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How to Ensure Safety in Your Running

How to Ensure Safety in Your Running

Okay, you need to run at night or early morning but you don’t like the idea of ending up as road kill by some driver  who can only see things when they are lit up like Christmas lights. What are you going to do? Well, don’t sweat. I have a solution on how to ensure safety in your running.

How to be Seen  and Keep Safe

Sometimes it’s better to just strap a light to your torso. Reflective shoes or a head lamp might  catch a few drivers attention but not all.

A Photo of Reflective Shoes
Reflective Shoes

So what if you need more. You might want to consider the Tracer 360 and Knuckle lights as they are an example of the most innovative and reflective light wear on the market. But which is best for me, you might be wondering. I have you covered. I promise that by the end of this post you’ll have all the information that you need to make a choice that provides the best solution  for your running safety.


Comparison between tracer 360 vest and knuckle lights

Designed-  Let’s say you are one of those runners who has run with  a variety of running accessories over the years including reflective belts, flashing lights, reflective vests, headlamps,  and reflective clothing. Maybe you aren’t completely satisfied. You need to do something about that nagging feeling that you get when running at night. I understand.   I am always looking for tech wear that makes me stand out at night when I’m running.  You have to understand that sometimes drivers don’t pay as much attention to you at night. A person might have had a crappy time at work and  be  so tired that they can barely keep their  eyes open. It happens more times than you think. In a situation  like that it’s certainly to your advantage  to make it as easy as possible to be seen.

This is where the Tracer360 comes  in. The Tracer 360 is a truly exceptional lighted vest.  The vest is really a mixture vest and reflective belt. The back of the tracer 360 has soft material and does not cause any chafing.

Woman Wearing Tracer 360 Vest
Woman Wearing Tracer 360 Vest

What you have is a light item that rests on your back. When comparing it with Knuckle lights the quality of the tracer 360 is quite good. It can take a  beating and holds up extremely well.

How to Wear The Tracer360


The reflective vest goes near your chest part, is variable and simply clips in and out to take out it. The clip goes into the opposed side of the belt and makes for a secure fit.  That said,  you need to  push the two sides to get it out so it cannot simply come off by accident. Check the video if you have any questions.

Lights on Your Knuckles

On the other hand,  knuckle lights are the first  single lights that are designed to be worn on your own hands. It’s an ideal place to light your path and be seen, moving with the real motion of your arms while walking or running, the smart design offers a super wide, steady quantity of light that illuminates the complete area in front of you. A lot of  runners and walkers are turned off by the idea of having to hold on to something while moving. This is why similar night lights that required you to hold on to the gadget didn’t cut it. Knuckle Lights allow freedom of motion so they don’t interfere  with your stride.

 The Battery Life of Tracer 360

Battery- it’s powered by 3 triples batteries.  When you press the on button, the tracer 360 first gives you a battery status.  If the battery is fine, it gives you 2 green pulses.  If it’s dying, it provides 2 yellow pulses which means you have an hour left of light and 2 red pulses means you need to change the batteries.


Turning The Tracer 360 Vest Off

As shown in the video above, in order to turn the tracer 360 vest off, you just hold down the on button and the tracer360 will respond with 2 green pulses and turn off. The battery life of tracer 360 is  remarkable when  comparing it  with knuckle lights. It can be illuminate 40 hours non-stop. These options make the tracer360 a high end night safety gear.

The Battery Life of Knuckle Lights

The Knuckle Lights   have Li-ion rechargeable batteries that are covered in an IPX6 water-proof housing.  That means that you can use this  in all kinds of weather without worrying if the knuckle lights will be damaged.  The battery-life is stated to last for 3 to 4 hours on the high power setting, 6 to 8 hours on the low power setting, and 12 to 14 hours in the blinking setting.

Looking Deeper Into The Light Options Of Tracer360

Lights options-  Imagine that it’s dark out side and you want  to hit the road for a few well-deserved miles. Tracer360 uses the complete color spectrum in particularly designed illumination modes to make you extremely visible.  Okay, Maybe not like   a Christmas tree. But believe me you’ll be seen.

This is how it works. Paired with top quality 3M reflective contents the Tracer 360 is nice lightweight substitution for your massive and scratchy safety vest. The Tracer 360 uses the newest in LED and fiber optic-expertise to make you stand out like never before.

The Light Options of Tracer Knuckle Lights

The Knuckle Lights have a LED beam in every unit that has an open spreading beam of light.  This means that you’ll have a wider place that is lit up and it will be simple to see junk or hazards in your pathway.  The LED’s put-out a combined 280 lumens. That is a decent quantity of light. That means that every unit in the high power setting puts out 140 lumens.  There’s a low light setting & a blinking setting as well.

The Features of The Tracer360

Features- The tracer 360 has multicolor illumination modes that are based on visual science and designed to grab the attention of today’s distracted driver. It’s durable, comfortable and totally adjustable to boot. Tracer360 has 6 color options and 5 different flashing modes. 7.0 oz in weight should make you visible over ¼ miles in every direction. Tracer360 Operates on 3 AAA batteries (added) with simple-access Door and high Efficiency.


  •  Light weight construction
  • Secure, does not  bounce
  • Multiple options to light your preference
  • Simple process to replace the batterie


  • The vest strap may loosen on very long runs. However, unless you plan on running a night marathon this shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Battery life. Keep in mind that the 40 hour battery life doesn’t include all the time you might test your vest because of the excitement of getting a cool gear. Also, most times the supplied batteries are not going to be as good as your mainstream batteries.



The Features of The Knuckle Lights

The knuckle lights have 3 powers setting high, low and blinking with extra flood beams. Knuckle lights has adjustable silicone strap that fits any size of hands and as well as over the gloves. Super bright 4 LEDs gives you 45 lumens per light. Single neat extra feature of the latest version of Knuckle Lights, They have magnets that keep the pair together as a set,making that much harder for people like me to misplace one. The following video has more details.


  • Light weight
  • Eliminates the neck strain of  a headlamp
  • 280 lumens–bright enough to see entire path
  • Water proof
  • Hands free
  • Rechargeable
  • Two lights


  • Some users have found  the button on strap difficult  to button



Price- Although the price of tracer360 (around 70$) runs a bit higher than knuckle lights (55$), can you truly put a cost on safety?

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If you run at night or early morning you certainly  want to keep safe. The last thing you want is to be hit by a distracted driver. The question then becomes what is the best gear for me to use for night running. I think that the Tracer360 and Knuckle Lights offer two excellent options. You don’t have an excuse anymore for compromising your safety. You now know how to ensure safety in your running.

Go ahead and get the Tracer360 or Knuckle Lights and start running safe. 


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I like to hear from the readers so please leave me a comment below to let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

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6 thoughts on “How to Ensure Safety in Your Running

  1. As someone who loves to hate running, (and I run a lot for the very reason that I know its great for my cardiovascular health) this is a fantastic article. I run quite often at very early hours of the morning and I know the dangers of running on a dark road where I can’t even see the ground, let alone cars and people around me. This is a great way of keeping me safe and sound without running around with a strobe light strapped to my back! I love it!

    1. Hi Carly,

      I am glad that you found the article useful. I have always been interested in safety gear for night running.To be honest, though, I was especially inspired to write the post because I know some female runners who are good friends of mine and I sometimes worry about their safety. That said, everyone should use caution when running at night. The Tracer 360 or Knuckle Lights are really great options. If you get either one, please let me know what you think. Your feedback will help me better inform people about how they can ensure there safety while running at night.

  2. These are some really interesting running gear and I usually avoid going running early in the mornings or even late at nights when it is dark. I always wanted to go for a run late in the night because I just like the peaceful environment then.
    This is really a useful tool for me and it is definitely worth the purchase.

    1. Hi Shrey,

      I am glad that you found the post helpful. If you do go ahead and purchase the Tracer360 or Knuckle Lights I would be interested in your feedback as it would help me provide more answers to my readers. Thanks.

  3. I think these are great options. I live out in the country and I run down dirt roads. I do not think anyone realizes it but people can quite often drive exceedingly fast and are not going to notice a barely visible person on the road because frankly, not many people use the road via foot. I like both, however, I like the torso vest the most, I think personally I would feel more protected. I think it would draw more attention to me. This article is a must for runners, as we are always trying to increase our safety options. Thank you!

    1. I agree with you that a reflective vest is the best option to ensure safety when running at night, especially in the country on a dirt road. Indeed the Tracer 360 would draw more attention to you than the Knuckle Lights. However, either option is a whole let better than running in the dark where you can’t see or be seen.

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