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How to Gain Your Bathroom Privacy With Mobility Aids

How to Gain Your Bathroom Privacy With Mobility Aids

How to gain your bathroom privacy with mobile aids may be a difficult thing to talk about. However, it will be a lot less humiliating  than having someone wipe your bottom.

I mean think about it. What could be more  an example of dependency than having to ask for help to clean yourself after going to the toilet. Yet this may be the case if your back injury is so bad that it requires  someone to perform hygiene  tasks for you.

I’ll Manage to Will Myself to The Bathroom

Okay, you have a lot of will power and maybe you might find a way of making your way to the toilet and sitting down. Consider this story of a woman who had problem with her balance but didn’t ask for help.” In the bathroom, she was able to sit down and get up from the toilet, although she needed to hold onto the sink for balance. Another time, her hand slipped off the sink, which caused her to lose her balance and fall. After she fell, she was unable to get up from the bathroom floor.”[1]

The last thing that you need, especially when suffering from back pain, is to lie a long time on the bathroom floor.

Injuries Getting on and off The Toilet

According to the New York Times, “More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering. More than 14 percent occur while using the toilet.” [2]

Taking Back Your Dignity

Enabling yourself to use the toilet involves more than just ‘doing the task”. It reinforces  your belief  that you are in control of providing the best quality of life for you. I mean you don’t actually say”I have a great quality of life because I’m able to go to the bathroom by myself—that would be weird.

That said, yeah you would say your quality of life sucks if you didn’t have the independence to do go the bathroom by yourself.

Talk About a Kick in Your Self Dignity

Well, here’s the good news. I have a list of products that will help maintain your privacy in the bathroom.  No more humiliating  trip to the bathroom.

Here We Go

  1. Grab Bars.  These are available in a wide variety of lengths and styles. When installing grab bars, be sure they are the appropriate length and diameter for your needs and are placed where they will offer the most support. Installing grab bars around the toilet  is a good way to make sure you don’t fall. You can also place them by the shower or tub just to add extra  security.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are hospitalized.

They go on to say:

Injuries might be reduced through environmental modifications, such as putting non-slip strips in the tub or shower and adding grab bars inside and outside the tub or shower to reduce falls, and installing grab bars next to the toilet for added support if needed [2]

A good option are the Chrome plated Knurled grab bars.

They are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas

You can use the bars in the kitchen along stairways, or in the laundry room for additional fall prevention.Security Poles. I covered security poles in an earlier post about standing aids. Here is the big difference between grab bars and security or supporting poles. Unlike the grab-bar-style wall-mounted support, a support pole can be installed anywhere there is a floor and ceiling, including the middle of the room, to provide support exactly where you need it.

2) Security Pole. By holding onto the pole at a comfortable level, you can use your arm strength for balance and support as you seat yourself on the toilet or get into or out of the tub.

Man using security pole to lift himself up from toilet seat
How to lift yourself up from toilet using security pole

3)  Toilet Seat Frame.  You might also want to consider toilet safety frames. These are arm rests on either side of the toilet  that can act as a guide for sitting and as a push-off point. For added stability, look for a model that is secured to the toilet with bolts.  This is a perfect solution for anyone hating to ask for help sitting on the toilet. These arm rests will give you the independence you need since the arms can be adjusted to be right next to the toilet.


I recommend the Padded Raised Toilet Seat / Safety Frame / Commode (74654) – Eagle Health Supplies

A big selling point is that is has multi functions  which means it can save you a lot of money and space from needing multiple pieces of equipment.Specifically, it has:

•COMMODE: With the Commode Pail installed, it functions as a bedside commode.

•RAISED TOILET SEAT/SAFETY FRAME: With the Splash Guard installed, it becomes a raised toilet seat with a built-in safety frame.

•PADDED SHOWER CHAIR: With the the Splash Guard removed, it becomes a height-adjustable shower chair with comfortable padded seat.


Going to the bathroom in your own house should not be something your fear or feel humiliated  about. It’s time to regain your privacy and dignity.  on these products   and you will once again be able to go to your bathroom without assistance and be safe.

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  1. When we had to buy the handle bars for the bathroom of my grandma, I was searching for some articles and came across this site. I’m glad I did. I got to know about the Chrome plated Knurled grab bars and bought them. Thanks for your detailed article.

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      The Chrome plated grab bars are very good mobility aids that prevent falling in the bath room. I’m glad you bought them for your grandma. Let me know how they work out. Thanks for checking in.

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