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How to Have an Awesome VLog That Stops Falls

How to Have an Awesome VLog That Stops Falls

The best advice I ever heard about blog writing was from phenomenal blogger Chris Brogan who said:

“Forget about finding  your voice. Find a solution to someone’s problem”.

Want to know more?

This is how he puts it. Imagine that you’re in the mood to buy Thai food.

Tips About VLog
A Plate of Thai Food

You go in and the service isn’t that great, maybe it even sucks.  But….

Tips About Vlog
Woman Enjoying Cup of Coffee

You may never go back to that restaurant, but you did get the Thai food  that you wanted. Problem solved.

Here’s Something to Think About:

You go to another  another restaurant. The customer  service  is first rate, the ambience is fantastic, and the place is clean enough  to make Chef Ramsay  proud. However..

Tips About VLog
Angry Woman Wants her Thai Food.

They don’t have Thai Food. No one there has a clue as to what Thai food is. No one has an answer to your problem.

This got me thinking about posts that I have written that have specific  information on how you can prevent an elderly parent from falling. So here is how to have an awesome vlog that stops falls.

Let’s jump in

Home Tech That Prevents Falling

Falls are a leading cause of injuries and injury-related deaths in people over 65 years of age [1]

This is why WiGait is a home tech that remains one of my favorite discoveries. Why?

It offers a solution to a very devastating problem—how to prevent an elderly parent  from falling when he or she is along in the house. This is a big relief if you are someone who is constantly worried about your mom,  dad, or  another older relative  taking a fall that they may not survive?

Here is The Deal:

Falls occur mostly in dynamic conditions [3]. This means in order to prevent someone from falling you need the ability to assess if there is instability  in their  gait and if that instability  puts them at risk of taking a life ending fall.

This is why  I was absolutely blown  away by the genius and compassion of WiGait.

Here is how WiGait works:

WiGait, a wall-mounted device is the size of a small painting,  measures  the walking speeds of multiple people. This means if mom or dad are constantly missing a step or steps when they move, that can be detected and fixed in time to stop a fall.

Want to Know The Best Part?

WiGait is designed to use about one-hundredth the amount of radiation of a typical smartphone. So if dad or mom is the kind that worries about all that radiation that we are getting from our technology, they can relax. And you will too.

Making Your House Fall Proof

Helping people transform unsafe spaces into healthy places for the elderly is one of my passions. After all, I am a caregiver for a mom who suffers from chronic back pain and has problem with balance. Making sure she feels safe is something that I constantly work at.

Unsafe physical environment may include poorly designed stairs, uneven ground, slippery surfaces, tripping hazards, lack of illumination, and absence of grab bars. That said,  many seniors need to overcome their  fear of falling. Fear of falling can cause them to stop doing and that can lead to stop living. We don’t want that for mom and dad. Thus, you should  make your home safer and that will lead to more confidence. More confidence means less fear.


Using Tai Chi to Prevent Falling

Yinong Chong, PhD, instructor at the Traditional Chinese Culture Institute International in Bethesda, Maryland, refers to Tai Chi as being “like a walking meditation”. [5]

Remember our discussion about WiGait above? We made the point that the elderly  can sometimes miss a step or two when walking and that  can result in a fall. Tai Chi helps prevent falls because as Dr. Chong explains: “you practice slowing down and balancing, so you don’t get ahead of yourself when you’re moving.” [6]. This results in no miss steps. This results in no falls.   So if your mom or dad needs to find a solution that slows their  steps and gives them a more fluid way to move that will ensure more stability in their gait, Tai Chi seems like a great option.

How Not to Land on Your Ass in The Bathroom

One of the things that my mom, a back pain sufferer, looks forward to everyday is taking a warm soothing bath. So I can easily believe that bathing is described by older adults as an important and meaningful activity. My mom always talks about  the pleasure and relaxation that she derives from bathing.

That said, one of the most common reasons for bathing disability is fear of getting stuck in the bath or slipping and getting into or leaving the bathing position. One great solution, in addition  to grab bars, is the bath seat.  What I liked about this mobility aid is that it eliminated the fear of going to use your own bathroom without someone helping you. In a word, it gave the elderly bathroom independence. I think that’s an amazing thing.

Become More Secure With a Security Pole

One of the questions that I get asked a lot about mobility aids is whether they are meant to support the entire weight of an individual  or  just meant meant to help achieve steadiness?

Some will support the entire weight of an individual but others like The Security Pole are not intended to carry the full weight of an individual. This product is only intended to provide balance and support while sitting and standing. Nevertheless, I feel this mobility  aid plays an important role in the mission of fall prevention.  It provides easy transfer from sitting position to standing, and that can  boost confidence and take away the fear of falling. I think that’s a very actionable solution.


I hope you enjoyed this vlog about preventing falls. Each video addressed a solution to the problem of elderly balance and risk of falling. You should now have a very comprehensive view on the topic and actionable solutions.

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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

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6 thoughts on “How to Have an Awesome VLog That Stops Falls

  1. Hello Thabo,

    The videos are an excellent addition to your written content. I can much better understand how to use the tools and how to perform the Tai Chi exercises when having seen it all presented in the videos.

    The WiGait technology sounds to be very practical and I believe there will many more such inventions made in the future. Making the house fall proof is another very wise decision where elderly people live, and it is a very easy and non-expensive measure. Tai Chi is my favourite fall prevention for the elderly people – exercises are the most healthy and worthwhile thing to do, it promotes the blood circulation, keeps the brain fit, and helps to improve the balance.

    It’s always a pleasure to read your articles. You’re doing a great job spreading the word on how to help elderly people living a comfortable and safe life.


    1. Hello Pernilla,
      I’m glad that you enjoyed my Vlog post on how to prevent falls with the elderly. I think the Vlog if not overused can provide an opportunity to make a good synthesis of all the different aspects of a topic and give the reader a lot of good information at one seating. Thanks for checking in.

  2. These are excellent ways to help with the problem of falling in the elderly. I am very interested in learning more about Wigait. This would be a wonderful addition to a home of someone who needs to be safe at home. Measuring the speed of a person’s gait in such an unobtrusive way is a great way to prevent falls in the elderly.
    You have given some great ways to help stop falls in the elderly in this article. I also like using grab bars. These are so important to have especially in the bathroom.
    Thanks so much for covering this very important issue so effectively and completely.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      It’s always nice to hear from you. I’m really happy you found my tips addressing the problem of falling in the elderly helpful. As for WiGait, I agree with you that it’s an awesome break through when it comes to preventing falls in the elderly. The inventors of WiGait presented an earlier version of WiGait, designed to predict health problems and falls among the elderly, to President Obama back in 2015. The update uses similar technology, but broadens the scope.

      The WiGait isn’t on the market yet, and there’s no telling when, or if, it will be. However, I think because of the promises it present to be a game changing break through that goes beyond what something like FitBit can offer, it will eventually go on the market. I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know when that occurs. Thanks for checking in.


  3. I can relate to your article very well, I have my own balance issues off and on over the past ten years. I am only 59 years old, but I have had balance problems since in my mid-thirties. I have found Tai Chi to be one of the best ways to maintain my balance the past few years, you can benefit from just 10-15 minutes of Tai Chi per day. I usually do my Tai Chi firs thing in the morning for 10-15 minutes and then again in the evening about the same amount of time.

    I highly recommend Tai Chi

    1. Hello Jeff,
      Thank you sharing your feedback on Tai Chi as one of the best ways to learn how to maintain balance. I think Tai Chi is becoming more and more accepted not only as an alternative therapy to address balance problems and prevent falls, but also as therapy that may make medical therapy work better. It’s a well accepted fact by most doctors that most medical procedures add stress to the body and anything that can lessen that stress is helpful in speeding recovery or eliminating anxiety. So Tai Chi is one of those rear alternative therapy or exercise program that is encouraged buy both medical and non-medical professionals as a good way to maintain health. I strongly agree with your recommendation. Thanks for checking in.

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