1. Rose

    Wow! This inspirational running series gets better and better. Now that I have read the rest of Tadija Opacak’s story, I’m completely blown away. The obstacles he manged to overcome makes me want to get of my butt and do some running. Great Series. I look forward to following it to the end.

    • Hey Rose,
      I had a big smile when I read your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words. Actually, when you’re lucky enough to stumble onto a story like that of Tadija Opacak, it’s not hard to get the inspiration to tell others about his achievements. He defiantly does make the rest of us feel compelled to get rid of our lame excuses and just get out there and work out.

  2. ProlificAshley

    wow! I’m really inspired by tajida’s story. only few accept life and embrace it after many years of challenges. In spite of the fact that he had gone through hell, Tadija never stop believing. I’m really motivated.

    • Hi Ashley,
      Readers have asked me which is my favorite story in the series, and I always say it’s the story of Tajida. Think about it. The man, after suffering from cerebral palsy, and later drug addiction, transforms his weak body and negative mind into a self-affirming super athlete. I think this is an incredible story about an amazing man and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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