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How to fix Bad Posture by Wearing A Shirt

How to Fix Bad Posture by Wearing A shirt

Product: AlignMed Posture Shirt

Price: $95.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: Check with Vendor

Rating: 9 out of 10


This post was inspired by a friend  who needed a posture correcting shirt to stop his back pain. More about the product a little later. first, here is the story that made me seek an answer to my friend’s problem.

A Welder in Need of Back Pain Relief

My friend Chuck thinks computers are demonic devices designed to make his life miserable. You see, he is a welder and for a long time he had no problem getting good jobs based on word of mouth. Chuck was as comfortable using heat  and metal as a great sculptor is using stone and chisel.

He could meticulously take rusted, jammed, ball busting, nerve wrecking, hanging pieces of metal and forge them into something useful and I dare say sometimes inspiring.  Yeah, the guy was really good at his job. The one thing  he was not good at was computers. “ I suck at this”, he once told me as  I helped him do a job search on line. “There was a time when I didn’t need this computer shit to get a job. “

When A Man Was His Word

I nodded because I knew what  he was talking about. He did’t have to spell it out. It used to be that with a lot of the locals in town a man like Chuck, with years of experience  as welder, could just talk to the hiring manager and easily land a job. However, now everything  was online. This didn’t only play to his discomfort  with technology but also rubbed him of his chance to make a human connection—Because as they say, to know Chuck was to love him.

Facing A Changing World

Anyway, Chuck got better at computers, even though  he still considers them devices from hell. I’m happy to say he is still welding away. However, the one thing that Chuck never got rid off was his bad posture from all that twisting and bending his body in awkward positions. This has led to his back pain which he has nick named after “Some dame that broke my heart”, he told me once after I saw him grimacing as he got out of his pick up truck to greet me. Well, that was Chuck. “Man, Linda is really hurting me today”, he said.

I asked if he uses seat cushions, and he said he does. “It helps if I remember to seat straight, but sometimes I forget. You know, you are in traffic. You got guys blowing the horn, cutting this way and that way. You just find yourself forgetting to seat straight.”

People like my friend  Chuck need something to remind them to have good posture. However, they may not want a device  that vibrates to tell them to sit straighter. They need to naturally end up sitting straighter for the sake of comfort.

Here is were  the Align Med Posture Shirt comes in.

According to the manufacture, AlignMed  Posture shirt is  a breakthrough, FDA registered posture garment that can help you Improve posture and relieve back pain.


The Problem With Bad posture

Here’s something that really blew my mind. The information  came by way of celebrity doctor  Mehmet OZ. According to the good doctor, slouching can add around 100 pounds of stress on the lower back. He adds that people who also like to slouch are adding around 10 pounds of stress on the spine for every inch that their head drops forward.

As I said  in a previous post about posture correction,  in thinking about this product one may want to consider the following questions:

1 Is its best quality in doing something better than what similar products are already doing in the market?

2 Is its best quality in doing something unique when compared to similar products?

3 Are there many alternatives you could use?

4 Are there a few alternatives

5 Would you strongly agree that this is a product that will improve posture and train the back to keep good posture?

Sometimes all a product needs to do to be valuable  is to do a more efficient  job than the competition. With that, let’s take a look at what the competition actually  does

Intelliskin Foundation Shirt

What it is: The Intelliskin Foundation Shirt shirt unites the compression fitted t-shirt and Kinesio taping in a patented PostureCue Technology that  signals your posture and core muscles to switch on–aligning your shoulders, spine, and trunk.

Stimuli  On The Skin


According to its creator, Dr. Tim Brown ,

a chiropractor with a long history in kineso taping, poor quality of movement leading to muscle imbalances which in turn lead to injury including back problems. PostureCue  stimulates body skin to hold body in a better more efficient mechanical position. Works with body to correct its own imbalance.

How it works: Working as your intelligent second skin, IntelliSkin cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. PostureCue Technology signals posture and core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk.

How Does  The AlignMed  Posture Shirt work Compared to The Competition?

According to the creator, 

Bill Schultz , the posture shirt from AlignMed was designed to help give you better posture by encouraging different muscles to activate in the back. This in turn lines up the back, shoulder, and neck joints, giving the wearer a better overall posture.

Body Molds itself to Right Position

AlignMed pulls back your shoulder in proper alignment. Gets your joint back in alignment. Its touch tension technology activates muscle movement. Body molds itself into proper adjustment. Thus the wearer should feel his or her body wanting to hold itself correctly, after some use, without having to constantly remind themselves of their  posture. Thus, people  have to do nothing more than wear the shirt to correct their back.

Avoiding The Negatives of  The Brace

A common complaint  about posture braces is that wearing one for a long time can cause your core muscles to weaken as you become more dependent  on the extra support provided by the brace.Most wearers of intelliskin say it feels more like a compression shirt than a postural brace. So it has none of the negatives of a brace but its PostureCue  technology  can stimulate  the body to a better posture. This would seem to have an edge on the AlignMed Posture shirt.

However, A big selling point for the posture shirt is that , according to its creator,  stops the weakness of the core often associated with long term use of braces from occurring. How? The posture  shirt causes muscle  stimulation to correct your posture rather than applying any kind of force.  The posture shirt works by stimulating certain muscles with NeuroBands in order to cause them to contract and release properly to correct the wearer’s alignment. So far, both Intelliskin  and AlignMed  effectively eliminate the atrophying effect that braces can have on the core.

That said, remember that it advantageous for people, especially athletes like runners, to speed up recovery time or muscle healing after injury.

In a Sport Techie  interview, Schultz says that AlignMed’s goal “is to both prevent athletes from injury and to help an athlete come back from injury faster, by really perfecting his posture, which is relevant to his form and joint alignment throughout the body.” 1

Thus, in helping athletes come back from injuries, often associated with bad posture, faster we can say the AlignMed has an edge over Intelliskin. We can say AlignMed’s  best quality  is in doing something better than what similar products are already doing in the market.

Is There Something Unique About AlignMed?

Are There Many Alternatives to AlignMed

Dr. Christian Gonzalez, the President of the American Academy for Pain states: “ if patients wear this at the early stages of neck and back pain, the shirt alone could prevent the deterioration of their posture enough that Parkinson’s and MS wouldn’t be an issue for some patients anymore. Their posture would be corrected and kept in check before it even got to that stage.” 2

The fact that in some cases the AlignMed shirt is not only a treatment but can serve as a preventive measure  for serious conditions of posture deterioration  makes it Unique.  We can now say its  its best quality is in doing something unique when compared to similar products

Are There Many Alternatives to AlignMed Shirt?

I would say there are dozens of posture corrector shirts out there, but I think few use the same principal of  Kineso taping the way AlignMed and Intelliskin does.

Are There Few alternatives?

Not really. Intelliskin seems , at this point, to be the only true competition when talking about similar design and mission. As I said earlier, both Intelliskin and AlignMed use technology that teaches the body to adopt a correct posture. They also prevent the effects of muscle  atrophy can occur as a result of wearing braces for a long time.

Would I strongly Agree That The AlignMed Shirt  Will Improve Posture and Train The Back to Keep Good Posture?

Yes, I would Agree.

Who Would Use AlignMed Shirt?

Anyone who needs a good posture. This can range from desk workers  to teens with “text necks” to people with active lifestyles. Athletes wanting to enhance their  performance or speed up recovery from posture related injuries. Also, people like my friend  Chuck who would want nothing more to do than  just wear the shirt. No straps or electronic gizmos for him.

How Has It Helped?

The AlignMed shirt has been featured on Good Morning America as well as in several publications such as Good House Keeping Magazines. It has also endorsed by numerous athletes and recommended by over 1,400 physicians.  It also has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.  As I said earlier, the AlignMed shirt was stands out not only in treating such conditions as back pain, but also deterioration  of the  posture because of ailments like Parkinson. Here is a review that reinforces the point.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A great product!

ByNOLAon July 16, 2017

Size: X-Large

Color: White

Verified Purchase

A great product!! I have Parkinson and recently had a stroke. My body was always trying to bend over and I constantly had to fight to keep my self stand upright. The shirt constantly gently pulls your body to a good posture position which is upright and shoulders back. It is a wonderful aid to help me stand upright. As a matter of fact I have it on now. I highly recommend it!!!!

Product Features

•CORRECT BAD POSTURE – Perfect for correcting, maintaining, and preserving proper posture for increased mobility, range of motion, pain reduction, and enhanced performance

•PURPOSE BUILT – The Original Posture Shirt is anatomically constructed with tension panels called NeuroBands that activate and stimulate specific muscle groups and joints to keep the body upright

•FEATURES – All our mens posture shirts feature vented POWERMESH panels, moisture wicking fabric, NEUROBAND technology and anti-microbial protection

•BENEFITS – Pain management for shoulders and spine, improved alignment, improved core activation, improved shoulder mechanics, improved blood flow to upper extremities, increased upper body strength, increased oxygen intake, accelerated healing and decreased wear and tear on joints

•CARE – These shirts are constructed from 83% Polyester and 17% Spandex. Machine wash cold with like colors and air dry, do not iron

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▪Clinically tested – Tested and proven. There’s no denying scientific evidence.

▪Physician recommended – The manufacturer claims that 1,400 physicians have used or have recommended this product.

▪Functional – Works by stimulating and retraining your core muscles, not by providing 100% support.

▪Comfortable – Becomes comfortable once accustomed to wearing.


▪Breathable – Unlike cotton, the material does not hold on to moisture.

▪Relieves pain

▪Wearable – Can be worn alone or under clothing.

▪Versatile – Can be used in the office, gym, playing sports, while driving – just about anywhere.

▪It works!


▪Adjustment period – Takes a day or two to adjust if you are not accustomed to wearing tight clothing.

▪Smell – Spandex smells funky, especially if you don’t wash it for 3 days.

▪Expense – While well worth the $100 investment, this may be out of range for those on a tight budget.

Why I Recommend The AlignMed Posture Shirt

As most of my regular readers know, am a caregiver for a mother  who suffers from chronic back pain. Her courage, struggles, and perseverance inspired me to create a website that offers solutions and tips to people like my mom. I also ran track in high school and continue to be interested  in running related injuries—not only how to treat and prevent them but also the different strategies  runners and other athletes  use to speed up recovery from an injury. I questioned  whether some strategies such as using ice baths are counterproductive.

In any case, the  AlignMed shirt  really spoke to my interests in the area of back pain relief and injury recovery. I recommend the shirt because I believe it can help you whether you have back pain due to bad posture or you simply want to speed up, in a responsible way, your recovery from an injury.


Some of you may still favor the Intelliskin Foundation shirt over the AlignMed Posture shirt. That’s fine. This is not really a case of good and less good. It’s more a preference  based on the belief that in the area of pain management  the AlignMed shirt may do a better job. That said, there’s much to recommend intelliskin foundation shirt as a great product for correcting posture problems. In other words it was a very close call. They are both fine products. You’ll have to decide which is best for you.

As always, understand that nothing I say is a substitute  for doctors advise. Always practice due diligence.

Learn how to have less pain in your life and become more productive with AlignMed Posture Shirt .   




2 ibid

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6 thoughts on “How to fix Bad Posture by Wearing A Shirt

  1. Fantastic!
    I think this is exactly what I need now. I have been having this strange and annoying pains in my back lately.
    I haven’t tried any of these two shirts before. I guess I would just have to choose either of the two. I like the idea that both shirts shy away from bracing and instead focus on retraining the muscles to achieve a healthy posture. I think that’s a better way to go.
    Thanks for this review.

    1. Hi Smith,
      There are times when braces are needed. For example, a runner may want to use an ankle brace like the Zamst-A2-DX to recover from a harsh ankle sprain. That said, it’s always better to have a long term solution for any back related problem. A device or product that restricts or support muscles sometimes proves to be nothing more than a ” band aid.”

      Thus, I am impressed that both the AlignMed Posture Shirt and Intelliskin Foundation shirt use technology designed to provide biofeedback and activates muscles necessary for a healthy posture. Customers seem to think highly of both products. Some people, to illustrate, have done physical therapy while wearing their Intelliskin shirt and say it helped them recover faster. Others say their back pain was lessened by the AlignMed Posture Shirt.

      I think you will benefit from either shirt.

  2. I suffered from back pain a few years ago due to slipped disc and can attest that correcting my body posture is the best thing that I’ve done. Immediately, my back didn’t hurt as much. But of course, like Chuck, it’s almost impossible to keep a straight back all the time and my back would hurt once in a while. A product that could help me keep my back straight all the time is like a dream come true. I just wonder is there any deterioration issues if we wash the shirt using washing machine?

    1. Hi isaac,

      I understand what you are going through  because my mother  also suffers from chronic back pain. In my research on both shirts I have found that they are easy to take care off and are machine washable. AlignMed recommends that you wash the shirt in cold water and hang it out to dry. They say don’t wash it with abrasives like velcro or zippers. Intelliskin advices that you was the shirt in gentle cycle with cold water and hang out to dry.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me any time if you have more questions.

  3. Very informative article. I was actually thinking of getting the Intelliskin Foundation Shirt because I heard it has more support than the AlignMed. I heard it’s a lot harder to get into, but that’s because of the support it offers. I know that the creator of intelliskin has worked with a lot of surfers. So maybe the Intelliskin focuses more on shoulder and upper balance where alignMed may be a better shirt to ease back pain. What do you think?

    1. Hi Hector,
      I think the Intelliskin Foundation shirt and AlignMed are both great products for fixing bad posture. However, I think you make a good point that Intelliskin does indeed focus more on shoulder and upper balance. I think the AlignMed has shown to solve more back related problems. I think which shirt works best for you may depending on what part of the body you want to address and which you feel offers more support.

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