1. Charlie Keating, III

    The model S insole is impressive and looks comfortable. I do not have PF; however, I am on my feet a lot so comfortable shoes are a must. I’ve tried a variety of insoles and was unaware they had any that were biometrically engineered. It is important that we all wear shoes to help us move naturally and comfortably. Those Nike’s definitely caught my eye, too! Thank you for the comprehensive advice, I feel like you covered everything.

    • Pleasure to speak to you again Charlie,

      I’m so happy you decided to check in on this post as a follow up of our conversation on the correct footwear for the recreational athlete. Of course as you point out, having comfortable shoes is not just for athletes or those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (PF). Anyone who stands on their feet all day needs comfortable shoes. That said, sometimes insoles are needed to add extra protection and comfort. However, it’s important to get the type of insoles that help you move naturally. This will reduce the chances of injury.

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