1. Hi Thabo,

    I am always learning healthy tips and valuable information from you.

    In the last couple of years, I am finding myself bending forward more and more doing my tasks. Especially so when working with a laptop and washing the dishes. These two are the most noticeable. I am sure there are others which I am not aware of. Lately, my daughter has even told me, “mom, sit up straight” over the dinner table. Really?! I am beginning to get very concerned about my condition. Not too sure if this is what you called rounded shoulders but I am very mindful nowadays in correcting my body posture making sure it is aligned properly. At least, as much as I can.

    Thanks for your useful information.


  2. Wow! Thank you for a very helpful article about rounded shoulders! And thank you for all the explanation with pictures to help me understand all the technical terms about our body. As someone who is not scientifically inclined, it is very very very helpful.

    I like how you show us what rounded shoulders would look like. And how we should actually look like with the right posture. I am going to check my posture now.

    And should I need it, I will do those exercises, too. Oh, one question – if I do not have rounded shoulders, would it be all right to do the exercises anyway?

    • Hi Tim,
      These are preventive measures , to the extent possible, stop rounded shoulders. Thus, I would say they would benefit anyone who wants to know how to fix rounded shoulders or prevent it. That said, the best way to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of not having rounded shoulders is to pay attention to your posture and understand the nature of muscle imbalance. This means, for example, not wearing shoulder bags. Shoulder bags in time overwork one set of muscles and in the process weaken the other because your weight is not evenly distributed. You should also never continue with any exercise that leaves you in pain. Everyone’s body is different. You can always substitute one exercise for another. The important thing is to keep good posture, a strong core, and avoid muscle imbalance. If you do those things you’ll avoid most conditions or problems related to posture deviations such as rounded shoulders. I hope this helps.

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