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How to Prevent Lower Back Pain Cold

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain Cold

Product: ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip Heat Wraps

Price: $ 50.97

Size: Large-XL

Weight capacity: 2.3 pounds

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What would you do if you were always cold even when it’s a 100 degrees  outside?

I can imagine you looking at me like I’m growing a third  eye. Here’s the deal. Some people with back pain, even in warm weather  where you and I may be drenched in sweat, have a hard time keeping warm. It’s as if the cold has seeped into their  bones never to go away. It’s back pain related cold intolerance. In other words, lower back pain cold.

Woman in a gray and white jacket hugs heater
Woman wearing jacket hugs heater

When Back Pain Gives You Cold Intolerance

I have to admit that I didn’t always appreciate  how difficult it is to live with cold intolerance  as a result of back pain. I will wear short sleeves and my mom, a back pain sufferer, will  be in her sweat pants.  I have to say that  over the years my perspective has definitely  changed. The other day, for example, my mom was lying on the couch but had forgotten to completely cover herself with the nice comfy blanket that I bought for her.  I arrived in time to see her grimace in pain. I knew exactly what was happening. She was having another bout of lower back pain cold.

The Difficulty of Living With Lower Back Pain Cold

When She feels cold on her back, after few minutes it starts to hurt badly. That intense  pain can  make her shake her body. It’s as if someone is rubbing her nerves with ice cubes. The worse part is that when she’s cold like that it will take her a long time to feel warm. This means she’ll have a hard time getting to sleep, and that can only add to her discomfort.

Stop Living with Lower Back Pain Cold

Maybe this isn’t an imaginary  situation for you. Perhaps you have back pain that result in you body  trembling a bit if  the temperature takes a sudden dip, or the so called refreshing night breeze feels more like some one gave you an unwelcome  ice bucket.

You  don’t know what to do. You don’t want to be tied to a heating pad, but you need something for your sore back that will allow you to carry on with your business. You feel desperate.

The Solution to Lower Back Pain Cold

A man wears ThermaCare Heat Wrap on skin
Man Wearing ThermaCare Heat wrap

Here is where ThermaCare Lower Back & Hip Heat Wraps can help. They are designed to fit your lower back and thin enough to wear discreetly under your clothing, ThermaCare allows you to move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax your tight back muscles. This means you’re not stuck in the house  with your heating pad. You can go  and live your life.


Benefits of Back ThermCare Lower Back& Heat Wraps

Thermacare Heat Wraps are specially-designed with patented heat cells that deeply penetrate heat to relax sore, tight muscles. Providing pain relief when needed the most, the long-lasting heat wrap provides up to eight hours of superior heat and pain relief. Includes one large/extra-large lower back and hip heat wraps for a one-time use.


Makes it Practical to Manage Lower Back Cold

The wraps are ultra thin which means they can be worn underclothing. So, for example,  let’s say you work in the woods in cold weather—you can pack some of the wraps in your survival pack and off you go.

If you play golf the ThermaCare  Heat Wraps can also come in handy. This is what  one player stated in a golf forum about using ThermaCare: “ It helped me stay loose.  They are like a disposable heat wrap.  I used to have great difficulty getting loose – I’d need to wear them in 100 degree weather.”

Helpful Portable Heat to Fight  Lower Back Cold

Here is the gist. when you have back pain-related cold intolerance it takes you a long time to warm up no matter what the weather is like. ThermaCare makes it possible for you to feel good so you are not stuck in your house. You can travel without worry and have the peace of mind that you won’t make your condition worse—only better.


  • Patented heat cells get right to the source, to stop pain and accelerate healing
  • Specially designed to fit your back and hip area
  • Enhanced elasticity for a better fit
  • Allows you to move freely while delivering therapeutic heat
  • Portable heat
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing


  • This product can cause burns if not used properly.  If over 55  this means you should wear ThermaCare  over a layer of clothing, not directly against your skin. For most people this is not a big deal, but it is something to think about.
  • You can’t use it while you’re sleeping. However, by that time you would have already be experiencing  relief  from pain as it works for 8 hours.


I recommend the ThermaCare Lower Back  and Hip Heat wraps because I think they are situations  when taking pills doesn’t help deal with lower back pain cold. Oral pain medications have to be ingested and provide relief by working through the bloodstream. ThermaCare provides pain relief by working directly at the site of the pain, relaxing the muscle and increasing local blood flow. Having said that, you should ask a doctor  before use if you have diabetes; poor circulation or heart disease; rheumatoid arthritis; or are pregnant. Do not wear while sleeping.  If you use caution, however,  this product can make it possible for you to enjoy your daily activities  pain free.

Are you tired of begging to head inside the house when everyone is having fun? Take part in the joy                     to get relief from your lower back cold.

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4 thoughts on “How to Prevent Lower Back Pain Cold

  1. I always wanted to buy this Thermacare wraps, but I was not sure if it works and if it is actually good for the pain. I am glad I found this article on this website which explains everything about this wrap. Thanks Thabo for your recommendation.

    1. Hi Anita,
      Thermacare wraps will work up to eight hours to eliminate pain. It’s worth giving them a try.


  2. Hello Thabo,
    The Thermacare Heat Wraps seems to be very effective and practical. I didn’t know that back pain could make someone feeling cold. I was rather looking for something to recommend for my dad as your post caught my eyes. My dad hasn’t got back pain cold, but he gets the back pain – lumbago – from lifting heavy things in a wrong way and such like. Would these Thermacare Heat Wraps be good in this case too, using them till the pain is gone?


    1. Hello Pernilla,
      The Thermacare Heat Wraps will keep your dad’s muscles warm and relaxed – warmth lasts for well over the 8 hours for most people. Yes, I think he can use them until the pain is gone.

      Designed to fit your lower back and thin enough to wear discreetly under your clothing, ThermaCare allows you to move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax your tight back muscles. So I think your dad won’t have difficulty using them with his daily activities. Thanks for checking in.


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