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How to Achieve Great Success Massaging Your Foot Pain

How to Achieve Great Success Massaging Your Foot Pain

Product: Moji Foot  Pro Massager
Price: $39.99
Cheapest Place to Buy

Rating: 8 0ut of 10


How to Achieve Great Success Massaging Your Foot Pain

The Moji 360 Mini is one of the best massage tools out there. It works on every part of your body, from your shoulders and back to your feet and calves.

Recently, the Moji Foot Pro was launched. It is another remarkable Moji massager dedicated to your feet. This is a must have if you want to know how to achieve great success massaging your foot pain.

Moji Foot Pro Massager  for plantar fasciitis is the new addition to their line of foot massagers. The creative design contains 6 stainless steel balls incased  in a powerful slip-resistant bottom. The balls and the way they are located have been engineered to provide you with real pain relief.

Who is it for?


If you want complete control and find most electric foot massagers too intense, this special gadget may be the one you are looking for.

You can press any place of your feet against the stainless steel spheres, making it a perfect portable massager for those suffering from arch pain and persistent heel pain. As you are probably aware, if your issue is with plantar fasciitis the pain will be mainly in your heel. A lot of people have found the Moji Foot Pro Massager to be perfect for working on heel pain. Best practice is to start with a light rub and then press more deeply as your foot gets used to the pressure.

Aside from plantar fasciitis, it can also help feet with neuropathy, as long as you don’t use it chilled. The chill sensation worsens the pain.

The Pros

  • Unlike electric foot massagers, this one permits you to massage your arch, heels and most places of the feet as intense and deep as you like. Chill it for a few minutes (10-20) and you have an immediate ice massage.
  • One of the most flexible foot massagers. You can also use it on other places of your body like your shoulders, neck and lower back.
  • It’s a better more steadfast substitute to  a frozen bottle of tennis ball or water, and you can have cool massage without wetting the floor surface.
  • This foot massage is compact and small so you can put it in your bag and travel with it.
  • The base is rubberized so it does not slip even if you massage the border of your heel.

The Cons

  • Movement of balls. some people, though a small number, have found issue with the balls not floating freely or rolling freely. Remember, however, that this is meant to make the massager more stable.
  • The packaging. The package requires some cutting tools because of the hard plastic bubble that molds around the product. Not a big deal, but something to be aware off.

Why Moji Foot Pro Massager is the best solution

Relieves Plantar Fasciitis and More

You can move your foot slowly in a circular motion for calming stroking that is relaxing. The more force you use, the deeper the massage. Light force can invigorate your feel. Press as solid as you want for a strong tissue massage. Users have described the Moji as being  remarkable for relieving plantar fasciitis, and others are finding it helpful in breaking up scar tissue. Some users have  found the Moji Pro massager to be better than a foam roller. It’s not just for feet but also helps massage out knots on legs.

Simple and comfortable to use

tips on using a foot massager
using a foot massager

To use, you locate one foot at a time on the ball at a force that is relaxing for you. Because the base stays in place, you can control the place of your feet to massage them where you need it the most. You can massage your full foot from heel to toes, or you can use it on the balls with only the uncomfortable part of your foot.

Special design

The Moji foot pro is different from other foot massagers in that the unit is small enough to place in a freezer or refrigerator. That cools the metal balls so that you can provide your feet an icy or cold massage. You’ll be well  advised to wear socks, rather than apply the massage with naked feet. That is especially vital if the unit has been cooled. You will want to experiment in order to  find socks that will do the job. Socks that are too thin are not supportive, and socks that are too thick mask the advantages.

Use your Moji Anywhere

You can locate it discretely under your desk at your job and use it with no interruption in your activities. Many people love to massage their feet at the same time they are  watching television or doing  other relaxing activities at home. It is best ,as stated above, to use it gently the first 1 or 2 times until your feet become used to it, as some users have reported increased foot pain when first using it.

Once the feet adapt, the pain will be replaced by relief. Work up to a complete twenty minutes at a relaxed level of pressure to get most advantage. Wiping the unit with alcohol and letting it air dry is generally all the cleaning the Moji requirements.

The stainless steel balls freely rotate a full 360 degrees. They are not designed to be removed and should remain permanently in the base. Anyway, you will need to exercise care if little kids are around. The balls are just one-inch in diameter and could present a choking danger if they were accidentally dislodged.

Price: The Moji Foot Pro Massager sells for $39.99 and has a one year warranty.


The Moji Foot Pro Massager is one of those rare kinds of foot massagers that have more pros and cons. Although it is made for people afflicted with plantar fasciitis, it is also a best office or home companion for anyone with sore, tired, feet.

Simple to clean, simple to use, and simple to carry, this gadget has all things we are looking for in a portable foot massager. It may not have the improved specs of the more costly electric massager, but Moji is the top gift for people who favor more control over the intensity of the massage.

Get rid  of your foot pain once and for all.  

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  1. I like massage very much especially foot massage. Whenever I traveled or during my rest day, I will definitely pay a visit for massage.

    With your recommendation of this Moji Foot Pro Massager, I find this is great and I will  give it a try. Since the price is very reasonable and perhaps I can massage every night after my heavy workload.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Maxx,

      Yes, I think the Moji Foot Pro Massager is a good solution for  people who are looking for a foot massager at a reasonable price. Let me know what you think after you try it. Your feedback will help me better serve more of my readers. Thanks.

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