1. JohannHR

    Having played as a goalkeeper in Primer League in handball (I think it´s called Team handball in the USA) I know what ankle pain is and you can keep going to train and play using some help method. Even so, you need to be careful too.
    I like this ankle brace, seems to be very comfortable compared with the things I had used. But because of that, movement of the ankle is critical. That is was I want to ask, can you use the ankle close to normal when you move the foot (in front of the ball!).

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Johann,

      Overall, the Zamst A2-DX ankle brace is an excellent option for those looking to return to activity, but want something that will prevent them primarily from rolling their ankles inward or outward. This means is a bit heavy duty because it’s meant to address the early stages of ankle sprain when you need your ankle to stay in place as you move.

       If you want the most lateral support possible while still being able to run, then  this one of the best ankle braces for soccer. It’s designed to enable you to use your ankle as close to normal when you move your foot in front of the ball. If you look at the video  of how to put on the brace, you’l see that the front of the foot is not affected. It’s all about stabilizing the ankle. Feel free to contact me should you have anymore questions. If you give it a try, let me know how you it works for you.

  2. Jackie

    Last week I had a pair of platform sandals on and fell off of them and twisted my ankle. It was SO painful. For the next week I could barely put weight on it. I wish I would have known about this then. But you can be sure I won’t forget should it happen again. Brilliant, valuable information. Thank you!

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Jackie,

      Yes, platform sandals look nice but can increase the risk of ankle sprain. During the healing period, I definetly recommend a brace  like the A2-DX.

      What about after? If you still want to wear sandals I would go with ones that have  built in support like the Spenco Women’s Yumi Flip Flop or most styles by Vionic. Some people have also suggested the Sole brand. The important thing, after you are completely healed, is to continue to get support even when wearing flip flops or sandals. Stay healthy and have a fantastic summer. Always feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

  3. Primo Perez

    I constantly suffer from ankle discomfort especially after a long walk or jogging session. I have used other products but I usually do not receive the support that I need. This would be defiantly something I would consider in order to keep moving. Thank you so much for presenting this product.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Primo,

      I like the fact that the A2-DX does not limit your range of  forward motion, but reduces the risk of rolling your ankle. This means it will keep you stable while you walk but won’t interfere with your stride. Feel free to contact me with should you have any questions.

  4. Seadals

    Oh my God!
    I am so glad I found this On time. It’s such a timely post. You can’t believe I already made up my mind on going for a conventional ankle brace tomorow because it was recommended it could help me get on my form quick enough and also prevent further injury to the ankle. I am now sure that may not be the best option any more.
    I will have to try the Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace. Thanks so much for this!

    • Hi Seadals,
      One observation that I often like to remind people of when it comes to muscle recovery is this: If your body is not healing, it’s breaking. What I like about the Zamst A2-Dx Ankle Brace is all the ways it stops your body from breaking so it can heal. This brace has so many specs and technology to ensure that your ankle is rightly aligned. The X-Strap stabilizers provide extensive support with its three ways anterior, medial and lateral support. Also, the Exo-Grid keeps your ankle firmly stabilized and aligned.

      As I have also pointed out, the Zamst A2-Dx is perfect for top impact activities, including sports such as basketball and soccer. Although it will stop some of your ankle movement, it will have you feeling safe and secure, which is required during active recovery. I think in many ways it’s more effective in helping you recover faster than a conventional ankle brace. Let me know what you think of it.

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