1. Hello Thabo,

    What a fantastic information you have provided in this post! I can confirm that stress makes you catch a cold or get the flu much more easily. I used to work as a flight attendant and during that time I caught a cold again and again. It was a very stressful work with almost no breaks to relax for the whole day. I remember one of my colleagues who never got the cold, despite the hard-working shifts. The difference between me and her was that she was never ever anxious about anything. I’m more of the worried type of person and especially at that time of my life. As I started to work in a bookshop I came across books about self-development. I’ve learned a lot about the psychology and been working on my self-confidence. Now I feel much more comfortable with myself and more relaxed, and I don’t catch a cold or the flu as often anymore.

    I truly believe in the healing capacity of the body with help of positive thoughts.

    The «8 steps to help you heal» are really a great help. I do have a spot on my right lower back that hurts now and then. Want to try this technique out and see if it helps to heal my body by itself.


    • Hello Pernilla,
      You’re right about anxiety weakening our immune system and making us more likely to get sick. It’s good that you took proactive action to heal and keep your body healthy with positive thinking. I believe that in life we all have to become life longer learners and take that knowledge and be able to translate to new situations that will make us stronger, wiser, kinder, happier, and healthier. It seems you are doing that.


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