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How to Choose Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

How to Choose Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

A foot pain sufferer once compared the noise he makes when his heel pain intensifies as that of lava about to overrun  a village.

When foot pain feels like lava  about to over run a village
When foot pain feels like lava about to over run a village

Maybe a little dramatic, but if you have Plantar Fasciitis, you know the pain of being stuck in awkward footwear. Shoes without the right arch support and cushioning can increase your symptoms and definitely  make your life hell. So of course you want to know how to choose best insoles for PF. Let’s give  your feet the respect  they deserve.

Looking for a Shoe Solution

Your feet are thinking that you’re not giving them too much love. You get a little dryness on you hands and out comes the body lotion. But you still got some old worn out sneakers on your feet. That means your poor feet have no stability, support, and cushioning—the very things they need in a pair of sneakers to ease the symptoms of PF.

Choosing The Right Support For Your Sneakers

Not all sneakers are made equal, though; there are lots to select from. You will need to ensure you find sneakers with the right support for your feet, and adequate cushion to relieve your symptoms. It can be difficult to tell which supports really give you value for your money. Let’s take a look at.

The model S- pain relief


About the product

  • Black contoured shape plate gives supports and stability right alignment
  • Blue forefoot pad gives improved comfort and cushion
  • Green heel pad designed for highest shock absorption
  • Patented tri-plantar supports aligns your heel and ankle
  • Modeled EVA for Contour offers complete length cushioning


Model S insoles are biometrically engineered to help your feet as they move in nature, without stopping them in place or decreasing mobility. This is just another way of saying that they won’t impede  with the way your body was meant to move.

Helping You Move Naturally

However, they have a very big bonus.They take the surplus stress off your muscles. Your body says thanks a lot. Now I can concentrate on making sure that those bones move correctly to support you. This new alignment alleviates fatigue in your ankles, feet, hips, knee, neck and back. A beautiful thing.


A medical grade compressible weight, light, compressible, soft and flexible material, that amazingly decrease and manages the everyday strains, stresses, and forces on your feet. Think of the way a suspension works on a car.

Ever ride on a car with bad suspension? You feel every bump.


As your body is realigned you will notice greater comfort. Protalus insoles get rid of the issue at its root: misalignment. Insoles treat the cause, bringing relief to the issue. By aligning your body and re-positioning your ankles from your feet up, Protalus insoles ease body pains.

Pain Relief Without Cortisone

Here is a review from a buyer that’s close to my heart. She talks about how she was able to ditch cortisone treatments after using her Protalus insoles.

As most of you know I’m not a big fan of using cortisone to treat PF because I think it only masks the symptoms  and doesn’t get to the root course of the problem. I think you can indeed beat PF without the use of cortisone.

Here is what Other Users Have to Say


Best Sneakers for Model S Insoles

Don’t you hate it when someone gives you half a solution to a problem? It drives me nuts. I feel like saying why did you even bother. If you have PF you want to know the best insoles to put in your sneakers. I have given you that information, but my job is only half done. You still need to know what are the best sneakers to use for the model S insoles. Here they  are.

Shoes With Thin Insoles

The slimmer shape of the Model S makes them ideal for shoes with thin insoles. This means they can increase comfort without changing the fit. Some examples of shoes that you can use with the Model S are Converses All Star’s Chuck Taylor, Nike’s Free Series and most Vans.

Lower Profile Shoes

The low heel cup provides a better fit  in low profile shoes. This means that you’d use them  in Adidas and most skate shoes.






Price. A bit pricy, but are effective in reducing PF

Shoe specific. The Model S work well  only with shoes that have thin insoles and lower profile. This, however, shouldn’t be a problem if you wear those kind of shoes and want insoles that will be ideal for them.

Vendor update

For those looking for insoles that can be used for shoes with thick insoles there is the Model T insoles . At 4mm the Model T is thicker than the Model S, making it less likely to change the overall fit of shoes with thick insoles. New Balance 547 and 481 are good examples. Also if you wear wide shoes, the Model T will work well.


You now know how to choose best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis. So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and get some Model S insoles,  rock your sneakers  and get on with your life.


Bonus Material-Best Sneakers for PF

Hey, thanks for sticking around. As a reward You can check out the best sneakers for PF. Here they are.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33

They are accessible in women’s and men’s versions. 
 These shoes are lightweight enough for all-day wear, but have the support and padding of a capable racing shoe. They are the best choices for folks who advantage from a bit of bounce in their steps to ease P.F. symptoms. These shoes use Nikes Zoom cushioning. Produced from lightweight foam, and airy, it is designed to bounce power back.  It also provides full-foot padding, with further heel support. This is an updated mode, which has some perfect design refinements over the previous version. They are  quite lower to the ground, and designed to give you a more realistic road feel. That does not mean they gives and take on padding, though. They just ride lower, which means you get more bounce with less wobble.

ASICS Gel Kayano 21


The men AISC Gel Kayano 21 is best motion-control running shoe that also offers a lot of stability. It has a solid exoskeletal heel counter that keeps your foot in alignment as well as decreasing pressure on the plantar fascia.

It is sturdier than the Kayano  20, but the toe-box is not quite as broad. While that stops the “windlass device” from causing a plantar fasciitis break out, it also means that if  you have   a broad foot you may need to go up half a size to get the best fit in your   Gel-kayano 21.

Brooks addiction mens walker walking shoe


The Brooks Addiction walker is a men walking shoe that maintains its relaxation fit and powerful support after day, or mile after mile. Men report that it feels relaxed right out of the box. You don’t notice the PDRB-triple-density post helping your midfoot, but you will value the stability and motion control that it provides. The shoe also has plus midfoot support and cushioning inside the shoe and on the midsole. If you buy this online shoe, be aware that sizes can run  pretty small.


If you want to stop your heel pain 

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  1. The model S insole is impressive and looks comfortable. I do not have PF; however, I am on my feet a lot so comfortable shoes are a must. I’ve tried a variety of insoles and was unaware they had any that were biometrically engineered. It is important that we all wear shoes to help us move naturally and comfortably. Those Nike’s definitely caught my eye, too! Thank you for the comprehensive advice, I feel like you covered everything.

    1. Pleasure to speak to you again Charlie,

      I’m so happy you decided to check in on this post as a follow up of our conversation on the correct footwear for the recreational athlete. Of course as you point out, having comfortable shoes is not just for athletes or those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (PF). Anyone who stands on their feet all day needs comfortable shoes. That said, sometimes insoles are needed to add extra protection and comfort. However, it’s important to get the type of insoles that help you move naturally. This will reduce the chances of injury.

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