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How to Safely Stop Football Pain With CBD Oil Therapy

How to Safely Stop Football Pain With CBD Oil Therapy

how to safely stop football pain
Playing through the pain

Opioid Addiction and The Need to Safely Stop Football Pain

Opioid addiction is a growing problem for professional football players. A survey of former NFL players found that 52% had used opioids during their playing days, and the rate of opioid use among retired players was triple that of the general population. [1]

Fortunately, however, injured football players  don’t have to suffer from opioid addiction once they know how to safely stop football pain with CBD oil.

That’s what you’ll learn about in this post.

The Journey From Opioids to CBD Oil Use Among Football Players

CBD for safe pain relief
CBD for safe pain relief

Specifically, you’ll learn how for professional  football players dealing with pain is an everyday problem  even after they retire. You’ll also learn  how to deal with the pain, some used alcohol or dangerous illicit drugs, such as heroin,  or opioids before turning to cannabis.

 And you’ll discover how ultimately the  large number of football players seeking, natural alternative to the deadly prescription  opioid and the mind altering  marijuana have come to learn how to safely stop football pain with CBD oil.


Finding ways to safely stop football pain
Finding ways to safely stop football pain

So, without further introduction, let’s jump in with a discussion of chronic pain and football.

Opioid Addiction and The Need to Safely Stop Football Pain

You are probably  aware that injury and pain are inevitable in contact sports such as football. However, apart from the fact that you may feel a little queasy when one of your favorite players is carried away on a stretcher, how much do you really know about the the impact that chronic pain has on the lives  of football players?

Painkiller abuse among current and former players has become a substantial problem.

The Pain That Doesn’t Go Away With Retirement

 Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine surveyed 644 retired players. Here are the sobering facts: While 88% claimed to have been in excellent health at the start of their careers, only 13% claimed to have excellent health after football. 93% reported dealing with current pain, and 81% reported their pain to be moderate to  severe. [2]

A Football Star Gives Voice to Athletes in Pain

Cullen Jenkins is a former Green  Bay Packers defensive Lineman. “… the end of his 13-year professional career, pain was a constant companion, from his torn pectoral that had to be drained of excess fluid to his injured ankle and battered quadriceps.” [3]

Losing the Identity of football worsens the Pain because the rationale for putting up with it is gone.

“All of a sudden it comes to an abrupt end,” Cullen Jenkins said. “And before, you’re hurting—but there’s a reason why you’re hurting. Games, practice. Now you’re hurting—but there is no football.” [4]

After he retired  from football , Cullen Jenkins started “regularly using opiates to dull the pain and drinking alcohol to numb the senses.” [5]

Cannabis Helps Through The Healing  Process

Looking for a safer and more effective treatment for their football injuries, many players like Cullen Jenkins turned to marijuana. After retiring in 2007,  Kyle Turley, a two-time NFL first-team all-pro and 1998 first-round draft pick, swapped the meds for Medical marijuana.  “Cannabis saved my life, period,” he says. “It’s given me back my energy, my drive, my determination.” [6]

The Need to Escape Mind Altering Marijuana

The problem with marijuana, as stated in an earlier post, is that it contains a large amount of THC. This is what causes the high, and the last thing that these retiring football players now want is mind altering  pain treatments. Thus,  this is how football  players  learned how to safely stop football pain with CBD oil.

Cullen Jenkins Has Success and Manages  to Safely  Stop Football Pain with CBD oil

Jenkins said using CBD oil has been beneficial “Without getting high.” “It started helping,” Jenkins said. “With the joints, with the pain. It kind of helps  with focus. I will take it before class—I’m in two carpentry classes now— and I like to take it before. It helps me stay in the moment.” [7]

CBD is Not a Cure-All, but it Works

 Jake Plummer is  a former All-Pro quarterback for the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. After playing 10 seasons in the NFL, Plummer retired from the game in 2007 and would soon try to find something to help him deal with his lingering post-football injuries. Speaking about CBD oil, he says:

“It is not going to fix my L5 spondylolisthesis or some other injuries that happened to me, leaving parts of my body compromised, but I can tell you this: The pain and feelings of pain and stiffness and occasional debilitating pain that I used to have, when I would be active in any way—is gone now,” he said.

“Now if I go kick some ass and go play some handball and do a bunch of crazy stuff, I am going to be sore. But I’ve also kind of found out how to recover much quicker, and that is taking a little extra helping of the oils.” [8]


Let’s recap our journey of how to safely stop football pain with CBD oil. Football players are often left with lingering pain long after they have retired. To cope with their suffering, a lot of former players first  turn to opioids. According to a survey  of former NFL players, the rate of opioid  use is triple that of the general  population. A more recent study at Washington University School of Medicine says the rate could be even higher—more like four times that of the general population.

The need to have a safer alternative to the deadly prescription opioids  opened  the door for Medical marijuana. However, the mind altering effects of Medical marijuana has increasingly led to an even safer alternative to opioids—CBD oil. I hope you have enjoyed the journey of how to safely stop football pain with CBD oil.

For more information on how CBD oil gives pain relief check here:

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8 thoughts on “How to Safely Stop Football Pain With CBD Oil Therapy

  1. I wonder why this oil is not among the top products for pain relief. Considering that it gives much relief to football players, some more research could go into it. This seems to be a safe alternative to other products. I hope your articles will help to spread awareness about the positive effects of this oil.

    1. Hi Carol,
      As the opioid crisis intensifies, there is beginning to be a recognition that CBD can help reduce the opioid epidemic. In fact, Nevada recently considered a bill that would allow a person addicted to opioids to qualify for Medical Marijuana. Things are starting to move, but CBD has a lot of opposition from Big pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose a lot of business if CBD replaces most of the pain medications.

  2. Thank you for a thoughtful article. I am no athlete. But when younger I injured my right shoulder. Now, in my later years, the injury has come back to haunt me as chronic pain and stiffness. This was worsened because I am a lecturer and use to overstretch my right arm and shoulder when writing on a whiteboard.

    I had heard about CBD oil and how it can ease the pain. In your article, I can see how it helped many professional athletes. And I believe it can help me too. The pain is especially bad during the nights when I would wake up in the middle of the night many times to feel the throbbing pain in my shoulder. I truly hope Singapore will make CBD oil legal soon, and allow it so that I can have better sleep.

    1. Hello Tim,
      Singapore as you most likely know is one of the countries with the world’s harshest drug laws. However, recent report is that Singapore is planning to invest in medicinal pot. It’s doing so as a reaction to all the scientific studies that have shown the benefits of medical marijuana. The hope that once the government is satisfied that Medical marijuana is a true alternative to pain pills, it will open the door to the use of CBD oil. Perhaps the government of Singapore is listening to voices like yours and preparing the way for CBD oil to be legal.

  3. Many football players do become addicted to pain drugs through their football careers, you wonder if being a big football star millionaire really is worth it in the end. You can only abuse your bodies to a certain point before it catches up with you, this is a much safer and healthier way for football players to cope with their pain.


    1. Hello Jeff,
      I actually think the issue of drug addiction among football players is becoming a bigger issue nation wide as the popularity of CBD oil increases. I think in time it will replace the opioids that some football players are still taking. More players are agreeing with you that there are safer and healthier ways to cope with their pain.

  4. I am not into sports, but I can understand why athletes in football would definitely be left with lingering pain even after the career is over. I feel it is important to have alternatives to opioids as pain relief , and CBD is opening up more alternatives for people trying to live more natural and healthier lifestyles.

    1. I was really surprised as I was doing the research at the extant that former athletes still have to deal with debilitating pain from the playing days. I agree with you it’s a good thing that CBD is opening up more alternatives for people trying to live more natural and healthier lifestyles.

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