1. Marioalca

    Definitely a great idea, I haven’t thought about the differences about running inside and outside and dehydration it makes a difference when running and I think that this makes easier all the process of carrying and drinking water while running.

    Just I have a quick question, does the extra weight affects in any way the running?

    And another thing that it makes me curious is if you feel the movement of the water while you run or if its designed in a way that it doesn’t feel?

    Overall I think that is great product and it’s worth to give it a try.

    • Hi Marioalca,
      This version of the Camel Bak is light weight and designed not to inhibit your running. As for the sloshing, here is a tip that will stop it. Cap the bladder. After that, tip it upside down and get that air out. After that you should be okay. Your question is so relevant that I have decided to go back and include a video that shows how one should do this. Thanks for the helpful feedback.

  2. R. Freeman

    I do not like running on a treadmill so this makes perfect sense to me. There is a huge difference when I am in the gym regarding my hydration versus when I am outside. It is so much easier to carry a water bottle around a gym. I do not like carrying a water bottle while I run and as a matter of fact, I do not like drinking much. Being able to sip water and have it readily available without having to carry it would certainly be beneficial. Thanks for the tip!

    • The Camel Bak will certainly help if you want to be able to sip water and have it readily available without having to carry it. I also take your other point that everyone is unique. Some people may need more fluids than you, others may need less. The important thing is to maintain a healthy level of hydration when running in the heat. Here is a tip that may help you know if that’s the case. It’s the color of your urine.

      The color of your urine should be similar to the color of lemonade. Urine that is dark (like iced tea) or approaches an amber color is a signal that you are dehydrated and need to drink fluids. Urine that is clear like water means you are over hydrated.

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