1. I always wanted to buy this Thermacare wraps, but I was not sure if it works and if it is actually good for the pain. I am glad I found this article on this website which explains everything about this wrap. Thanks Thabo for your recommendation.

  2. Hello Thabo,
    The Thermacare Heat Wraps seems to be very effective and practical. I didn’t know that back pain could make someone feeling cold. I was rather looking for something to recommend for my dad as your post caught my eyes. My dad hasn’t got back pain cold, but he gets the back pain – lumbago – from lifting heavy things in a wrong way and such like. Would these Thermacare Heat Wraps be good in this case too, using them till the pain is gone?


    • Hello Pernilla,
      The Thermacare Heat Wraps will keep your dad’s muscles warm and relaxed – warmth lasts for well over the 8 hours for most people. Yes, I think he can use them until the pain is gone.

      Designed to fit your lower back and thin enough to wear discreetly under your clothing, ThermaCare allows you to move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax your tight back muscles. So I think your dad won’t have difficulty using them with his daily activities. Thanks for checking in.


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