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How to Save Your Back and Have Happy Feet

How to Save Your Back and Have Happy Feet

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How to Save Your Back and Have Happy Feet with a Varidesk

How to save your back and have happy feet can be a difficult thing. Just consider these frightening statistics: sitting for more than three hours per day is responsible for 3.8%—or approximately 433,000—of all deaths worldwide every year.(1).

31 million Americans will experience low-back pain at any given time. (2).

On the other hand, excessive standing is just as detrimental to long-term health as excessive sitting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), of the 917,060 private industry nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work during 2013, 22 percent (202,280 cases) involved injuries to the lower extremities.  More than 89,000 (43 percent) of these cases involved injuries to the ankle or foot. (3).

Bureau of Labor Statistics

That’s a lot of people with sitting and standing related injuries, isn’t it? And yet most people completely ignore these statistics. They think there’s no way a serious back or foot problem could happen to them. But just ask the large number people who’re affected by these problems, and they’ll tell you that it can and does happen. And they’ll also tell you the best thing you can do is be prepared.

That’s what this post is about.

In just moments you’ll find out how to protect yourself from becoming a statistic. Read on and I’ll show you how the Varidesk can answer the tricky question of how you can effectively alternate between sitting and standing so that you end up getting only positive  health results. For example, standing will help you maintain a strong core and posture. This goes a long way in helping you reduce back pain—something especially  important if you are a runner. That said, excessive standing, for reasons mentioned, can result in foot pain.

The answer then is having a good balance between standing and sitting.

Let’s Get The Gist on Using Varidesk

Varidesk is a Texas based furniture firm that focuses on height standing and adjustable desks. They have become popular due largely to their heavy advertising across magazines, TV, and the web. Generally misspelled as “Veridesk”, they entered the industry with a desk converter that permits you to include their changeable height riser to an old desk.

They also included a standalone desk that is built as a full adjustable height desk.

Tips on Standing Desk
Great Standing Desk

Varidesk will replace the way you work. This height-adjustable desk places on peak of your existing desk and permits you to do your job from either standing or sitting position. This neatly gives you the balance of enough sitting and standing. Your back and feet will love you.

How Much Support Does Varidesk Provide?

Some people worry a lot about their computer. In fact, some people pay more attention to their computer than their significant other—but that’s a different story. Any way, you don’t have to worry about your computer taking a tumble and ending up as expensive trash. The Pro plus 36 is sized to entertain those with multiple monitor setups or big workspace requirement. It can hold up to 35 lbs. with simplicity and stay stable and sturdy even at its completely extended height.

How Does The Varidesk Work?


The 2 tiered design with separate mouse/keyboard deck provides you  with plenty of room for accessories. This gives you the convenience of never having to move any component when lowering or raising your Varidesk.

How Long Does It Take to Use?

Ever have a situation were something that was suppose to be quick to use actually  takes you longer than advertised—like forever? Well, you won’t have that problem with the Varidesk. Like all famous models, the height-adjustable Pro plus 36 specs permits you to lower and raise it almost effortlessly in only seconds. It comes completely assembled and ready to use – just locate it on top of your desk and you are ready to go.


tips on unpacking your standing desk
unpacking your standing desk

Why I Recommend The Varidesk

My mother, who is a back pain sufferer and the inspiration for my website, gets frustrated because foods she once enjoyed now make her sick—the preservatives interfere with her medication. Unfortunately, it seems that often a solution to solve one problem creates another. That’s why I strive to provide  answers that match the multifaceted nature of back and foot pain. I think the Varidesk does just that.

Product description

  • Height-adjustable to eleven different locations for wonderful comfort. Remains powerful and steady even when completely extended.
  • Varidesk standing desk pro plus 36 is designed to entertain those with twin-monitor setups or bigger workspace needs.
  • The 2 tier design offers you an upper display area for your monitor, and a best lower keyboard and mouse deck.
  • Comes completely assembled right out of the box- no assembly, or tools, or installation needed.
  • Uses varidesk patented spring-loaded exciting mechanism to simply lift up to 15.8 kgs or 35 lbs in three seconds, permitting you to sit down and stand up without breaking your focus.

Product features

  • Lifting keyboard deck
  • Switches from sitting to standing place in seconds
  • Spring-assisted left mechanism
  • Ergonomic design that manage to most users heights
  • Fits most desks in any cube or office
  • Best for twin monitors or docking stations
  • Completely assembled, simple set-p
  • Holds up to 35 lbs of weight

Varidesk Pro plus 36


  • Includes the flexibility to enable you to stretch/stand your legs by simply lifting your desk into positions that lets you do your job in standing position.
  • The weird back tension/pain from sitting badly will lessen and  some users have reported  that  it  goes away completely.
  • The desk in sitting mode works well. It about a 10cm rise to PC from the desk. This means you are in the right  position not to strain your neck when sitting and looking at the display.
  • Varidesk build is sturdy and comes  pre assembled.


  • Some users found the desk not high enough.
  • Some users found it a bit heavy when they first lifted to put on old desk.

Varidesk is a Best Seller

Why is pro plus is so popular? Well, lots of reasons, in general customers say it is because they want to purchase a standing desk that is just right in price, size, and design.

First, they love the 36-inch display surface that is broad enough for 2 monitors plus some things and papers.

The 2 tier design is also  a big  hit because lots of users like a desk that has a desk and keyboard tray that sits lower than the screen area.

Then there is the reasonable price as well as the usual best stuff that comes with owing a Varidesk.

Very simple to use

To lower or raise your Varidesk, only lightly grasp the fast-release handles and slowly pull up or push down – the spring-supported lift does most of the job for you. Replacing positions is super smooth, really easy, and it just takes three seconds. No need to complicate things with gears, buttons or electrical parts.

Give Your Old Desk New Life

When you buy a varidesk, it will provide new life to your old desk and you can also adjust this desk with your old desk.

Measure your desktop and think about how many accessories and monitors you will need area for. As long as the base feet of the Varidesk will fit on the area of your present desk, you are in business.

Pro plus 36 is the full package, a completely adjustable, top standard standing desk that is easy to purchase, use and set up, and does not need all new furniture or hard insulation.


The whole point of this review was to help you understand how a solution for back and foot pain relief would work.

Indeed, you started out thinking that excessive sitting is detrimental to your long term health.I hope by now that you’ve come to realize that excessive standing can be just as detrimental. The answer is to have a solution that  provides a balance of sitting and standing. Varidesk is such a solution.

  to save your back and have happy feet!


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1.American Journal of Preventive Medicine: “All-Cause Mortality Attributable to Sitting Time” Volume 51, Issue 2, Page 253-263

2. Jensen M, Brant-Zawadzki M, Obuchowski N, et al. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Lumbar Spine in People Without Back Pain. N Engl J Med 1994; 331: 69-116.

3. BLS Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Requiring Days Away From Work, 2013, Table 5, Private Industry

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4 thoughts on “How to Save Your Back and Have Happy Feet

  1. Varidesk could also be an interesting and versatile solution for those like me who are constantly up and down while working. I do a lot of videos and there is a ton of movement between making adjustments with cameras and equipment. To be able to adjust the height of my desk and be able to stand and sit as I needed to could prove quite helpful. I could not sit at a desk all day if I tried. Varidesk looks like it could begin making changes in the way we work, I look forward to seeing how the product evolves along with workplaces.

    1. I agree with you that varidesk offers a great solution for people who are constantly up and down while working. It also fits into the new “And Plus” customer service model now practiced at many organizations. Which means perhaps standing for long hours performing tasks and then sitting at a desk for more hours following up customer’s requests, filing paper work, taking conference calls and so on. The varidesk offers a good way to balance the extremes. Yes, I too look forward to seeing how the product evolves along with workplaces.

  2. This is a good one. most of the employees in my establishment complains of lower back pain or foot ache at one point or the other. That was when I discovered I wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

    I think I will have to order a few of these varidesks to help my dedicated workers from suffering back pain.
    Thanks for making me discover this; You are such a blessing to me.

    1. Hi Roberta,

      I think your employees are lucky to have a boss who shows such concern about their health. Varidesk will replace the way they work. I like the fact that it will permit them to do their job from either standing or sitting position. This will give them the balance of enough sitting and standing. You will have more happy and productive workers. Let me know how things turn out.

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