    This is great, I hope this really gets its way through a lot of countries where heart attack is even more like an epidemic. This will really help reduce the number of children that lose their parents to heart attack. Nice post.

    • Hi Helen,

      In addition to your excellent points, I think this medical technology is very exciting because it could help doctors detect the threat of an imminent heart attack and decrease the chances of people dying from a heart attack. This could also greatly reduce the rate of readmissions, and that would lessen the stress on family members. Thanks for your feedback.

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