1. Elizabeth

    This is a very comprehensive and well presented review. I know that electronic wearables to correct your posture are really big this year, and it gets confusing to figure out which might be the best one to choose. I know I need one because my posture is horrible from spending too much time at the computer. I can feel all that slouching start to take a toll on my neck and back. And Yap, my head sometimes feels like a 40 pound ball. They say for every inch you lean forward, you add something like 10 pounds to your neck.Whatever the case, I definitely need to have better posture. You did a really good job of showing why the Upright Pro trainer has the edge over the competition. I think I might check it out. I do have to admit that I found Alex, the funky neck wearable, intriguing.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      ALEX is a smart wearable device that encourages good posture habits by measuring the angle of the neck. If a user’s neck bends too far into a “poor posture angle”, ALEX will gently vibrate to alert the user to correct their posture. I included it because I too was fascinated by the methodology behind it and that “funky” look. Correct posture should be the gaol of everyone because bad posture can result in back and neck pain. However, I think it’s up to you as to what kind of solution works best. Some people, my self included, see a lot of merit in the UpRight Pro Trainer. However, others might like the Lumo Lift or other alternatives. The important thing is that you have the information to make a decision.

  2. Lilian Snow

    This is so much a detailed and comprehensive review. You have dealt so well with it. I have actually been having this pain in my lower back every time I return from work. I am a customer care representative so my work really requires I sit down for hours attending to calls and emails.
    I have been looking for an effective method that could help aside having to stand up to take a break from work every hour.
    I’m so glad you take your time to show me why I need to make a decision now and what I should actually be going for. I will definitely come back here to share my experience soon.

    • Hi Lilian,
      As a trained researcher, I often go to the source whenever possible. I asked a friend of mine who is a physical therapist what her thoughts are on the UpRight Pro. “ I love it,” she said. “ There’s nothing that can totally fix your posture problem. Life isn’t that easy. But this thing really goes a long way in helping people fix their back issues.” That said, I wanted to provide detailed information that would enable people to make in informed choice about the different types of wearable electric posture correctors. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post.

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