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How to Ensure Medicine Safety With a Talking Radio Clock

How to Ensure Medicine Safety With a Talking Radio Clock

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Are you getting concerned that your chronic pain suffering elderly parent is risking his or her health even more by forgetting to take their  medicine? Medicine safety is indeed a big deal when it comes to caring for elderly parents. Do you get worried every time your parent confuses thinking about taking medication with actually  taking it. The result  is an increase in pain.  On the other end of the  problem, confusion over what was already taken may result in overdoses.

Why It’s Important to Take Your Medicine

If you don’t take your medication as prescribed, you will experience a worsening of pain and possibly progression of the disease, says Lars Osterberg, MD, a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine, in California, and an expert in patient medication compliance. If you’re taking medicine for chronic pain, for example, skipping medication can make pain harder to treat, he says. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics, for example, are used as much for prevention as treatment. “When pain flares, it’s hard to knock it down again,” he says. “The same goes for inflammation. If you get behind the eight ball and inflammation builds up, it can be hard to suppress that inflammation and pain.” [1]

The Problem of Not Complying

Medication non-adherence and noncompliance is a $300 billion problem: 49% of Americans forget to or altogether stop taking their prescribed medications at any given time, and often it’s the most ill who forget to take their medications most, which compounds their problems further. [2]

Chronic Pain Can Hamper Memory

Researchers have confirmed that chronic pain doesn’t just cause physical discomfort; it can impair your memory and your concentration. [3]

The other day, for instance, my mother walked into the kitchen and had no ides why she  was there and what she was looking for. She just looked at me, flustered for a moment, as to why she had cooked sausages. “Oh well, let’s have some pasta,” she said.

A few minutes after  we had already eaten, she remembered that she had gone to the kitchen to get red and and green peppers to prepare with the sausages

Missing a dose of a medication for a non-life-threatening condition doesn’t mean there are going to be horrendous complications. However, not taking your health seriously and not being medication adherent on a regular basis can have dire consequences for you and your loved one.

It’s one thing to point out a problem. It is another to provide solutions.

Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock

How to ensure medicine safety with  a talking radio clock is something that Reminder Rosie does well. Reminder Rosie is designed to solve the real daily challenges of memory loss. Inspired by the creator’s father who has suffered from dementia, Rosie is a personalized, voice-controlled reminder system that older adults love! With its user-friendly clock interface, Reminder Rosie is a simple, hands-free and inexpensive solution to remind you of your medications, appointments and daily tasks.

• Speaking alarm, exceptionally easy to use, with personalized voice reminders for seniors, caregivers and the elderly

• Set 25 custom voice reminders in any language per day, week, date or even year

• Audible reminders 100 feet away

• The assistive living device for the visually impaired can be used almost entirely by voice

  • Double as a voice-activated alarm clock with large LED screen

Tech That Mom and Dad Will Actually Use

Introducing the new brand-name Rosie alarm clock with personalized date reminders and more! Rosie Reminder is a low tech memory aid device that older people actually use. It’s a simple, hands-free, low-cost solution to remind you of your medications, appointments, and daily tasks while serving as a voice-activated digital alarm clock. Because the Rosie reminder can be used almost entirely by voice, it is the perfect living aid device for the visually impaired.

Get Rid of The Nagging Factor

Who wants to feel like a nag? Now this is something you don’t have to worry about. Personalized voice reminders in the comforting voice of a loved one or caregiver provide seniors with the confidence and independence they deserve while reducing caregiver stress and increasing engagement with caregivers. Using state-of-the-art technology, Reminder’s Rosie talking clock is easy to use right out of the box for seniors, seniors, spouses or caregivers.

How  Reminder Rosie Works


Simply plug Rosie’s Reminder, say “Hello Reminder Rosie” to wake her up and say “Set Time”, “Set Date” or “Help”. Once the time and date are set, wake up Rosie and say “Record Reminder”. With Reminder Rosie, you can save and set up to 25 personalized reminders of life per day, week, date or year. Once your reminders are set, you can even say “Today’s Reminders” to Rosie and she will tell you exactly what’s in store for the day.

Rosie is  a Godsend! I bought Rosie for my mother who tends to forget her medication. She says it’s like I’m here to remind her because it’s playing in my voice. This is an excellent purchase and I would recommend it to everyone!


Get Rid of The Nagging Factor


Can at times speak without prompting, but that’s no big deal. It’s something that can easily be dealt with.


Rosie became a member of our family.  Not only does this give mom daily advice, but thanks to its innovative design, it’s my voice she hears … Get the same relief that I have. So check it out right now at  – and don’t delay, because you’re going to love getting a peace of mind that your pain suffering  mom or dad won’t miss their  daily medicine.

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8 thoughts on “How to Ensure Medicine Safety With a Talking Radio Clock

  1. A talking alarm clock could be beneficial for someone who may need a little more guidance or coaching to remember to do something like take their medicine.

    Your article included many great suggestions linking health related issues like memory loss as reasons to have this type of alarm.

    It’s nice that this alarm also can be personalized so the person hearing it won’t feel like it’s nagging, but a gentle reminder to do something important.

    1. Hi Lorrie,

      I think eliminating the  “nag factor” is important to me when it comes to helping my elderly mother remember  to take her medicine on a regular basis. Reminder Rosie eases stress by taking over the mundane tasks like reminders out of your daily responsibilities so caregivers can focus on what matters most–providing support that enables a pain sufferer to believe in the possibility of a positive  future.

  2. This is an awesome idea, my wife’s grandfather is 94, and is reaching the stage where he is becoming very forgetful and repetitive, make me sad!

    My wife’s father made 7 little drawers that had his daily medication in, which does help, but unfortunately, sometimes he forgets what day it is, bless him.

    This alarm clock is a great idea and I will pass this information on to my wife, this why he can be reminded daily.

    Thank you for such valuable information

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I wrote this post in part because  of  a discussion I had with a  friend. She spoke about a home aid who had written a note concerning my friend’s mother pill schedule.

      There was  no recognition in this note of my friend’s mother  as a person.  The tone was authoritative, impersonal, and distanced.  It goes without saying, that my friend was upset by the detachment shown by someone who was supposed to help her mother. My friend replaced  the home aid  with Reminder Rosie, and my friend’s mom was very happy to be comforted and urged by a loving, supportive voice.


  3. This is a timely post. I have a grandmother who gets very confused about when and what to take when it comes to her medicine. I worry sometimes that she may take double doses in which case she may suffer a state of dullness and fatigue. On the other hand, not taking her medicine when she should may worsen her pain and stress levels. Thanks to this post, my grandfather and I will have a way of ensuring that my grand mom safely takes her pills. I will share this post with the rest of the family.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I’m so glad that you found this post helpful. This is what I’m about. I wish your grandmother well.

  4. My grandpa needs this so that grandma doesn’t have to nag him anymore haha I wonder how well it would work though or if he would end up throwing it against a wall…I could see him doing that. Other than that this looks like an excellent product. In other words for most older people this would work fine

    1. Hi Daniel,

      I think most elderly people  who have tried a talking radio clock like reminder Rosie like it because it’s the kind of Tech that actually makes things easier for them instead of adding confusing and stress. 

       Because the Rosie reminder can be used almost entirely by voice, it is the perfect living aid device for the visually impaired. When you start having vision problems like my mom, that’s a big help. If you get one for your grandpa, let me know how it works out.

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