1. This is fantastic information on compassion of ones self as I have seen both in my father as he has displayed the compassion and the anger. I think it also depends on the surroundings of the person as I seen my father angry that he was not feeling well when living in a Condo spending many hours just watching the television and doing nothing for himself. Since then mom and dad has moved to a house with a wonderful yard and I can see that this has definitely impacted my father in a positive way. My father is now out in the yard most of the time picking weeds and tending to his gardens (even though he has to take many breaks) I can really see the compassion he now has for himself and for his surroundings. At 87 my father just had a pool installed to help with exercise without stressing out his joints and to have the chance to just relax in the cooling waters. I do think that compassion for ones self goes a long way in the healing process

    • Hi Dena,

      Your story of your father really helps illustrate in a very real way how important it is for our own well-being that we extend the same compassion that we show others to ourself. However, as you point out, the surroundings of the person can effect the compassion one shows to him or herself. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing others to learn from it.

  2. Hello Thabo,

    It is a fact that a positive attitude supports the immune system and helps us to stay healthy. I can confirm it myself – since I started to read self-development books I have learned to be less anxious and I have got a better self-confidence. I´m now much more positive minded towards myself and I don´t get the cold or the flu as often as I did before.

    I have also remarked that people I know who are rather negative minded have got less self-compassion and are more often sick than positive minded persons. It is so true what you tell in this post when we learn to let go of negative emotions, the body and mind can heal better.

    Your post is of huge value and I wish that many, many people will read this post and learn to be kind to themselves.


    • Hello Pernilla,

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. It’s always very helpful when readers can draw on their own experiences to give perspective to the idea of self compassion and better healing. I think this sharing can only affirm how important it is to extend to our selves the same compassion that we give others.

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