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How to Best Ice Your Feet and Relieve Pain

How to Best Ice Your Feet and Relieve Pain

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How to Best Ice Your Feet and Relieve Pain

If you suffer from heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, then using  icing for a limited time will help decrease the pain. How to best ice your feet and relieve pain is the subject of the post. But before we get to the matter at hand, let me first explore how two readers inspired me to write the post.


This post is actually a follow up to a question  that one  of my readers, Jeffrey,  had after reading my article about athletes  using ice baths. He had  heard about the practice but didn’t approve of it.

tips on taking an ice bath
taking an ice bath

Jeffrey didn’t understand why anyone would do this.

He said: “ I really do not think this would be healthy for anyone to do even athletes. I have experienced even using an ice pack  bothers my body in some ways like a kind of shock treatment and the chills are even worse.”

What Are the Alternatives?

What would I use  for an alternative to ice baths if I was an athlete, Jeffery asked?

Well, I answered that I completely agreed with him that ice baths are not the best way for an athlete to manage pain and recovery. In fact, I believe  the opposite to be true. Ice baths prolong recovery. In his case, I suggested that Yoga and and Acupuncture, under the right supervision, might be worth a try. Of course one can also try stretching, heat, and massage therapy, and physical therapy.

How About Soaking Your Feet In An Ice Bucket?

Jeffrey wondered if soaking your feet in an ice bucket might be a better solution.

It turns out that some people find it uncomfortable to soak their  feet in an ice bucket, and it can also be messy.

Maybe Useful But Impractical

Recently another one of my readers, Shrey, also voiced some doubts about ice baths—though she was a bit more positive  about the practice.

Shrey thought ice baths may be useful but wondered “How can one stay for long in the winter season, I mean it is really cold and and no one would like to go for an ice bath during that season so what are the alternatives to it?”

I told shrey that learning to move your body correctly was far better than dumping your body in ice water. Yes, once again Yoga seemed like a practical solution as well as the mentioned treatments above.

However, if  one suffers from Plantar Fasciitis (PF) then the treatments described may be complimented with motion-control shoes. What if that isn’t enough? There are some cases when limited icing is a viable answer.  You might also not want to deal with the clean up. This is where Icy Feet comes in.


An Ice Pack That You Can Wear Without The Mess

If you are shaking your head at the thought of having a slab of ice under your feet drip all over your nice carpet, you can relax. Icy Feet has a very practical design. It is contoured to perfectly ice your foot and looks like a shoe sole with straps that, you guessed it, allow you to wear your unique ice pack.

A Design That Helps With PF

If you have read my previous posts on arch types, you know that people  who have low arches can sustain soft tissue injuries. So I was glad to note that according to Icy Feet, “the cold pack features an engineered insole shape with a recessed heel cup and elevated arch to allow for comfortable fit while providing constant contact at the point where relief is needed.”

How Does Icy Feet Work—The Gist

Icy Feet are not hard to use. Just follow the vendor’s instructions for best results. The gist is that you put the Icy Feet in the freezer for a few hours, with the sole side up. Once frozen, you  put it on and  as advertised  you have icing made easy without the mess.

Warnings About Proper Use

The vendor recommends that icy Feet should never be applied directly to the skin. Recommended use is to wear socks. This may seem odd, but remember my caution about ice baths. Studies have shown that prolonged use of ice baths decrease  gains obtained by training and decrease muscle mass and strength. Thus, a cold pack directly to the skin may also do damage to the soft tissue.

Do Not stand or Walk on The Icy Feet

This is common sense. It’s not exactly like roller skating for the first like  Ralph Kramden, the bus driver played by Jackie Gleason in the classic comedy The Honeymooners.

But why risk a fall. Instead, apply the cold pack to the base of the foot while sitting or lying down.

Do not Use For More Than 20 Minutes at a Time

Hate frost bites? Enough said. Remove Icy Feet after 20 minutes.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Streamlines Icing Process
  • Features an engineered  insole shape with a recessed heel cup  and elevated arch. This is a big deal because  it means the cup cradles the most painful part of plantar fasciitis
  • Freezes solid
  • Continues contact with the foot where the relief  is most needed—The result for most people is that they can fight  inflammation without the use of pain killers.


  • Size: The vendor  claims that one size fits all, but some buyers have found that not to be the case. Some found the straps too short, making the toes stick out. Others with large size feet have had trouble  getting enough coverage for the ball of their feet. However, most people found the size a good fit.
  • Not Returnable

Price: Icy Feet go for $29.99 a  piece and $57.50 for a pair. The price is well worth it to get relief from sore feet or plantar fasciitis



Icy Feet is meant to relieve plantar fasciitis, but it’s really  for anyone who needs to ice his or her feet in an easy way. It’s for anyone who needs to fight  inflammation without the use of pain killers. It’s for anyone who finds a bucket of ice impractical. It’s for anyone with sore feet after standing all day. If you want icing without the mess, go ahead and get  Icy Feet.

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2 thoughts on “How to Best Ice Your Feet and Relieve Pain

  1. Icy feet does look like a practical solution. I must say I was shocked to see my name while reading this article and I did remember commenting on your article but never thought it would gain so much attention. Thanks for replying back and being so informative on the topic.

    Yes, yoga can be helpful in winter seasons and I would definitely go for that in the case ice baths are not an option.

    1. Hi Shrey,

      I am sorry if I caught you  off guard. It’s  just that your comments were an inspiration and really helped me focus on the post.  Thanks for the kind words, and  it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

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