1. Rose

    This is a very helpful post as it addresses a serious issue effecting almost everyone. We all have elderly parents that at one time or other will have mobility issues when it comes to safely taking a shower. A bath seat seems like a great solution. That said, are there elderly people who should not use a bath seat?

    • That’s a great question, Rose.

      Generally, If a senior has difficulty stepping into or out of a bathtub or shower, they may require more support for this transfer than can be provided with a bath chair.
      They may need a bathroom product for the elderly such as a shower board, shower bench, or bathtub lift. They may also benefit from bathroom grab bars. Everything dependence on just how bad their balance is and how much help they need to regain stability.

  2. Penelope

    I think this post is a great reminder that most accidents at home happen in the bathroom. I think a bath seat is an effective way of giving people with mobility issues the confidence to stay in their own home. I have used a bath seat for my elderly mom who always dreaded taking a shower because she feared she may fall. Another good potion to make the bath room more safe it the shower grab bar. Having something to hold onto while taking a shower not only helps with balance, but it also alleviates some of the pressure that standing can put on the back. What other options are you aware off to ensure safety in the bath room for people with mobility issues?

    • Hi Penelope,
      Thanks for your question. Here are two suggestions that often work well with a bath seat.
      Hand-held shower head. A shower that’s equipped with a chair is made even more convenient when there’s a hand-held shower head. With both of these items, a person with chronic back pain can perform almost the entire shower from a seated position.
      Slip-proof mat. Even with the added comfort of a grab bar and chair, chronic back pain sufferers often feel unsteady on their feet. For this reason, it is important to line the tub with a slip-proof mat in order to prevent a fall.

  3. Jennifer

    When my mother still lived at home with very bad back pain, we used a bath seat to make it easier for her to take a shower. It worked great because there was no worry about her slipping and falling. You just sit the person in the chair and it lowers them into a bathing position in the tub. Before that she was anxious about taking a shower. I command you for this really useful post. It’s a shame that more and more people, between chronic pain and old age, feel unsafe in their homes and yet want independence. I think it’s humiliating for them to have to ask for help with something as intimate as taking a bath. With the bath seat, that stigma goes away because they can bathe themselves.

    I know my mom appreciated having more control when it came to bathing.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      A bathtub chair can make all the difference for preventing falls for the elderly. I think this is important in giving elderly and chronic pain sufferers a sense of independence and control when it comes to bathing issues at home.They are helpful for people that tire easily and need to sit down frequently.
      They are also necessary for people that have issues with balance, leg strength and cannot stand for long. Overall, I think they provide a great relief and service for mobility challenged seniors and pain sufferers. I’m glad that the bath seat was able to help your mom.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to restore dignity to the elderly or chronic pain sufferer who wishes to live an independent life, especially when it comes to such issues, as you point out,as bathing. I think a bath seat goes a long way in not only providing a safer bathroom but also gives back a sense of control. Not only control of body but also control of time. Having a bath seat allows a person to bathe anytime they wish without the need for someone to be in the house. They don’t have to adjust their schedule to meet others time table. I think this is a big psychological high. A big dose of self-esteem.

  4. mike

    What an ingenious design! Is this your idea? If so congrats. I could not even imagine having to depend on someone to be present during my bath time. And I am sure it certainly is an inconvenience for the person who has to show up, especially if it were 5:00 in the morning!! I really like the idea of padded armrests and seat, and the fact that the height is adjustable. Quite a few pros and only one con…I like that. I would be comfortable using this product. I may even consider the purchase of one for my elderly mother

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Mike,

      No it’s not my design, but I’m a caregiver  for a mother who sufferers from chronic pain. I have become aware of the need for pain sufferers to have more control over their  home. I think this is important in helping them feel that they are not prisoners to their  pain. Also, I have a friend whose elderly mother  dreaded taking a shower because she feared falling. However after getting a shower chair the fear was gone, and now she enjoys her daily showers. This story  and my own experience with my mom inspired me to find out about the shower chair. If you purchase the shower chair, let me know how it goes. Feedback from readers such as yourself can only help others. 



  5. Ciara

    I can really see this bath seat coming in handy for one of my family members with chronic back pain. I also like how it is easy to clean and is very water-resistant as well. Feeling safe in the shower is very important for a healthy well-being. I will recommend your website to my family members. Thank you for sharing your post.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Ciara,

      Thanks so much for your feedback.  Indeed, feeling safe  in the shower is,  as  you  said,  is very important for a healthy well-being. I am becoming more aware as a caregiver for a mom suffering  from back pain of the emotional boast that having more control over your environment, especially home, can give you. 

  6. Hello Thabo,
    This is a very interesting and helpful article, This chair would be a big help for my mother which suffers from back pain many years now. I think she will find much easier and comfortable to have a shower with the help of this bath seat.
    I think I will let her give it a try and I will let you know.
    Thanks again for sharing and I will ask you something. This bath chair is easy to put it in your shower cabin and take it off after if needed?
    Have a good day

    • Hi Christina,
      It’s easy to remove the back of the chair and convert it to just a stool for easier storage if need be, and then to reattach the back when using again. It’s also very easy to clean and has polyurethane padding that never absorbs water, so it won’t slide on you. Overall, most users who have gotten the chair for their parents seemed pleased with it. Thanks for checking the post. I wish your mom well.

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