1. This is an awesome article, I did not realize that they are taking away medications for those that really need it. I do know that many people do become, I have a friend that has issues all her life with pain. I know there are times she has ask me if I have had any type of pain pills just so she can make it though. I think reducing the addiction to opioids would be great for many people out there and if there is an alternative such as CBD Oil they should give it a try.

    • Hello Dena,
      I think reducing the addiction to opioids would indeed be great for many people who are caught in the opioids crisis and their family. The situation right now is unteanable as more and more people are willing to risk their lives and freedom to take away the pain that they believe can only be done with opioids. As I said, a major trigger of opioid addiction is anxiety. CBD oil has proven effective in getting rid of anxiety. So, I think it is a good alternative to opioids. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

  2. I have taken opiods after surgery and thankfully only needed them for a short time. Now that I am getting older, I seem to have more aches and pains. You can’t take opiods for them and you don’t want to run to the dr every time something hurts. I have tried CBD gummies for back pain that was so bad that I almost went to the ER, but I knew it was only spasms and would be better in a few days. I didn’t want to waste the time and money going to the Dr and I don’t want to take something that is going to make me feel better by making me sleep all day. I have things to do. CBD takes away that pain quickly and without any mental change. Hopefully, CBD will be better understood and accepted. When I mentioned I had taken CBD gummies to a family member, I got the feeling they thought I was using marijuana and they didn’t approve. More education is needed.

    • Hello Shelley,

      There are lot of people living in chronic pain who are now left to feel alone and with little to no hope for their future. The only way to change that is to keep educating and helping those effected share their stories. I thank you for sharing yours.

  3. “CBD oil helps people with pain without getting them high”. To me, this is a critical point.
    I am a chronic pain sufferer. I have frozen right shoulder. And I am undergoing treatment. I go to a spine alignment doctor who also does acupuncture.

    His treatment helps. But my shoulder is far from recovered. It still hurts. I get restless sleep because every few hours, the shoulder and arm has throbbing pain. I don’t want to use any addictive medicine. And the CBD oil sounds perfect. I wish more countries can allow this natural remedy.

    • Hello Tim,
      Recently World Health Organization (WHO) recently acknowledged the broad-ranging potential benefits of pure CBD. In a preliminary report released in February, it concluded that cannabinoid has legitimate medical applications and no known potential for abuse or adverse health outcomes. I think this sets the stage for more countries to allow CBD as a natural remedy for pain.

  4. Great post. I agree with the fact: when medicine and politics collide, the patient pays the price. I live in a country that has finally recognized CBD Oil as a cure for pain relief. I work in healthcare and know that it helps a lot of sick patients. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Maja. I think more and more countries, even those with strict drug laws, are starting to recognize the benefits of CBD Oil. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has lifted CBD from its list of banned substances in recognition of its non-addictive and beneficial nature. I think in time CBD Oil will spread to more countries.

  5. I have been reading your posts on CBD oil with interest, there is a question which comes to my mind maybe you can answer?

    Is there any change CBD could help people with autoimmune pain and nerve pain, today more and more people are living with chronic pain due to autoimmune nerve pain.


    • Hi Jeff,

      You’re right. There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases that medical experts have identified.So, more and more people are indeed living with autoimmune nerve pain. I’m sorry that you’re one of them. To answer your question, CBD oil can help manage the inflammatory symptoms caused by autoimmune nerve pain. Some people have reported lower levels of pain after using CBD oil. I hope this helps.

  6. I chose to get off opioids for pains several years ago and went through a series of alternative approaches to lessen the pain of autoimmune, arthritis and spinal stenosis. For me, opioids limited my functionality to get things done. I never liked the tired brain fog intensity they caused. Recently I started using CBD. It was the best life decision I have made. The impact it has made on my pain levels without affecting my ability to think and function has been exactly what I have been looking for. I feel like I am getting better for the first time in years!

    • Hello Christina,

      Thanks for sharing your story. The fact that CBD has greatly relieved your pain without affecting your ability to think and function is an especially important point. A lot of pain sufferers are looking for such a solution. They want to feel more in control of their lives. I am so glad that you feel like you’re getting better, and I wish you continued good health.


  7. This is such important information. When I first learned about CBD, I was unsure about it, especially for a family member who is also a recovering addict…I was so glad to learn that it is not narcotic or psychotropic and could be helpful for him for his cancer pain.
    More broadcasting of how much CBD Oil products can help is needed. Thank you for putting out the word~

    • Hello Annie,
      I think a lot of people are desparate to to escape the pain and guilt that goes with opioid addiction. I agree with you that the healing power of CBD, especially since it’s not a narcotic or psychotropic, can help the addicted and the those suffering from diseases such as cancer. I am glad you found the information useful. Thanks for checking in.


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