1. Carly

    As someone who loves to hate running, (and I run a lot for the very reason that I know its great for my cardiovascular health) this is a fantastic article. I run quite often at very early hours of the morning and I know the dangers of running on a dark road where I can’t even see the ground, let alone cars and people around me. This is a great way of keeping me safe and sound without running around with a strobe light strapped to my back! I love it!

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Carly,

      I am glad that you found the article useful. I have always been interested in safety gear for night running.To be honest, though, I was especially inspired to write the post because I know some female runners who are good friends of mine and I sometimes worry about their safety. That said, everyone should use caution when running at night. The Tracer 360 or Knuckle Lights are really great options. If you get either one, please let me know what you think. Your feedback will help me better inform people about how they can ensure there safety while running at night.

  2. shrey

    These are some really interesting running gear and I usually avoid going running early in the mornings or even late at nights when it is dark. I always wanted to go for a run late in the night because I just like the peaceful environment then.
    This is really a useful tool for me and it is definitely worth the purchase.

    • Thabo Nkomo

      Hi Shrey,

      I am glad that you found the post helpful. If you do go ahead and purchase the Tracer360 or Knuckle Lights I would be interested in your feedback as it would help me provide more answers to my readers. Thanks.

  3. Charlie Keating, III

    I think these are great options. I live out in the country and I run down dirt roads. I do not think anyone realizes it but people can quite often drive exceedingly fast and are not going to notice a barely visible person on the road because frankly, not many people use the road via foot. I like both, however, I like the torso vest the most, I think personally I would feel more protected. I think it would draw more attention to me. This article is a must for runners, as we are always trying to increase our safety options. Thank you!

    • I agree with you that a reflective vest is the best option to ensure safety when running at night, especially in the country on a dirt road. Indeed the Tracer 360 would draw more attention to you than the Knuckle Lights. However, either option is a whole let better than running in the dark where you can’t see or be seen.

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