1. Charlie Keating, III

    Agreed, when people do the wet test it should only be used as a static test. It is important for people who have LA and HA to pick the correct shoe in order to avoid getting hurt. I have a high arch; therefore, I would need CT shoes to reduce the shock force, which makes perfect sense to me. As a recreational athlete, this article is helpful when attempting to figure out which shoes I should wear.

    • Hi Charlie,

      I’m glad that a recreational athlete such as yourself found this post useful. I wrote it precisely with people like you in mind. Often it’s the recreational athletes who sustain injury because of training error like putting on the wrong footwear.

  2. Duane

    Hi Thabo.

    Thank you for the opportunity to discuss you posted page here. I will say that it is quite interesting and informative. I love the way you have worked to make sure the information is not overwhelming.

    You know how you read something that you are interested in but know very little about and so you read laboriously through some dogma that is supposed to help but bores and so you stop reading. Your blog is not like that and I applaud you for this.

    I enjoyed the two videos as both complimented each other as the doctor was very thorough as was the younger fellow and neither were boring. Nicely done.

    I think that I am normal in terms of the way my foot absorbs, bends etc. This site perked my interest toward the importance of purchasing proper footwear.

    Best of luck moving forward….Duane.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Duane,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback. Yes, as someone with a normal arch type you’ll most likely have little trouble finding shoes that are right for you. That said, it’s still a good idea to make sure that the shoe offers you enough toe room and protection from the impact of a heel strike. Try on several shoes, and use the same socks that you intend to wear with the shoes. People downplay this, but it’s something important to keep in mind.

      Also, your foot is often swollen in the afternoon. So, in most cases it’s best not to purchase new shoes in the morning. Instead, buy them in the afternoon. This way you’ll know if they really fit you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  3. FreddieC

    This is a very enlightening post. I definitely have low arch……very low arch but I have not been paying attention to the type of footwear that would be best for me. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even realize that there were different shoe recommendations for different arches. Well now I have learned that I should get motion control shoes to lessen the risk of injury.
    One question though. How do I choose motion control shoes? Is it written on the shoe somewhere or do I need to ask the store attendant?

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Freddie,

      Yes, if you have a very low arch you’ll need a motion control shoe. Often most stores will display their sneakers as running, walking, or cross-training. They won’t say motion control. Most times you won’t see motion control written on the shoe. Your best bet is to ask the sales person. If they don’t know or aren’t sure then ask the manager. Feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions.

  4. Amaka

    When I saw the title of this post, I quickly jumped into reading because I knew I will surely learn something new and helpful from it.
    I wasn’t disappointed after all, Now I know the best shoes I need to get for my morning workout without the fear of sustaining an injury in my legs.
    Thanks so much for the post; really helpful.running

    • Hi Amaka,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post about how to select best shoes for your arch type. Just remember the following: You need motion control shoes for low arch runners. Usually LA runners suffer from soft tissue injuries such as tendintiss associated with rear foot motion. A MC shoe will lessen the risk of such injuries. It will have cushioning technology to provide a firmer midsole for better support, but less flexibility. On the other hand, high arch runners often suffer from bony related injuries such as stress fractures. They need CT sneakers that will reduce the shock of a hard landing. Glad to be of service to you.

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