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How to Get Your Best Run in The Heat

How to Get Your Best Run in The Heat

Product: Camel Bak 2016 Dart Hydration Pack
Price: $60.00
Cheapest Place to Buy

Rating: 8 out of 10


How to Get Your Best Run in The Heat

How to get your best run in the heat is something that you may not think about until it’s too late. Imagine it’s early in the morning and it’s very humid and warm. You are adequately hydrated before your run, but it’s a long run. Everything is going well for awhile, but half way through the run you become sluggish, get cramps, and have to slowly walk the rest of the way in pain. What happened? You didn’t take into account how much fluids you were going to lose.

Tips on staying hydrated in the heat
How to stay hydrated in the heat

Your Run Sucks When You Run OutDoors

Some people like alternating outdoor running with running on the treadmill. In fact, they might notice that they make nice gains when running on the treadmill but feel their  outdoor running is embarrassingly bad. In a word, it sucks. There’s often a simple reason for that—inadequate hydration.

Tips on drinking water to fight dehydration
Drinking water to fight dehydration

Most People Make Sure They  Have Enough Water When They Work Out on a Treadmill

If they didn’t bring enough, they  can easily  get access to water in most gyms. However, they may not use the same care when running out doors. The thought of carrying water on a run just seems way too inconvenient. But then they pay the price. They become short of breath, light headed, and are hit with a massive sense of “dumbness” for not preparing for the possibility  of dehydration.

So what’s the solution that can provide hydration with convenience?

Here is where the Camel Bak 2016 Dart Hydration Pack comes in.


The compact and lightweight dart is a favorite pack among runners because it’s very comfortable and has a simple design.

The harness is equipped with 2 compression straps, a stretch mesh for stashing gels, so you can refuel and hydrate without slowing down, and a slider sternum strap.

The back pane with AC air channels and individual foam pods allows for a nice air flow to keep your back cool. Back and front reflectivity keeps you visible on evening and morning runs.

The pack has a fillable bladder reservoir with a tube that links to a valve for drinking.

It has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap for a safe snug fit. On the back of the pack there are 2 zippered pockets, one with a key clip and mesh insert.

Features of Camel bak 2016 Dart hydration pack

  • A favorite among runners, this compact and lightweight pack is redesigned with more support and more compression.
  • Key pack specs: back and front reflectivity, key clip, essential pockets
  • Antidote reservoir specs: simple close/open cap, low-profile design, lightweight fill port, and patented big bite valve.
  • Designed to carry phone, ultra-light shell, energy bar, trail map, keys and energy bar
  • Reflective parts
  • Expandable 3L cargo compartment
  • Font harness pocket
  • Slider sternum strap
  • AC air channel back panel


  • This pack contains pockets clip and a pocket for your keys, so you would not have to wear a fuel belt as well.
  • It has a bite control device, which means you easily bite the area and then suck the water out.
  • It has a simple-to-open cap, which means you wouldn’t spend much time  trying to get it open while maintaining your pace.
  • A redesign of this pack means it has an amazing hardness and more compression than prior models.
  • It can grip fifty ounces of water, so it is a perfect substitute to the larger ultra-marathon packs out there.
  • Both the back and the front have some reflective material as a safety benefit.
  • You can switch the hose clip to whatever side you would rather use it on.
  • There is a bigger mesh pocket added right on the harness just for your power gels, so you will be capable to reach them without stopping.
  • It does not slide or shift around when you are running.


  • Bigger-sized runners will find this version pretty snug, if it fits at all.
  • A bit on the costly side for the amount of water it carries. However most runners feel the price, $59.00, is worth it because they  like the fact that the whole hose can be disconnected from the camel bak. Some other hydration packs require  that you  remove  entire set up just to refill the bladder.

The Camel Bak 2016 Dart hydration pack provides several advantages compared with hydration bottle and other substitute.  It  offers good support to keep your hand free and stop you from carrying anything.

Also, just imagine  if you  are a rider who has a suspension bike with just  a bottle cage—contrary to many believes, runners do use other modes of transportation other than feet. Any way, It’s clear it is going to be a hard thing to fit. Camel Bak will give you  convenience and comfort required for a smooth and long ride.

Why Should You Consider Buying The Camel Bak 2016 Dart Hydration Pack?

Good hydration, for reasons illustrated above, is very important for endurance. In a nutshell, good hydration helps to improve your personal safety and fitness. Using a water bottle is less convenient compared to the comfort of a hydration pack. If you have a big   outdoor activity such as a marathon or hiking this is something that you should definitely consider.

It’s a simple matter. You will drink more with less difficulty than if you have none. The hydration back is about two to three liter size.

Stop Wasting Time and Improve Your Speed

Guess the time you waste when you stop to open, drink and lock the bottle before you put it back in whatever you are carrying. This hydration pack will keep your time and waste none of it.

The Hydration Pack lightly Distributes Weight

The bladder  distributes the water lightly across the back. This makes it simple for you to carry and move quickly without discomfort.  Some people who may have read my other posts, know that I also have a big interest in the area of back pain. Well, one of the causes of back pain is muscle imbalance. I was happy to learn that the design of Camel Bak pack distributes water across your back in such a way  that the weight is evenly balanced.


How Do You Stop The Sloshing?

You would cap the bladder. You would then tip it upside down and get the air out. Here is a good demonstration as how this is done.



Now you know how to get your best run in the heat by using a good hydration pack, let me share with you one more important tip:

To get even better results, you’ll also want to use a sports watch that will remind you to take a sip—lets say every 30 minutes. You might think this is an overkill, but when you run a long distance it’s easy to get in the zone and not pay attention to anything but the road ahead of you. After all, you have your hydration pack. This is fine if your distance is 3 or 4 miles. You can probably  get away with drinking when you get the urge—in essence playing “catch up”.

If you are running something like 10 miles, you don’t want to play catch up with your hydration. You want to hydrate your body to match the amount of fluids you are losing. This may mean drinking every half hour whether you feel the urge or not. Something worth looking at is a good sports watch that  maybe give some kind of ping to remind you it’s time to drink.



have a safe run in the heat.


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12 thoughts on “How to Get Your Best Run in The Heat

  1. Definitely a great idea, I haven’t thought about the differences about running inside and outside and dehydration it makes a difference when running and I think that this makes easier all the process of carrying and drinking water while running.

    Just I have a quick question, does the extra weight affects in any way the running?

    And another thing that it makes me curious is if you feel the movement of the water while you run or if its designed in a way that it doesn’t feel?

    Overall I think that is great product and it’s worth to give it a try.

    1. Hi Marioalca,
      This version of the Camel Bak is light weight and designed not to inhibit your running. As for the sloshing, here is a tip that will stop it. Cap the bladder. After that, tip it upside down and get that air out. After that you should be okay. Your question is so relevant that I have decided to go back and include a video that shows how one should do this. Thanks for the helpful feedback.

  2. I do not like running on a treadmill so this makes perfect sense to me. There is a huge difference when I am in the gym regarding my hydration versus when I am outside. It is so much easier to carry a water bottle around a gym. I do not like carrying a water bottle while I run and as a matter of fact, I do not like drinking much. Being able to sip water and have it readily available without having to carry it would certainly be beneficial. Thanks for the tip!

    1. The Camel Bak will certainly help if you want to be able to sip water and have it readily available without having to carry it. I also take your other point that everyone is unique. Some people may need more fluids than you, others may need less. The important thing is to maintain a healthy level of hydration when running in the heat. Here is a tip that may help you know if that’s the case. It’s the color of your urine.

      The color of your urine should be similar to the color of lemonade. Urine that is dark (like iced tea) or approaches an amber color is a signal that you are dehydrated and need to drink fluids. Urine that is clear like water means you are over hydrated.

  3. looks a lot more comfortable for jogging than holding a water bottle in your hand. I agree, the price is a bit steep. considering there are cheaper alternative that can performs the same function

    1. Hello Oneil,
      For the average person the Camel Bak Dart hydration pack might be steep, but a lot of runners and walkers who go long distances swear by it. They find it more effective than similar cheaper products. I guess the best way to explain it is the difference between a high end running shoe and an average priced one. For everyday running one needs not spend a lot of money on a running shoe. However, if one puts in lot of milage, 6 to 10 miles, than a cheaper shoe might not give them the stability they need. That could easily result in an ankle sprain. I hope that helps answer your question. Thanks for checking in.

  4. You bring up a good point on hydration – especially when running outside. I hadn’t thought about the difference of running on a treadmill and the outside…I am not much of a runner at best.
    I like walking…and outside is my preferred arena, and I think that walking needs hydration just as well.
    Thanks for this review.

    1. Hello Orion,
      You are welcome, Orion.
      I think that most people believe that because they are walking they don’t need to worry about hydration. However, as you point out that is a mistake. Dehydration on a very hot day can sneak on you rather quickly, and older people in particular may not be aware that they are dehydrated until they start experiencing dizzy spells. It’s best not to wait until the problem of dehydration occurs. Thanks for checking in.

  5. I am not a runner myself (health issues) But my sister is. She has been running for years 5 to 7 miles a day. She is coming to visit next month and would love to get her a late birthday present. This seems like it would make perfect sense for her. Does the water get heated up by the body? I know right now she uses a thermal bottle because she likes cold water. I am concerned at how warm the water would get this close to the body. Thank you for the help.

    1. Hi Christina,
      The water will get heated up by the body to some extent. There is a way to keep the water cool. You cut a thin board that will be between the bladder and the body. Here is a youtube link that shows how you would do it should you be interested.

      I hope this helps. thanks for checking in.


  6. They never had things like this in my running days. I sure wish they had.
    It is so important to keep hydrated.

    1. Hello Lawrence,
      I agree with you.The Camel Bak Dart hydration pack is great way for runners to ensure that they don’t suddenly find themselves dehydrated in the middle of a run. This can lead not only to cramps but heat exhaustion that will result in more pain. The Camel Bak Dart hydration pack is also great for preventing dehydration problems with the elderly whose symptoms for dehydration may be harder to detect, and that can lead to serious medical issues. Thanks for checking in.

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