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How to Prevent Golf Back Pain With Aspen Quickdraw Pro Back Brace

How to Prevent Golf Back Pain With Aspen Quickdraw Pro Back Brace

Product:Aspen, Quickdraw PRO, Back Brace

Price: $ 69.99

Size: Medium

Weight capacity:2.4 ounces

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: Check with Company

Rating: 8 out of 10


Imagine this situation. You’re a good golfer, unlike my friend who laments that his swing has gone to shit. “Man Sometimes when I’m swinging that club, I feel like a lame horse who doesn’t know he should be put down”, he curses to himself. “Maybe I’ll just quit for awhile”, he says.

You on the other hand are a pretty good golfer, maybe not top PGA but good enough to be playing in an upcoming tournament. It’s a really big deal to you…It’s your masters. However, you’re dealing with a strained lower back.

You are Doing Your Warmups

You know all about the importance of stretching before taking a swing, the same way you warm up your car in cold weather , and that’s exactly what you  do every time as a routine You are also using heat and cold, and you’re feeling a lot better. However, your back still hurts and you need to be ready for your big moment.

You need support for your back, but you don’t want to be so stiff that you’ll feel like a mummy.

Man Wearing Aspen QuickDraw Back Brace Under Tee Shirt
How to Wear Your Aspen QuickDraw Back Brace

You need a back brace that is light and supportive yet allows  you to freely twist and turn.


A Man, With Bare Back, Shows How to Adjust Aspen QuickDraw Back Brace
How to Adjust Your Aspen QuickDraw Back Brace

Benefits of Back Brace for Golf Pain

Wearing a belt while playing golf can help reduce over-extension of the lower back, which is often associated  with causing golf back pain.  I know what you’re thinking. You’d never be caught dead in one of those ugly stiff corset. Not to worry. I’m talking about a brace that provides stability while you perform your normal activities like walking or bending. What I’m talking about and what you need is a brace that will simply limit an access of spinal movement  so your back will get a chance to heal.

You need a brace that will bear part of the load to take stress off the  lower back. You need a brace that will allow you to finish 18 holes of golf without pain.

The Aspen, Quickdraw PRO, Back Brace is a  brace with you in mind.  As a golf player you might be aware of how golf legend Payne Stewart used a brace for  back support. He didn’t want  his swing to be restricted  by  pain  that would come  as a result of constantly  moving his body.  At the same time he wanted a brace that was a perfect fit for his body.

I imagine that you have the same concern. Well, the Quickdraw Pro  brilliantly addresses the issue.

Its patented tightening system allows you to tighten the upper and lower area independently to get the perfect fit.  This tightening system is ideal for golfers such as yourself because they can adjust the tightness of the brace to allow them to swing freely. You will also find the perfect fit for your body shape.

See How it Works

You Won’t look like You’re Wearing a Brace

As a golfer you know how the slightest thing can be an annoying distraction. You’re setting up for your shot and some nitwit decides it’s the prefect time to try his brand new camera. The only  thing worse than some guy  with a camera fixation is some neat freak starring at you because you’re wearing a brace that’s too bulky and is noticeable under your clothing.  No such worry with the Aspen back brace. It’s slim fitting and easy to hide. You can also wear it hours at a time because it’s made of material that won’t irritate your skin.

Who  Else Can Use The Aspen Quickdraw Pro Back Brace

  • Caregivers. Wearing the brace  belt protects their lower back and lower abdomen from injury during tasks such as pulling patients from the bed.
  • People who can’t walk or stand without support
  • Anyone who does outdoor work that involves  a lot of twisting
  • People with  spinal stenosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The result being that their back always  bothers them.
  • Any one with with continued, deep, crippling back pain

Product Features

  • In-elastic materials and 4 to 1 mechanically advantaged tightening system for effective compression
  • Independent upper and lower tightening system for a precise fit
  • Backed by clinical research


  • Upper and lower tightening system for ideal fit
  • Suitable for different body shapes
  • Slim fitting design, unnoticeable  under clothing
  • Won’t irritate the skin
  • Has clinical studies proving effectiveness
  • Comes in 7 Sizes
  • Black and white Colors


  • Some people complain that it won’t stay in place, but those are few



If you want to know how to play 18 holes of golf with a strained back  you came to the right place. The Aspen quickdraw back brace has been well reviewed by not just golfers, but ordinary people who are looking for  a non-intrusive brace that will allow them to engage in rigors  daily activities. So, for example, you  wearing  it during your  spring cleanup chores involving raking, pruning, and heavier lifting and dragging will  eliminate added strain on your back muscles. I recommend the Aspen quickdraw back brace because  it helps so many people. It has even  helped that friend  of mine who complained that his swing had gone to shit. He hit 18 holes of golf with no problem. Amazing what supporting your back can do.

How long are you going to cut your golf game short because  of back pain?                       to stop the pain and complete those 18 holes.  You’ll feel great.

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