1. Diana D. Palko

    Nice post. Really nice website too. i have found your website very relevant from the selection of runner shoes don to my fitness. you are doing a very nice job here.

    • Hi Diana,
      I think other than overusing tired muscles, another big cause of runner’s injury is having the wrong shoe wear. I’m glad that this post helped you understand what the right shoe is for you. Happy running.

  2. Ruth S. Stricklin

    Really a nice post. About the story of Palmer, i think that means CrossFit can cause kidney failure. this explains why a friend spent a long time in the hospital.

    • As I said, research links popularity of the high intensity resistance training to ’20-fold’ spike in hospital admissions.
      CrossFit has been linked to a breakdown of muscle tissue called Rhabdomyolysis. This causes a damaging protein, myoglobin, to be released into the bloodstream.
      This can cause kidney failure like the type that happened to Palmer. The best advice as always is too listen to your body. Your body will always tell you when it’s under unreasonable stress. It’s up to you to STOP before the stress results in an injury such as kidney damage.

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